Thursday, February 9, 2012

Davis Cup R1 - The Draw

The draw is out for the upcoming Davis Cup tie between Germany and Argentina.

David has been nominated to play against Florian Mayer in the second rubber on Friday.

Probably the most interesting revelation of the draw for me, was that Philipp Petzschner has been chosen to play singles for Germany on the first day. Petzschner has the kind of game which is completely unsuited towards clay, being one of the most impatient players on tour, so Haas must have not been in good enough shape to play.

However, on closer inspection of the draw, it does look like every match will be difficult aside from the first rubber, assuming that if they went to a fifth rubber, Haas would be replacing David.

Philipp Petzschner vs Juan Monaco
These two have never played against one another before. This would certainly be a match-up of contrasting styles. If Petzschner is to have any chance in this match, he will have to serve well, but his serve is likely to be a reduced weapon on the clay. This is probably the rubber that Argentina is most likely to win.

Florian Mayer vs David Nalbandian
Last year, Florian Mayer beat David by sneaking into the net frequently, serving-and-volleying on hardcourt in Shanghai. He took time away from David, and rushed him with sneak approaches. I expect to see a very different match here, on a much slower surface. There will be far more baseline rallies, but Mayer will continue to mix it up by coming into the net, and maybe throwing in some dropshots. There are question marks over Mayer's fitness. David will have more time to set up for his shots and attack here, particularly on the return of serve.

Tommy Haas/Philipp Petzschner vs Juan Ignacio Chela/Eduardo Schwank
This is surely an important match in terms of the overall tie. Chela/Schwank have had some success outside of Davis Cup, but it is a different atmosphere in this competition, so it should be interesting to see how they perform.

Florian Mayer vs Juan Monaco
Mayer has a 5-1 head-to-head record over Monaco, with five of those six matches being played on clay.

Philipp Petzschner vs David Nalbandian
If they go into a fifth rubber, I think they would substitute Petzschner with Haas, who has a better head-to-head record over David (3-0 unbeaten record over David).


  1. Maybe they wanted to save Tommy for a potential 5th rubber? Because they say he can't play 3 live matches, so that they have a fresh Tommy in doubles...
    The question is, if Monaco can win the first match. If not, that move can be good for Germany. If Monaco and David win, it was not the best idea :-), what we hope for, of course. Vamos!

  2. I think you're right, they're saving Haas for a potential fifth rubber. I initially thought that maybe that would be waiting too late, but looking at the draw more closely it is quite possible that they could get to a fifth rubber.

  3. There is one mistake in what I have written above, so it sounds confusing: I wanted to say that if after day one it is 1:1, it may be a good move for Germany to save Tommy. If it is 2:0 for the Argentinians, it may be waiting too long. But I think the Germans didn't have many other options.
    Sorry for expressing it too difficult :-).

    Yes, there could be really a fifth rubber, but I hope very much that it goes easier for our boys!

  4. I hope Monaco will beat Petzschner so that David will have "less pressure" playing next. Pico has gained enough confidence avec his Vina del Mar title, hope he'll keep the momentum.

    I was wondering if German crowd is loud during DC ties ? anyway, team Argentina is used to play in "hostile" countries with much much noise (Spain, Serbia, etc.) so they won't be bothered whatever happens, but I was just wondering what type of crow they have in Germany when it comes to Davis Cup :)

  5. Mira, the crowd in germany is usually not hostile at all. bamberg is known for loud fans at basketball. they will probably also be there for the davis cup. i expect a good atmosphere, but not comparable with davis cup nations like serbie, spain and argentina ;)

  6. I'm really having trouble trying to buy a pass on the Davis Cup website...

    I've only tried for like 20 minutes, only for the page to continually load without doing anything when I try to log in.

  7. Krystle, you have some streams on LSH

    okay, thank you Fab :)

  8. Monaco is wasting to many chances in this 2nd set.

  9. LSH's really ugly in quality in comparison.

    I've managed to figure out the Davis Cup site now, lol. I had tried to type in the wrong password many times.

  10. Okay, it wasn't so much the quality of LSH but how it was widescreen on the small version, but then cut off when I enlarged it to full screen.

  11. Ah, yes. One more set and we've got one in the bag. Hope Monaco closes it out in three. No sense in wasting any energy.

  12. I think he should,Petzschner doesnt look comfortable out there.

  13. sure, and I don't want Pico to think he's comfortable enough to waste his energy and time there. He has to win in straight sets, just in case...


  14. Very good start! Now it is David's turn! Vamos!

  15. yaaaay the best possible start there.

    come on David, please win this point <3

  16. Oh David...
    Starts like the one before but not in favor for the Argies.