Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Copa Claro Run Continues - David Downs Berlocq

"A free tennis lesson", "a lecture", "a display of his enormous talent". Those are some of the descriptions in the Argentine media of what David himself simply called "another great match" that he was "fortunately able to play", his 6-0, 6-3 quarterfinal victory over Carlos Berlocq in merely 61 minutes. In today's semifinal, however, a different kind of test is going to await him, in form of "the other David" Ferrer, the top seed at this event (match record: 5-7).

Last night, two games into the match, all streaming suddenly stopped. Apparently, the match was never supposed to be streamed on (and the other sites, using their coverage) in the first place. But why it was still listed for a stream - I guess we'll never get to know.
So I can't tell you anything about this match, only that I was still frantically searching for another stream when a look at the scoreboard revealed that David had already taken the first set, 6-0 in what was something like 20 minutes. Apparently getting a little sidetracked after that, and suddenly finding himself down a break at the start of the second set, David levelled the score at 2-2. Having broken again for a 4-2 lead, he held but missed a couple of match points on Berlocq's serve at 5-3 before finally serving out the match, as can be seen in the clip above.

After the match, David was once more very happy with his performance. And he was also happy to have reached the semifinal and to get "another chance of doing it all again", playing in front of his home crowd. After "two very short seasons", during which it was "always very difficult to get any kind of ryhthm or continuity" he's now finally able to play more matches.
- And he's not the only one, who's happy about that.



  1. First the most important thing: I love that shirt, too ;-), he looks really great in it, those colours do really well on him (although I really like the other one, too...).
    Ok, more on the more serious side: seems he played really good and I'm more than happy that he can play several matches and get a rhythm. Of course we love to see him winning :-). Yay!

    Thank you for the review, Julia.

  2. the shirt looks absolutely nice not only on video but also on the pics :)
    I think I like this blue one a bit more than the rainbowed-white haha.

    thanks Julia for the last game video, too bad we couldn't find no stream during the match...

    hope there'll be a stream for the battle of Davids! David can display some great winners. Tough match coming soon!

  3. the 1st semifinal will start at 5pm local time (8pm GMT), and the Battle of David is scheduled as 2nd semifinal right after.
    Really hope there'll be a stream..

  4. Thanks, Mina - for calling it a review. ;) And Mira, yep - I was glad when I found this clip of at least most of the last game... Better than nothing.
    But yeah, I like the new shirt, too. :) And yeah, there will be streams tonight.