Monday, November 7, 2011

Rankings Update

(José Gabriel Hernández/La Voz)

UpdateII (8/11)
Today, apart from spending more time at the gym, David took to the practice court for the first time since Stockholm for some "very light training" - the first steps on the road to Sevilla (source).
On Thursday, he'll talk to the press at the Vilas Club (currently also the site of the Buenos Aires Challenger). Then we'll get to know more.

David has been spotted at the Vilas Club in Buenos Aires - but so far only at the gym.
Edit: His first tennis practice will take place tomorrow (source).

First of all, a look at the rankings after Basel. Those 90 points David has lost now (from making the quarterfinal last year) see him drop down five positions to #62 this week. Next Monday, he'll lose around another five places when his Paris Masters points from last season come off.

This week, David is scheduled to begin with practicing on clay, provided that everything has been going according to plan with his physical training. Whether or not that's the case is still a mystery at this point. But I'll try my best to keep you posted about any news concerning David's progress and his Davis Cup preparations.

Meanwhile, Juan Martin Del Potro has pulled out of the Paris Masters, citing "pain in his right shoulder" as the reason for his withdrawal (source). As this also puts a definitive end to his chances of qualifying for the World Tour Final, Del Potro now joins the ranks of Argentine Davis Cup players, recovering and preparing for Sevilla away from the tournament courts (along with David and Juan Ignacio Chela). With Juan Monaco, runner-up at Valencia, left as the only Argentine in the draw at Paris, while Eduardo Schwank is playing the Challenger at Buenos Aires this week.


  1. A reminder the good old days at Paris-Bercy (courtesy of Fue Buena).

  2. Good news,I hope he has enough time to be in ideal shape.

  3. I love the mini-pic with the 2 flags on the sidebar, Julia ;) (the trophy in the middle hehe).

    yay! David on his way to a "full time training" (I know... lol).

    good old days, el ex campeon was so classy on the pic :(


  5. Chris will be happy ....

  6. Monaco is in good form I must say.

  7. Anonymous, I'm going to wait until there's confirmation, via the tournament site, for example. Though it certainly wouldn't be a surprise.