Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Copa Argentina - Draw and Order of Play

It's that time of the year again... Ever since 2004, each and every one of David's seasons has included an appearance at the Copa Peugeot Argentina De Tenis, held at the BALTC in Buenos Aires. Making this the altogether eighth time that he'll play this exhibition event (which he has won four times). What makes this year's edition special, however, is its international field - six players from five different countries.
Just like in the last two years, the event will be played in the so-called "Super Six" format, with two groups of three players. The winners of both groups will meet in Sunday's final.

Group A:
Gael Monfils, Eduardo Schwank, Fernando Gonzalez

Group B:
David Nalbandian, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Marcos Baghdatis

And here's the order of play:

David Nalbandian vs Juan Carlos Ferrero
Eduardo Schwank vs Fernando Gonzalez

Marcos Baghdatis vs Juan Carlos Ferrero
Fernando Gonzalez vs Gael Monfils

Gael Monfils vs Eduardo Schwank
David Nalbandian vs Marcos Baghdatis

7pm local: Gaston Gaudio vs Mariano Zabaleta (Gaudio's farewell match)
8.30pm local: The Final

Play starts at 8.30pm local (11.30pm GMT/6.30pm EST) and the matches will be shown live on Argentine channels ESPN (Thursday) and ESPN+ (Friday to Sunday). For those who don't have access to Argentine television, like me, this means another round of the good old stream lottery...
(photos: Copa Argentina/FB)


  1. Thanks for the update Julia!

    Too bad David and Gonzo aren't in the same group.. Hope there will be a chance they meet in the final..

  2. Yeah, I would've loved to see them in the same group, myself...

  3. please translate this to english.

    about david and Tito Vázquez .

    “No veo a Nalbandian como un líder positivo”

  4. I'm going to write a post about all that as soon as the AAT officially presents Vázquez' successor as DC captain.

  5. thank you julia. i will wait your updateco

  6. I join the Gonzo David group :-)

  7. Looks like a great field. Guess we'll have to be satisfied with Gonzo v Monfils. Would be super if David and Gonzo make it to the final. Let's keep our fingers crossed about

  8. is it possible somewhere to watch ESPN Argentina online?

  9. In general - yes.
    But will it be possible to watch David's match tonight - we'll find out when it starts.