Thursday, December 15, 2011

Copa Argentina: David vs Juan Carlos Ferrero

(Copa Argentina/FB)
David has won his first match at this year's Copa Argentina, defeating Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-1, 7-5. It was a very nice and entertaining match and for all of those of you who couldn't watch it live - Andvari has recorded the match and it'll soon be available via David on Screen.
After the match, David (who played with his right knee taped) said that he's in the middle of his preparations for the coming season and therefore feeling rather tired. But playing at home is always great for him of course and he also didn't rule out playing the event again next year. About his knee, he said it that it was okay during the match but thate he'll see what it's going to be like, tomorrow. - But all of that in a not too serious kind of manner.
Tomorrow, David will have a day off before his match against Marcos Baghdatis on Saturday.

(Vienna tournament website)

Starting time now: 10pm local.
The court is now being dried... And apparently, it takes ages...
It's raining again in Buenos Aires and the start of David's match is currently delayed...

That's my favourite photo of David and Juan Carlos Ferrero, the two of them hanging out at the players party in Vienna, back in 2007. One can only speculate what they were talking about...
Not quite as much time has passed since they last met on the tennis court, or rather - the training court. At Shanghai this year, they practised together. Their last official match, however took place at the very same stadium where they'll be playing tonight, at the BALTC in Buenos Aires, during the Copa Telmex (now Copa Claro) 2009.

Whether or not we'll get to see them play today will once more depend on whether there's going to be a stream, showing the Argentine TV coverage of the match. And it won't be possible to find out until the match has started. I will of course try to find a stream but any help will be much appreciated. So, if you find a working stream, please link it in the comments.

Good news: Rojadirecta lists four streams for tonight. You'll find them on the left, under "Today on Internet TV" (scroll down and click on "Tennis (): Copa Peugeot Argentina de Tenis 2011").

Another not entirely new problem concerning the Copa Argentina (and also the Copa Claro) is - the weather. As I post this, it's raining in Buenos Aires, with further rain showers forecast for the evening. In other words, we might be in for some rain delays...


  1. I just wanted to go to sleep and in last moment today's match get to mind.
    Why do you say that to Chris, Julia?

  2. In five minutes. Or at least, that's when the coverage will start.

  3. The second stream of the four on Rojadirecta is showing it now.

  4. @Ashot I will try to record it if they get to play today so if you cant stay up..

  5. thx so much, I will then watch it with the double match in DC in holidays

  6. its starting go nalbandian
    please get back to your best

  7. magnificent stuff alla paris 07

  8. when nalbandian play in his country or for his country he seems much more content and focused
    i just hope he stays focused all of the season

  9. magnificent performance by nalbandian
    he had some lulls but overall if he is in this form we are gonna have a great 2012
    he is playing like top 5 right now
    brilliant shot making from both wings with some awe inspiring winners and drop shots
    i cant ask for more when he is in that kind of form

  10. Here is the recording of yesterdays match:

    Playable with vlc :)

  11. Thank you Andvari! I'm downloading after not being able to stay awake during the night.

  12. You're welcome Mina :)

    Enjoy it, it was a nice match.

  13. it seems official...

  14. It's pretty clear that it's going to happen but it's not official yet.

  15. ohhhh thank you Andvari, I'm uploading the match right now :)
    I totally missed out on the match yesterday for some internet connection reasons :( :(
    glad I'll watch it knowing that David has won :D

  16. I completely forgot about the match,and just by pure luck thought of it and started watching from 5-5 second set,thanks to Andvari for the recording.

  17. Youre welcome Mira and Adrian :)

  18. I must say David hit some really cute shots,but I wouldnt get too excited yet about 2012.Any news on what hes gonna play before the AO?

  19. Thanks for the recording, Andvari. Below is a nice piece on David which I just stumbled upon.

  20. thanks again Andvari, I am downloading the match right now. Was it really so good like you say? :) I can't wait to watch it, but because of less time I will watch it after a week.
    And guys, we are expecting since more than 4 years a great season for David after watching him at off season but always his injuries ruin his seasons. So don't expect to much just hope and dream for it, maybe this time we will finally see a good season for David. I am very interested to see how good David will be next season, especially physically, because in the end of 2011 I didn't see him losing a match because of physical problems except the match against Nadal in US Open.

  21. Adrian, no news about David's plans ahead of the AO. All I can say at this point is that he won't play Kooyong.

  22. Yes Ashot, it was really a nice match with some good rallies and shots