Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interlude: Training with Rafa


(Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
Ahead of his exhibition match against Andy Murray at Kooyong tomorrow, David put in a training session of a different kind today, practising with Rafael Nadal at what seems to have been Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park.
Perhaps you'll remember how the two of them caused some bewilderment among the press by training together ahead of the US Open last year, even though they were bound to meet in the third round - and did, eventually. But as David once described it, they've "become well acquainted" and I guess it's safe to say that they know each other and each other's game well enough.
Apart from that, the photos from this training session (more on the Photo Page) offer the first visual proof that David has indeed switched his clothes sponsor and is now wearing Topper. ->

Coming up tonight/tomorrow morning (Melbourne time): the Australian Open draw.

The starting time for David's match against Andy Murray has changed.
It's now scheduled as the second match of the day (after Fish vs Melzer), due to begin at around 12.30pm Friday local time (1.30am GMT; Thursday 8.30pm EST/10.30pm Argentina)

On a different note - Martin Jaite and Mariano Zabaleta just confirmed the team for the Davis Cup tie against Germany: David, Juan Monaco, Juan Ignacio Chela and Eduardo Schwank (source).


  1. what about david's raquet?

  2. As far as I know he'll continue to use a Yonex VCore 98D. We'll see.

  3. Any news on how he was looking out there against Rafa?

  4. I DONT want to see Nalby playing Nadal/Federer/Djokovic/Murray in the first round of Aussie Open!! He needs some luck to have a nicer draw!!!!!

    It would be great to play a qualifier in R1, someone like Ljubicic in R2 (and have an upset win), before playing a top20 player in R3 (hopefully winning and then play Nadal in R4!!!)

    I wonder if he would be drawn to play a veretan like Haas/Hewitt/Roddick in R1...

  5. As far as I could tell from other pictures I've seen, David is still using a Yonex racquet, but he's blacked it out, and it was hard to tell but I think he was using Adidas Barricades as well instead of the SHTs.

  6. 7 hours to go before the draw! it'll be live streamed on the official website, I'll try to stay up to watch it, nervous already...

    any stream for David/Murray early friday morning?

  7. julia his racquet is yonex rdis 100 midplus
    and not the vcore 98d

  8. Well, he just appeared in a new VCore ad by Yonex and he used the 98D before. But I'm no expert when it comes to racquets.

    Adrian, nope, just the photos.

    John H, it's probably Topper clothes and shoes now for David.

    Mira, yeah, it's great that they're streaming the draw this year.
    But right now, it looks like there won't be a stream for the Murray match. Just for the main event ones...

  9. Hi there. I seem to remember what time proved most demurrage as he returned to the game after his injury. As I searched him, that glinted before me under one of his photos was my flatmate's email. I laughed, of course, he adores both Dave & Rafa. Dave is doing the right stuff, demonstrating to keep his glory with country on platform available. He played very powerful against J Isner at their 2nd rd Australn Open. He said he felt confused with ref's decision losing the long-fought rival at five sets. A meaningful study to get better! With thanks.