Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Training

Update (07/02)
Here's a first (rather blurry) look at David, on court at the Stechert Arena:


There'll be two training session today and the second one will be followed by the traditional Tuesday press conference. More about that tonight.

Today, the Davis Cup team made headlines of a different kind in the Argentine press - because it was -19°C (-2.2°F) outside when they began their first training session of the day... But what better way to warm up than with another round of football tennis.
In the afternoon, Juan Ignacio Chela arrived in Bamberg, after a trip via, as he described it, "auto boat, jet ski, subway, plane, another plane, bus and escalator". Still, barely an hour after his arrival he joined David and Edurado Schwank for the second training session of the day. Juan "Pico" Monaco is expected to join the team tomorrow, after winning the title at Viña del Mar yesterday.

While the Argentine team spent the day in Forchheim, the clay court was prepared at the Stechert Arena in Bamberg (see pic below). And from tomorrow on, both teams will be able to train at the venue.



  1. aaaaah futbol-tenis as usual :D
    Zabaleta <3 <3 <3

    good thing Pico won the title, he'll arrive with lots of confidence.

    I like the angle from which the video has been taken during the training session David/Edu, I can "feel" the weight of the rallies lol.

  2. what you think, play david only double or probably also a single-game on friday?

    i probably can't be in bamberg on saturday. so i hope, that david plays on friday!