Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Copa Claro: A Good Start

It was a good start for David's week at the BALTC and his Copa Claro campaign, against a somewhat overexposed opponent and with, of course, the support from his home crowd. After merely 81 minutes, David sealed an easy 6-2, 6-3 victory over Wayne Odesnik (the last two points of which you can see in the clip above). In the second round tomorrow however, a much tougher test awaits when David gets to face fifth seed Juan Monaco.

Dominant from the start (and against an opponent who seemed slightly overawed, especially in the early stages), David broke Odesnik in the first game of the match. Without facing a break point throughout the first set, David extended his lead to a double break and 5-2 before closing out the set easily and at the first time of asking. 6-2.

Early on in the second set, David broke again to go up 2-1. But instead of building on this lead, David dropped serve in the next game, in the course of the only poor service game he played in this match. With the score levelled at 2-2 then followed the longest and most dramatic game of the match. Odesnik was already up 40-15 before David took him back to deuce and eventually, after a lengthy deuce battle managed to break back again for 3-2. After that, David was back on track again, cruising through his service games and finally breaking Odesnik again to take the match. 6-3.

At no point during this match, not even when David dropped serve or during the epic game that followed was the outcome in any kind of doubt. Simply because Odesnik didn't have the weapons to really put David under pressure. Instead, at times David seemed to be struggling more with the wind than with his opponent, especially when serving. After identifying Odesnik's backhand as his weaker wing, David tried to exploit that weakness, which led to plenty of cross-court exhanges and plenty of forehands that David had to hit in the process, including various forehand errors. But apart from that it was a very good and solid match from David, one that gave him the opportunity to experiment a bit during the rallies. And especially his backhand and approaches to the net were working very well. All in all - a very good start.

David himself was happy with his performance too, saying that he played "a good match" and that "playing at home and getting supported by the crowd is always nice". And playing at this event, at the BALTC is "something special". The conditions were a little difficult but he "played more solidly" than his opponent and of course he was "very happy to have won". About his upcoming encounter with Juan "Pico" Monaco David said it's going to be a "special match", one that comes very early in the second round but in any case it's going to be "a tough match" because "Pico has been playing well" and they know each other very well but he believes it'll be a "nice match", for the two of them as well as for the crowd.
Well, I think that most of all, it's going to be a very tough match for David.

P.S. What David also said in the post-match interview was that Odesnik was a difficult opponent for him because he knew "absolutely nothing" about him. So much for David, having at least heard of Odesnik before...

It was clear before but now it's official - David gets a wildcard for Acapulco (source).

(tournament website)


  1. I like this pic so much :D
    It's nice to see him smiling like a little boy who got a new toy ...

  2. Not the usual kind of David photo face... lol

  3. Not sure if anybody else here notices or cares, but didn't Nalby's Yonex tennis gear look a lot better than what he's sporting now in matches?

  4. Let me put it this way, I was never a big fan of most of his Yonex outfits, especially not of all the yellow and orange. - By now, I'd be fine with seeing David in another yellow or orange Yonex shirt...
    The DC stuff from Topper looks great. But I'd really like to know what possessed them to come up with this one.

  5. Joseph of Buenos AiresFebruary 22, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    this is totally stupid by Copa Clara organisers.
    David and Pico are both Argentines and both are the favourites going into tournament with plenty of home support.
    but they are facing in 2nd round. this is totally non-sense and ridiculous.
    they should not be in same quarter of draw.
    they should meet in final if they play well..
    fans love to see pico vs david final
    not some others playing ...

  6. Julia, I couldn't agree with you more... lol. That rainbow shirt he is wearing these days has got to go!

  7. Yeah - hopefully it will, the sooner the better... :)

    Joseph, I'm sure the organisers would've loved for David and Pico to meet later on in the tournament. But they don't get to decide what the draw looks like. ;)

  8. Ok, then I'm the only one, who likes the shirt ... :-) But I love blue the most on him.

  9. oooh looks like I'm the only one here who doesn't mind seeing him with the "rainbow" t-shirt he's wearing since January :(
    I'd have liked it better if it was not so large! (even with Yonex he wore lots of large t-shirts though).
    anyway I hope Topper have something else for him for the next couple months and the Olympics.
    Yeaaah DC outfit was very nice :)

    I really had to keep the pic in my phone, just in case my entourage tells me *again* David always looks grumpy just to tease me lol.

    I hope David has some kind of strategy to shorten the long rallies to come vs Pico, and try to grab some winners!

  10. You're not alone, Mina and Mira. :)

  11. Yeah I like his shirt at the moment as well to be honest with you, it looks quite cool ahaha and this is defo not the normal David photo.

    Does anyone know why he switched to Topper from Yonex? Loool

  12. Even tho he still has yonex rackets

  13. Well, Yonex updated their roster of players this year, taking on Wawrinka and Tomic (while keeping Hewitt). I guess if they had wanted to keep David as well then they would've been able to.
    But this way, it's great for Topper, of course.

    And I still think that shirt is ugly. lol

  14. oh Mina and I posted we like David's t-shirt at the same time :D

    the Yonex rivalry between Hewitt and David used to be funny... when David would not wear the same shirt as Hewitt back then... lol

  15. On a different and much more sombre note...
    It was supposed to be a happy Copa Claro week in Buenos Aires but now it'll be overshadowed by what has happened today. A commuter train has crashed at a station in Buenos Aires, leaving at least 49 people dead and 550 injured. A terrible tragedy.

  16. that's terrible news, a very sad week for Buenos Aires and its inhabitants.
    the city will make the headlines in such a sad way :/

    (just read some articles, looks like another terrible accident happened in the same line last year). No really, it's terrible...

  17. I heard about the accident too... this is a real tragedy :(

  18. Oh that is good so we are already two Mira :-)

    That is so horrible what happened, saw it on TV and was so shocked.

  19. Yeah seen it in the news, shocking news :(

    Hewitt is probably one of my most hated players, more so because Nalby hates him as well haha. They have history from a long way ago loool

  20. Really sad. My thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones and I wish a speedy recovery to those who got injured.

  21. George, Hewitt has had two hip surgeries and he's still there, still fighting. I used to dislike him but by now, I can't help but respect him for that.