Thursday, November 24, 2011

On the Way to Spain

(Video by Tamar, filmed on Wednesday)

Yesterday was the last full day of practice for the Argentine team at the Tenis Club Argentino in Buenos Aires. David spent most of it, training with Juan Monaco (another clip here), while Tito Vázquez and Juan Martin Del Potro also talked to the press. With the former refusing, despite the attempts by the media, to disclose his strategy for Sevilla and the latter confirming that right now, he is focusing on his first match against David Ferrer and that whatever will happen after that will be up to the captain to decide. In short, that Del Potro will play two singles rubbers is the only thing that's clear at this point.

Today, the team will get together for a last, very light training session in the morning. After that, David and the others will be free to spend the rest of the day as they like before in the evening, the team will leave for Spain, where they will arrive on Friday. On Saturday, training is scheduled to continue on site, at La Cartuja stadium.

As promised, I've translated David's video interview for the Spanish edition of the Davis Cup website (from which this little screencap here has been taken). In it, a rather relaxed David talks about the upcoming final but also about the Davis Cup in general, past experiences and future chances (and yes, he used the plural) of winning it. A good interview and one that I can only recommend.
The post with the clip and my translation you'll find here.

Apart from that, if you want to listen to David in English, there's a brief new audio interview with him that can be found on the Davis Cup site, here.

And here's a look at La Cartuja stadium, with the roof, stands and court now in place:

Edit: And a first picture of the now almost finished court, as tweeted by Spain's captain Albert Costa:

(Gustavo Garello/Clarin)