Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Training at the Stechert Arena & Press Conference

After two days of training in Forchheim for David and the Argentine team, the court at the Stechert Arena in Bamberg was finally ready today. (A clip of the transformation from basketball court to clay court here.) In the morning, David trained with and played points against Juan Ignacio Chela (another clip here). Between the two training sessions, Juan Monaco arrived from Chile and immediately joined the the others for the second practice of the day. During which David also practiced doubles with Eduardo Schwank, renewing the speculations about whether he's going to play two singles rubbers or the doubles and then a singles match on Sunday. Speculations that were not answered during today's press conference and will at the very least continue until the draw ceremony on Thursday.


The German team as well trained at the Stechert Arena and faced the press today, though it did so, short of one member. Philipp Kohlschreiber was absent due to a bout of stomach flu. However, Germany's captain Patrick Kühnen "expects that he'll be fit again on the weekend". Apart from that, Florian Mayer assured the assembled media that he's fit to play (after renewed injury problems last week) but a lot of the media's attention was reserved for Tommy Haas, even though it's not clear yet whether he's going to play.

Finally, here's David, talking to Danny Miche and other members of the Argentine press after the official press conference:

Either team can win or lose, they're very evenly matched. Hopefully they'll be able to catch a good start on Friday, that's always very important. So hopefully they can start the weekend well and hopefully they can win but they have the kind of team to achieve that. This tie is extremely important for them because of the Davis Cup calendar this year. If they win this tie they'll be playing at home and that's going to be a big advantage for them. Therefore it's an extremely important tie and he thinks everybody knows that.

Edit: In this clip, also filmed after the press conference, David describes his first impressions of the court, which can be summed up as "very strange", "unlike anything ever experienced before", "with a very low bounce" and "strange to play on". He's also not too sure the German team is happy with it.

More, as in photos from the press conference and perhaps also further clips or news from it, as soon as possible. Or rather - if possible.


  1. Sounds not good with the court. Hmm, I hope the Argentinian boys can deal with it very well, or better.
    Nice to see the team with Jaite for the first time!

  2. Well, I don't think I can remember any clay-court away tie where David and the team said - now, this surface is great. If it's really so very weird then it'll also be for the German team. ;)
    And yeah, nice to see the complete team with Jaite. :)

  3. That's right Julia! When I think about it, there was no clay-court-happy-argentinian team :-)

  4. kohlshreiber out of davis....

  5. Looks like Kühnen was a bit too optimistic yesterday...
    Anyway, yeah, good news for Argentina. And for me. ;)

  6. Is that confirmed? Someone else told me, but I can't find their source, and Twitter (from over an hour ago) says it wasn't confirmed then.

    So what happens next? Kas back for doubles?