Friday, December 16, 2011

David pulls out of Copa Argentina

Last night, he was still making jokes about it. Now comes the bad news: Together with his team, David has made the decision to pull out of the Copa Argentina, because of tendinitis problems in his right knee (which he had taped, yesterday).
He'll be replaced by Thomaz Bellucci.

So - that was it, David's season 2011.

More about his injury and the withdrawal tomorrow (if possible). And also about Argentina's new and now officially appointed Davis Cup captain - Martin Jaite.


  1. I've been AWOL, having been away the weekend of the DC Final, and being in the US I didn't see a single match due to the time differences and lack of internet access - probably for the best, though I knew a win would be very hard to achieve. When I saw Ferrer had won over Del Potro I knew it was unlikely Argentina would win but I kept hoping.

    I'm sorry to see injury end David's 2011 season, but hopefully he'll be in better shape when the 2012 season kicks off in a few weeks. As others have said, Argentina have a good draw for DC next year but my biggest hope is for David to get through the season relatively injury free.

    Thanks for all the updates this year Julia, as ever this site has been a joy to visit. Wishing you and all the other Vamos David contributors a very Happy Festive Season and New Year :-)

  2. Bummer about David pulling out. While it's probably not serious, it's not the way you want to end the year. Gonzo's my guy now. I haven't seen him play in ages so I'm looking forward to watching his match with Monfils tonight.

  3. Idk,I feel not much hope anymore.I used to always be optimistic and feel like the last injury was the last one ever but they just keep on coming and coming.I have 0 expectations about 2012,pretty much the only thing to do is try to be ready for the DC ties and somehow make a run and have the last match of Davids career in front of the home crowd winning the DC.When it comes to singles on the ATP,I really have no real hope anymore,just DC.

  4. oh non it's too bad to end the season that way :(
    I'm not feeling the next 2012 season, just like Adrian I used to be optimistic but really... I think I'll just take every tournament match after match and wait and see...
    I still have big hopes for DC though.

    I'd lie if I say 2011 has been a great year for David. But I wish him all the best for 2012 and an excellent health, though we're already December and he's having this tendinitis issue :(

  5. everytime he is playing well it happens its amazing
    maybe its just never meant to be

  6. You're welcome, joyce63. And thanks again for the QC photos. :)