Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Official Player Lists & A Demonstration of Unity

With the Davis Cup final now merely 10 days away, today both team captains had to officially submit their player lists to the ITF. And both Tito Vázquez and Albert Costa went for a "4 (+1)" strategy of putting four names on the list but going to Sevilla with five players. So the official lists of players look like this:

David Nalbandian, Juan Martin Del Potro, Juan Monaco, Juan Ignacio Chela

Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Fernando Verdasco

But Eduardo Schwank and Marcel Granollers will travel to Sevilla as well - "just in case". And changes to the line-up are possible until shortly before the draw ceremony.
Apart from that, today members of the press were allowed to be present during the Argentine team's first training session of the day. And what they got to see was a lot of David and Delpo:


Warming up together, hitting together, playing a practice set and then afterwards spending fifteen minutes, sitting and talking together (source). A demonstration of unity. Afterwards, David trained with Eduardo Schwank and their second doubles practice in as many days (later, in the afternoon) has renewed the speculations about David, playing the doubles and a possible fifth rubber, instead of facing Nadal on the first day. Asked about the current state of his preparations, David said, "each day I feel better and adapt better to playing on clay" (source).
In the afternoon, the team was joined by Juan Ignacio Chela, who arrived today from having played an exhibition match against Fernando Gonzalez in Santa Fé (which he won 6-4, 6-3).
- Speaking of which, the official presentation of this year's Copa Almirante Brown also took place today, a relatively small exhibition that David already played last year. This time (December 8/9), it'll be David, Juan Monaco, Juan Ignacio Chela and Nicolas Massu at the tennis club St. Albano.

P.S. There's a nice video interview with David (in Spanish) that was done for the Davis Cup website. I'll translate/summarise it as soon as I can find the time.


  1. This time, the fly in the ointment is having three or four very good singles players (especially on clay). Tito Vasquez is the one in the hot seat, rather than any of the players. The rankings, for instance, would fully justify him in playing Monaco against Nadal and Ferrer, and saving David for doubles. After all, Monaco beat Ferrer in Valencia - when did David last do that? But playing David in doubles means leaving out either Chela or Schwank! About the only safe decision seems to be playing Delpo in singles: he's clearly the Argentine #1, he beat Tipsarevic and Djokovic, and this year his clay results have been his best.

  2. Well, this is DC and DC has its own rules, regardless of rankings or even recent results. David is a DC hero in Argentina and not playing him in a live fifth rubber is practically unthinkable.
    So there's only one question - Rafa or the doubles for David. If he doesn't play against Rafa then he needs to play the doubles. Because of his experience but also because if it comes down to the fifth rubber, you don't want it to be the first match he plays.

  3. Pics of David, training today (Wednesday): one & two.

  4. thank you Julia :)
    nice interview for Copa Davis, I understood only half of it, I'll wait for your summary lol. But I could understand when he said his influence as a kid was Boris Becker (not new though).
    And talking about this final being the ultimate opportunity to win DC, I'm glad David said no, it's not their last chance to win it :D
    Comparing this final to the last one they played in Argentina...
    Did I understand everything in the correct way? lol

    David playing a possible 5th rubber will probably be the best highlight of the DC weekend!
    Looks like they plan to make him play the doubles, as a backbone, he will motivate his teammate.

  5. Yeah, it's a very nice interview. It's not often that you get to see David so comfortable, talking to the media. Then again, it's all about DC, his favourite topic... ;)
    I'll make an extra (backdated) post for it later today and link it in the current one.