Saturday, January 28, 2012

Destination Bamberg & A Question

Update (30/01)
The rankings after the Australian Open are out and
David has moved up one spot to #86.

Today, the tennis world may still revolve around Melbourne and the impending final of the Australian Open. But for David, it will soon revolve around the picturesque little town pictured here - Bamberg.
Probably next Friday,  the Argentine team will be on its way to Germany for the first round of the Davis Cup.
For David, it's going to be the first tie under the captain he wanted for this job for years, his former coach
Martin Jaite. Who, despite his experience as player, coach and tournament director is new to this job and also to this kind of scenario, unlike his players:
It's not the players who are making their debut here, it's the captains [Jaite and his vice-captain Zabaleta]. (Source.)
In the same interview Jaite also said that although he's of course aware of the pressure it means to play for Argentina, he still wants the Davis Cup to be fun for the players. Something they really want to do and enjoy doing. Well, I guess he can count on David for that...

On the German side, Florian Mayer has started training again (after his injury problems that forced him to pull out of the Australian Open) and therefore it looks like he's going to play, with Philipp Kohlschreiber, and Philipp Petzschner and Christopher Kas for the doubles completing the German line-up.

From the Davis Cup now over to something completely different. As you've probably seen, Megaupload, the site we used to upload matches for David on Screen has been shut down. And I'm afraid, this also means the end of David on Screen (more about it on the David on Screen page). The question now is whether it should be replaced with something else, a different kind of extra page. I'm currently thinking about this but I'd like to hear your ideas.
So - what do you think? What kind of page would you like to have?


  1. I've got my thinking cap on, but haven't thought of anything yet for DoS. Spotted this article today about the mastermind of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, and thought it might be of interest. Are you going to Bamberg, Julia?

  2. Yep, it's destination Bamberg also for me.

    New page, well, could be all sorts of things. A VD Best Of/required reading maybe, or something like a FAQ, where people could also ask questions. But I don't want to make a look back at past triumphs. Not yet.

    As for Mr. Dotcom (thanks for the link), he's quite famous here in Germany. But we didn't finance his extravagant life style. All DoS matches were hosted for free. And I remember thinking - this is basically too good to be true. And of course it all wasn't exactly legal...

  3. Kim was living the high life while it lasted...

  4. And it was fun while it lasted - not only for him...

  5. A Vamos David chatroom, operating on certain times, like during matches?

  6. No pressure for Julia, or anyone else to participate and go into the chatroom at all times, just whenever people feel like.

  7. Yeah I think a chatroom will be good. Nalby since I was born, Nalby till I die <3 Do u think he'll play for more than 2 more years coz he's been a huge part of my life and I'm sure yours :)

  8. same here, a good idea for the chatroom during David's matches.
    Or anything to keep us together and updated :)

    wow great you're going to Bamberg, Julia! If you can sit just behind the Argentine bench... lol
    when it's Davis Cup like this, do you support David (therefore, Argentina) or Germany?

    epic match in Melbourne today, I can't stop wondering how it would've been if David were as successful as guys like Novak and Rafa... :(

  9. a chat room would be really nice, but how? i mean can you embed something like that on blogspot?

  10. I kind off feel that after watching the match today the top 2 are so far ahead of the others that beating them in a best of 5 set is pretty much impossible.Murray and Fed can beat them of course but can also be beaten by guys lower ranked playing at their best(like Tsonga).The top 2 are really pushing the limits of tennis with their style of play,changing the game.Personally I would rather watch David and Fed trying to out shotmake each other in 3 hours than a battle of consistency and endurance of 6h.

  11. I don't like the way the game is going. Last night's final was jawdropping, seemed almost superhuman the fitness levels of both players. Not only because of how long that final was, but Djokovic had some tough matches against Murray and Ferrer, which were also very physical battles.

    In the last two sets, it was hard to take my eyes off the match, just because I was sitting there in awe how they were able to play exhausting rallies like that and still slide on the court five hours in on a hardcourt (it looked painful). It was entertaining, as in it was engaging to watch the players put themselves through pain and agony to keep battling hard and running balls down that they really had no energy to get.

    I really think they should speed up the courts if they want to look after the safety of the players in the long term. Do players really have to get close to "killing each other" on the court before they can win a Slam? The match was also a good demonstration of why upsets will rarely happen while the players are playing on these surfaces. Both shotmaking and fitness are required now, not one or the other.

    Nadal and Djokovic are pretty good shotmakers, yet both of them to struggle to win points against each other. They definitely could have used a net game. I think the amount of times either player went into the net was extremely small.

    I'm glad that David was from the previous generation of players, because tennis these days is crazy. No, he can't challenge for Slams because going for broke every time a rally goes past a certain number of shots to conserve energy is not good enough these days. Though even if he did that, he'd still run out of energy after a few sets.

  12. Yeah, Noubar - but how. I can't create a chatroom on this blog, other than the comments. It would have to be a whole new, separate forum. And I don't have time for VD and a forum.
    So, any ideas for something I can do on VD?

    Mira, of course I support David & Argentina. I'm not a big fan of the German players, anyway. ;)

  13. there're some type of "chatbox" or "shoutbox" that you can embed on the sidebar of the blog. And you make it active only when David plays.
    I don't know if it's auto-refreshed or not though (seems like yes)
    Like this one that's free (among many others).

  14. Well, I would like VD to remain the place where David's fans meet for watching the matches. Maybe that's selfish of me. But I'd like things to stay the way they are now.

  15. lol Julia, I just imagine when you support David in the stadium in german how the crown will astonished look at you lol

  16. sure Julia, I do understand and that's not selfish at all.
    I'm always okay if things remain the same, when we get here to live comment on David's matchs, it's no big deal :)

  17. I'm glad you understand. And of course you'll get to comment on his matches here, as always. :)

    Ashot, well, I guess I'll have some explaining to do then. ;)

  18. I'm fine with things the way they are. Part of the fun of watching David's matches is sharing in the comments section on VD. We all get to suffer and celebrate together.

  19. Yeah things are great, u regularly update everything, it's amazing. We're all united together and we're all passionate fans of David. I hate those people that never watch tennis, and after watching one match (grandslam final) they talk as if they know about the sport. Fans like us are true fans, been loyal to David through good times and bad.

    Julia - will u be able to get David's autograph? Lool. I'm going to try this year at wimbledon, last time couldn't manage it

  20. Well, I just want to see him play live - at last. And I got lucky with the DC draw this time.

    Yeah, it's great to see that there is a VD community of fellow David fans. One that has developed over the years, after the very humble beginnings of this blog. Still, I'd like VD to be there for everyone, interested in David. On any kind of level. ;)

  21. I will be at Copa Claro the last three days of the tournament , if you need something please tell me. Maybe this days a will go to Gorrochategui Tennis Club to see David training. If you need some images please tell me. My e-mail is Bye !!

  22. Thanks for your offer. :) I'm not sure though if he's still training at home, maybe he has moved to Buenos Aires by now or will soon. I'll email you later, okay? :)