Sunday, February 26, 2012

Acapulco Draw

Update (27/02)
The new rankings are out and David has moved up 15 positions to #70.

Here it is, the draw for David's tournament next week, the Abierto Mexicano Telcel in Acapulco. Due to a couple of withdrawals, he was able to get into the main draw without needing his wildcard. David has been drawn into the top half again, which looks like this:

[1] David Ferrer (ESP) vs [WC] Santiago Gonzalez (MEX)
Lukasz Kubot (POL) vs [WC] Daniel Garza (MEX)
Leonardo Mayer (ARG) vs Pablo Andujar (ESP)
[Q] Facundo Bagnis (ARG) vs [5] Florian Mayer (GER)

[3] Gilles Simon (FRA) vs Carlos Berlocq (ARG)
[Q] Alessandro Gianessi (ITA) vs Potito Starace (ITA) 
David Nalbandian (ARG) vs Santiago Giraldo (COL)
Thomaz Bellucci (BRA) vs [7] Marcel Granollers (ESP)

Complete draw here.

This is David's altogether fifth appearance at this event and the first in three years, after having missed out on the last two editions due to injury. His record at Acapulco is a bit of a mixed bag. He made it to the final in 2008 (which he lost to Nicolas Almagro) but apart from that it's been early exits for David at this tournament, so far.
Against his opponent in the first round, Santiago Giraldo (#80), David has never played before. Let's hope he can have a good start.


  1. thanks Julia!
    not bad, not bad, David can win a couple of matchs again before possibly meeting Ferru again!

    the timezone difference won't make it easy to watch this tournament :( 7hrs for most of you, 9hrs for me, 10hrs for Camilia (haha ;))
    Unless David plays on 1 to 3pm local time during whole week, I'm afraid I'll suffer from sleeping disorder again lol :)

  2. I really hope he will reach the SF, and even if he loses to Ferrer again, it would be closer 3-setter.

    Nalby always struggles against the following non-top-5 players:
    * Wawrinka
    * Ferrer
    * Who else?

  3. Against Ferrer he always struggles on clay. On hardcourt he leads 5-3.
    Wawrinka is a match-up issue though David beat him easily at Washington 2010. Generally speaking, he tends to have problems against players with a strong serve/strong backhand combo, who also like to go down the lines (like Safin, Haas and Ljubicic in the past or Fish, more recently).

  4. The draw could have been better but also a lot worse. I always don't want to look too far ahead but a SF is not unreachable, I think. Would also be some good ranking points :-). Vamos David!

  5. yes same here, I do think David can reach SF again, we know it's always the same players who participate in the Golden Swing so *hopefully* some of them will be a little tired in Acapulco haha :)(not wishing any injury for anyone)

  6. Amazing site this is! Thanks Julia.
    Possibly playing again Marcel will be a little bit tough. They have never met and Marcel played fantastic tennis in Valencia last December.

  7. Thanks. :)
    David has met and defeated Granollers three times, Monte Carlo 2009 and Montpellier & Paris 2010. ;)

    For my part, I won't think about SF. I'll take it match by match, as always. ;)

  8. i dont understand why david is not playing hard court tournaments such as dubai
    his game is much better on hardcourts
    why for god sake he is going to acapulco?
    in this stage of his career he is not agreat clay court player

  9. David likes playing the Golden Swing because for him, that means playing at home and closer to home than he gets to be all year. Apart from that, DC and the upcoming QF against Croatia on clay remains to be his #1 priority.

  10. i think david is a good clay court player he moves better on clay than any other surfaces! he has been alwasy struggling against ferrer.Furthermore, Ferrer is a much better player than he was a few years ago.He was used to be very passive on the court and now he can be agressive
    too.he is the best claycout player after djokovic and nadal.

  11. David would disagree about moving better on clay than on other surfaces. ;) He grew up on and still prefers hardcourt. And he always has to be a bit careful on clay because of his hip.

  12. So the comments page has been redesigned... Not my doing but Blogger's.

  13. True, Ferrer is number 3 on clay, and David could beat him last saturday if the rain delay didn't happen. David is playing his third tournament in straight. How long will he be fit this week, interesting to follow. I think he can make it to the semifinal.

  14. I thought I was seeing things on the comments page. Ah, a change. Good to see David move up 15 spots. Only saw Saturday's match until 2-2 in the 2nd set, and David definitely seemed to be improving. Ferru on clay is an almost impossible task for David. The guy's a human backboard. Hope David has something left in the tank this. Really, though, he does seem to be much stronger than the last two years. I guess we just need to continue to keep our fingers crossed for his continued good health.

  15. Yeah, John - the layout change caught me by surprise, too...
    But the comments page isn't the only thing that has changed. It's a different Golden Swing that we're seeing from David this time, very different from the last two years. I really hope it stays that way.

  16. Yeah, I would agree, Julia. Making the semis at Buenos Aires would have definitely merited a pullout in Acapulco the last few years. David just doesn't seem so frail like before. Injury-wise, that is. Physically, he seems very strong. Any word on IW yet?

  17. Not yet. Should be announced soon, though. But yeah - he's no longer so very frail, especially on clay. :)

  18. Hui different look, for the first minutes I thought it is my browser failing to load the comments page :-).

    I wanted to agree that is so great that David seems to be in such good health and being able to play without interruptions (injury). That is so fantastic! I hope it stays that way!

  19. Yeah, looks a little weird, doesn't it. It'll take some time to get used to this new look...

    But hopefully we can now get used to less injuries and more matches. :)