Friday, December 23, 2011

The Last Post of the Year

With David at home now, taking a break and nursing his inflamed knee before continuing his preparations for the new season - there's nothing more to report for me at the moment.

Therefore, allow me a few words on behalf of myself and Vamos David.
It's been a difficult year, not only for David. And I've had a lot less time for the blog than before. Not always enough time to do things the way I would've wanted to. And I already know that it's going to get worse, next year. Still, I'll try to keep Vamos David running as best as I can.
I can't promise it'll work - but I'll try...

Vamos David takes a break now.
Happy holidays not only from David but also from me & see you in 2012!


  1. Thank you for everything Julia! You did a fab job and it was really great! It was such a pleasure to be here :-)!

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!

  2. Thank you, Mina and you're welcome. :)

  3. Thanks for all your work Julia
    I don't celebrate Christmas but I wish all of you who do a merry one :)
    And happy new year in advance!

  4. Happy holidays everyone! Merry Christmas!

    Had some good times reading your posts, Julia. And the comments too! :)

    See you in 2012, be safe. Be blessed in every way.

  5. Knowing how much work you put in to make this blog work, I think you deserve a massive pat on the back! Well done (and no apologies needed)!