Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recovery Update

Apparently, previous reports that David would be able to begin practising on clay already this week were a bit too optimistic (or perhaps, they were based on a misunderstanding). According to a new article published by Clarin today, David started training again yesterday - but right now, it's only physical training. Until, if all goes well with that, he'll start practicing on clay next week in Buenos Aires (source).

While David is once more on the recovery trail, the Spanish federation RFET has released a first computer-generated image of the projected court, stands and roof to be erected at Sevilla's La Cartuja stadium. The removable construction (estimated to cost around €430.000) will differ slightly from the one used back in 2004 in order to increase visibility from all sides and seats.

As mentioned in the previous update, Tito Vázquez and Caio Rivera visited Sevilla and La Cartuja last weekend. Here's the captain's verdict on the plans of the RFET and the Spanish team:
Spain has chosen well. Apart from playing on clay they've gone for a court that's not enclosed but outdoors, though with a roof. That favours their players so they're the favourites.
The Davis Cup still owes one to Argentina. Spain, as the home team, is obviously the favourite but we beat Serbia in Belgrade. And the Spanish team will surely be very grateful for it because otherwise they would've had to play the final there [against Serbia in Belgrade]. (Source.)
By now, Vázquez and Rivera have travelled on to Valencia for the planned team meeting - that's now going to take place without David.


  1. thank you Julia!
    A team meeting without David "the pillar" is really a team meeting? (I'm just kidding ;))

    wow, Spanish Federation has planned everything pretty well! 21k+ seats will be really impressive.

  2. It's going to be huge.

    In the meantime, back home in Unquillo...
    (From Argentine tennis mag Grip.)

  3. awwww so cute! haha
    let's hope it's not just a dream and this pic is not just a caricature!

  4. Like the pic. Hope it all becomes a reality. Nothing would be better than seeing the team spraying each other with champagne, drinking beer and celebrating.

  5. Haha, they've really captured David's smile well I think.

  6. Rafa's skipping Paris Bercy which is kind of bad news as far as the Argentines are concerned bc that means he will be better rested....(or good news if there is an unheard injury he is dealing with) hopefully more news on the matter will come up in the next couple of weeks...

  7. I don't think there's more to it. WTF and the DC final are more important than Paris (which Rafa has played only 3 times in his career).

  8. Oh really, thats an interesting stat about rafa, he's been on tour for so long i would have thought he would have played it more than 3 times. I would think the WTF would be important to him bc he has a lot of points to defend and its something he's never won before....hopefully the rest of the top 8 work him hard because facing a fit rafa on clay at home is about the tallest order possible

  9. It's not unusual for Rafa to pull out of Paris, that's the point I was trying to make. Apart from WTF and the DC final being very important for him.

  10. yeah i understood what you were saying, I just think thats a surprising stat thats he's only played it 3 times. It's usually my favorite masters bc its indoors and there are some surprising results that happen bc people are trying to qualify for the WTF...If murray were to win both paris and the finals if would put him close to the number 2 ranking, depending on nasals results at the 02 arena. Its also possible for delpo to make the finals as a longshot but hopefully he doesn't so he can hone his clay court skills for the dc

  11. Monaco beat ferrer today.
    thats a good sign.and if ferrer is bette ron clay, then so is pico.
    I wonder if they should put pico against a tired ferrer

  12. That would have to be in a live fifth rubber. And although Pico has done quite well against Ferru in the past, and again today, I'm not not sure he'd be up to that kind of test.