Monday, February 13, 2012

Back from Bamberg

(Alex Grimm/Getty Images)
Hi everyone - I'm back from what was not only David's but also my Davis Cup weekend at the Stechert Arena in Bamberg. And what a weekend it has been...
When I checked into the small, family-run hotel where I was staying, I had a little chat with the owner, who turned out to be a fellow tennis fan. So I confessed that the sole reason for my visit to Bamberg was not the German Davis Cup team - but a certain Mr. Nalbandian. And though he was a bit surprised, he agreed that "Nalbandian, well, he is really good..."
- And Davis Cup David was once again really, really good.

It's one thing to report David's Davis Cup shenanigans. But seeing it all live, witnessing the intensity and just how seriously he takes those matches - that's a different story... Well, it definitely was an experience for me. And a perfect start into the new Davis Cup year for David and the rest of the team.

So far, I've only had a brief look around the media sites. But from what I've seen, David was very happy with his performance. And of course he has every reason to be. After spending yesterday courtside for the two dead rubbers, he should now be on his way to São Paulo, where he'll play his first-round match against Benoit Paire on Wednesday. Having successfully defended his Davis Cup ranking points from last year, David's ranking remains to be #84 this week. And plenty of photos from the weekend now on the Photo Page.

(Paul Zimmer/


  1. We are sooo happy for you Julia. I couldn't wait to see your reaction after seeing David playing live and winning!!
    Did you talked to him at all? Autograph maybe?
    Thank you again for all your hard work on this blog.

  2. Wooow sounds so great! I'm so happy for you Julia, that you had a fab time! Fantastic! Always when I was watching the live stream I had to think how great it has to be to be there!

  3. Glad you had a good time! :-)

  4. so nice that you got to see david for the first time. and i was happy for you that it was a succesful weekend.

    so did you sit next to the argentinian fans or in the middle of the germans? :D

  5. Like everyone else I'm so pleased for you getting to see David - and in a winning Davis Cup tie to boot! Sounds like you had an amazing time :-)

  6. I'm not at all sure of my ground here, but don't David and Edu Schwank both have some German ancestry? (Although David's surname is a common Armenian one too).

  7. Thank you all. :)
    Yeah, it was great to finally get this kind of opportunity. And if I wasn't a fan already, I guess David would've won me over during those two matches. ;)
    I was also happy that I got see him play (and win, of course) both singles and doubles. The whole range, so to speak. :)
    But no, I didn't talk to him (and I'm not one for getting autographs). I saw some people who tried - with rather limited success. And should you ever want to try, here's a piece of advice - don't touch him to get his attention. David really doesn't like that...
    My seat was not among the Argentine fans but I managed to "convert" the guy who was sitting next to me and during the doubles, we cheered for David and Edu together. :) And I got to overhear the reactions from the German supporters, especially to David and his performance. Lots of (involuntary) "aahs" and "oohs" and many a muttered "incredible..." :)
    German ancestry - as far as I know it's Armenian and Italian roots with David, and Edu owes his German-sounding surname to Swiss ancestors.

  8. wow welcome back Julia! :)
    the "don't touch him to get his attention" >> I really understand him lol.

    your Bamberg experience was a great success, I'm glad German crowd has enjoyed David's performance as much as we did, despite losing on home soil. Definitely not a "hostile" crowd like we're used to see when it comes to Davis Cup.