Wednesday, January 4, 2012

David: Two Years Left of Playing at a Good Level

Last year, I said I was hoping that David might play the Kooyong exhibition as preparation for the Australian Open. And now he will play there, even if it's only for one match. On Friday, January 13, David will play an exhibition match against Andy Murray, as confirmed on the event's Twitter.

While for most players the 2012 season has already begun at one of the preparatory events for the Australian Open, David is still at home - but in the middle of his preparations for the new season. Training at home in Unquillo as well as at the Ines Gorrochategui Academy in Villa Allende. A preseason the final stage of which, i.e. playing tennis, had to be delayed, due to the tendinitis in his right knee (which first appeared during the Copa Argentina in mid-December).
But despite this delay, which makes the late start this year seem like a good idea, and although his knee apparently still "bothers him a little" David seems optimistic about the new season that's ahead of him. And also about the one after that.
Here's the interview, by Sergio Stuart for Olé.

Q: You're busy?

David: Yes, busy with my preseason, trying to make sure things will go well, this year.

Q: At which stage are you now? Physical training, tennis?

David: Noooo, I'm doing everything. These are the toughest weeks of the preseason. Where you do a little bit of everything. I've already established a good physical basis and now I'm adding tennis to the mix, which I had to start with later than planned because of the tendinitis in the knee.

Q: You got injured during the Copa Argentina in December. How are you doing now?

David: I'm fine, though my knee still bothers me a little but at least it allows me to do a relatively normal training.

Q: How do you see 2011 in terms of your tennis? You had to pause twice, because of an adductor tear in March and then because of your hamstring in October...

David: It was pretty inconsistent, with another surgery [hernia/adductor in March] that didn't allow me to play a complete schedule. I haven't done an analysis of it but I've had two difficult years with my hip and then another one last year because of the adductor and the hernia. I hope that in 2012 I can have the consistency I wasn't able to get during the last two years.

Q: As you say, after undergoing hip surgery in 2009 you weren't able to play normal seasons. In 2010 you played 39 matches and in 2011 no more than 34 when it's normal to contest more than 60. Does it look like this year might be a good one for you?

David: I hope so. That's the idea but you never know. You try to work so that things will go well and then... sometimes they don't. But yes, the idea is to try and have a good year, one with more consistency at least. That's the most important and difficult thing on the Tour.

Q: You won your last title at Washington, in August 2010. Do you miss the feeling of winning titles?

David: Yes, it's a great feeling. And as I've said before, you work for being able to experience those moments, to achieve those things. I want to be among the best again, I want to be competitive at tournaments. With consistency, it's all going to come together by itself. I'll say it again, I'm working so that things will go well and I can achieve those goals, to win tournaments and compete at the top.

Q: You're making jokes about being old, the way you also did in Sevilla during the Davis Cup. You turned pro back in 2000 and now you're 30 years old. How many seasons do you think you have left?

David: And... two years left of playing at a good level, of playing well. More than that seems difficult to me.

Q: You've won the Masters Cup but you're lacking a Slam and the Davis Cup title. Are those the objectives for those two years?

David: The Davis Cup has always been my goal and we still haven't managed to win it.

Q: And a Slam?

David: A Slam gets more difficult each time. Physically, it gets harder for me every year and the physical strain and the level are extremely high.

Q: Does it get more difficult on the Tour now with Djokovic and Nadal competing for the #1?

David: Yes, it gets more difficult each time, it gets tougher. But not only because of them. There are many other new players, young players, other generations coming up.
Does that mean David will play two more seasons? Well, I think that will also depend on how many matches he'll get to play this year, how much consistency there will be in the end.
But it's good to hear that another season is possible.
Still, at now 30 years of age, there's a certain genre of questions that David will be confronted with a lot from now on - about his career in general and the way he sees it. Here's his answer at this point in time:
It's difficult to draw a balance at this point because while you're still active you don't have enough time to analyse what you've done in your career. But I've spent many years on the Tour and I had more good years than not so good years. So that's why I think I've had a pretty decent career at least.


  1. Hopefully David can stay healthy more or less this year and decides to give 2013 a shot.Even tho I thought I wouldnt I still cant help but get excited before the AO.

  2. I received a message from Noubar. He says Blogger is blocked again in Syria and things aren't going very well there now and that he is hoping for the best. He wanted to say Hi to Julia and all the vamosdaviders. And he wishes everybody on VD a happy new year :)

  3. Noubar, if you can see this - a happy new year to you too. And my best wishes to you and your family. I hope you'll stay safe.

  4. same from me Noubar
    an exho against Murray is good

  5. Great news from David in the interview. Makes me glad that 2012 is here and 2011 is gone. Like always at the first of the year I'm optimistic. Good idea about the exho with Murray. Be well and stay safe, Noubar.

  6. So it is very obvious that he has accepted with peace that he won't be able to win a Slam (which is a crime, based on his talent!!!), sigh... Too bad he missed few opportunities in his early years so now things are very difficult for him.

    I keep wondering what would have happened to his and Andy Roddick's careers, had Nalby won that US Open 2003 SF match? I think Nalby would have eventually won it, and then would probably win 1 more Slam, and Roddick might have been the one who is Slam-less.

  7. It's no crime to be realistic. Is he happy about having never won a Slam? Certainly not. But mourning missed chances won't change what happened in the past.

    I prefer to look at what's ahead. Especially at the beginning of a new season. So yeah, John - same here. :)

  8. I agree past is past and it doesn't make him play better if he thinks too much about missed chances.
    Of course I would have loved to see him with a GS title and I also think he should have one based on how talented he is. Not every player can have one and there are many out there, I think they should have one.
    But it is better to look forward to the new year and may a Davis Cup win :-)!

  9. thank you Andvari!
    Noubar, happy new year! please stay safe.

    just like Julia, I was reminiscing the good old days when David used to be invited at Kooyong Event. This update is great news!!! :D

    thanks for the interview.
    2 years left seem reasonable to me :)

  10. Yes I agree the future is more important. I REALLY hope that if he plays injury-free + full-time schedule this year, he would change his mind and stay in the tour for 2-3 more years? I know age is a big factor, but he could be realistic and set smaller goals to stay longer (like Ferrero, Haas, etc.).

    He is still 'young' in terms of his career duration (he did not play full-time in 2009, 2010, 2011, and always had breaks in 2007 & 2008). He is a little bit like Capriati.

    In terms of Grand Slam, I think Murray still has the mental block to win it, so it is always the top 3 at the moment that could win it. I only hope Nadal + Djokovic would run out of gas a little bit in 2012 and 2013, and Nalby could find a gap to get deep in 1 Slam (hopefully facing Federer in a final and win it!), but it has been 5 years since he was in the 4th round of a Slam, and 6 years since he last reached the QF. Perhaps physically he cannot handle playing 5-set matches for 2 weeks anymore...
    Anyway, I want him to get a nice draw in Australian Open and win 2-3 matches!!!

  11. He can win a Grand Slam if he can play there like in his last match against Dodig, but in early round it is always difficult, especially if he meets a top 20 player

  12. I think the goals have already changed, they've been adjusted to what's possible at this stage of his career.
    Until this interview, it looked like this might very well be his last season. So if now he doesn't rule out playing another one after it - then that's good news.
    Though it'll depend on what's going to happen this year and on how many matches his body will allow him to play. And basically, that has always been the question with David. But even more so ever since hip surgery with its lasting effects on his movement and training.
    And that's why I simply hope that there will be more matches and less injuries this season.

  13. so we VamosDaviders have one wish above for David, "less injuries and more matches" from now on.


  15. disaster... delpo out of davis cup first round

  16. Today I read that Delpo won't play the Davis Cup tie against Germany, because he doesn't want to play hard court - clay - hard court.

  17. It's not the first time that Delpo skips the first round of DC and it was to be expected. More about that (and a few other things) in my next post, coming tomorrow. Don't have time, right now.

    And thanks for linking the pics, Leandro. I'll add them tomorrow. :)

  18. Wow,thats bad news,I hope David and Monaco can carry out the load.

  19. the german players are one time bad other times very good. Nobody can expect what it's gonna be without Del Potro. I hope David and Monaco can win 3 single matches.

  20. How is the German team looking?In DC I still take David over any off the Germans but Davids getting old now and even if healthy hes not the top anymore and could loose to guys like Mayer or Kohlschreiber.This isnt gonna be routine tie,could go down to a 5th.