Friday, February 24, 2012

Copa Claro QF - David vs Carlos Berlocq

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Update II
David's run at the Copa Claro continues: It took him just over an hour today to defeat Carlos Berlocq 6-0, 6-3. In the semifinal tomorrow, it'll now be time for another Battle of Davids, when David gets to face the top seed David Ferrer.

More tomorrow...

(Telam/Reuters; montage by VD)

9.03pm local. The first match of the evening session has just finished. Next up now: David.

It's quarterfinals day at the BALTC and for David that means it's time to play another match against a fellow Argentine - Carlos "Charly" Berlocq, 29 years old and currently ranked #43.
A ranking that's mostly the consequence of his results on clay and especially at clay-court Challengers (of which he won five last season).

After second-round exits at Auckland and at the Australian Open, and now back on his favourite surface again, Berlocq was a finalist at Viña del Mar (lost to Juan Monaco). Last week, he reached the quarterfinal at São Paolo, where he was defeated by Nicolas Almagro, the eventual champion. This week at the Copa Claro, Berlocq caught a bit of a rough start against Pere Riba but after losing the first set in a tiebreaker he then went on to bagel Riba in sets two and three. And afterwards in the second round, Berlocq dispatched third seed Gilles Simon even more easily than David did, last week.
David and Charly Berlocq have met twice, so far. Both matches took place on clay and both times David won in the end. But while their first meeting at Roland Garros 2008 was rather one-sided, and Berlocq virtually chanceless, their second meeting at Santiago last year went the distance, after David "lost his focus" in the second set and was also struggling a bit in what was his first match on clay, last year. A problem he won't have, this time around.

Berlocq is a clay specialist and he has shown himself to be in good form of late. Still, if David can manage to play anywhere near as well as he did against Pico last night then he should have a more than decent chance of winning this match.

Edit: To pass the time until the match and in case you've always wanted to know who David thinks should play him in a movie: "60 seconds with David Nalbandian" on the Davis Cup website.


  1. Jack Nicholson? really David? lol

    awww the Mar del Plata worst DC memory, same for all of us on VD :(

    it's cute when he says he likes fishing and barbecue parties in his hometown, a really nice and simple guy.

    yeah he's a bad singer haha :D

    see you guys later!

  2. Jack Nicholson or Robert De Niro. Now,what does that say about the way David sees himself... lol
    And yep, Mira, I agree with you. He does have his talents but singing is not one of them. :)

    I've read that tonight we might be in for a new version of the shirt, by the way. We'll find out if it's true.

  3. oh great, we might see something new tonight, for those who dislike his current shirt :P

    Ferrer has won vs Gonzalez. David time now!!! :) as I was watching the last games of the match, I've realized that I will really miss Gonzalez :( :( :(

  4. yeaaaah Julia, you were right :D new version of the shirt, a blue one, which looks more harmonius on him...
    at least, it's not worse than Charly Berlocq's shirt tonight haha :D

    warmup!!! the stream is good on LSH

  5. Yeah, I like this shirt much better. :)

  6. oh noooo where's the man who commented yesterday :(

    I hope he'll keep this shirt until grass season :D

    game on! vamos David!

  7. my stream has died :(
    any link please? ;)

  8. Yeahh the stream was all good till 2-0 to David and then it went :/ Anyone have a stream? Vamos David!!

  9. 5-0 up, quality stuff!! Makin short work of Berlocq, David is really serious about his tennis at the moment and looks inspired to do well, these days he's been playin immense ;)

  10. Oh well :( At least he's winning...

  11. Nothing on

    I hope they get their act together soon over at!!! At this rate, the match will be over in 10 minutes ...

    But anyway: VAMOS DAVID!

  12. They won't, I contacted support.

  13. They're so ***** incompetent, it's unbelievable :(

  14. She said she was hoping I'd enjoy the other live matches. Me: Are you sure those will be streamed for more than 2 games?

  15. I hope you mentioned that you don't care about any other matches ;-)

  16. That's not the point. They can't put a match on their list, even if it's at the last minute, and then break off coverage after 2 games.

  17. Of course they can't - that's what I meant by "incompetent".

    And just saying they hope you enjoy the other matches is a pretty bad joke, too :-o

  18. I just meant, they don't need to know about my personal player preferences. ;)

  19. At least David has got the re-break now.

  20. that bagel in the 1st was so quick, too bad we didn't see it :(

  21. wow looking at how fast the scoreboard is. David already one game away from the win :D

  22. Was it really too much to ask to fully stream a match that lasted just over an hour? :-p

  23. Yeah, good question...
    Anyway - well done, David! :D

  24. yaaaay well done David :D
    too bad we couldn't see him tonight... it sounds really impressive. Finally, a semifinal!

  25. Great! He finally got rid of the rainbow t-shirt. In my opinion it's not a good look on Nalby.

    Excited about the next match... does anybody know Ferrer-Nalbandian head 2 head?

  26. H2H is 7-5 in favor of Ferrer and Ferrer won all their encounters on clay..

  27. I missed the match. :(

    But reading the comments now, it looks like so did all of you. :( How frustrating!

    Last night I nearly asked, has David worn anything different this year in any of the matches I've missed (apart from DC), because it was that shirt again! So there's some good news. ;)

    Along with the result - even better news!