Thursday, November 10, 2011

David: We Have to Be Ready for Battle

Training at the Vilas Club this week, with the Buenos Aires Challenger (also known as Copa Topper) taking place there as well, it was clear from the start that David wouldn't be able to escape the attention of the Argentine media. So instead of doing a whole series of interviews, David decided to do it all in one go, in form of the press conference he held at the Vilas Club earlier today (and the second part of which you can watch here).
Here's a summary of what he told the assembled press.

The current state of affairs
He's fine, he has recovered from his tear (he says tear) and everything is going according to plan. He has taken up training again and it's going really well, each day he's getting a little better.

Thinking about the final?
All the time. After all, recovering and getting in shape for the final is what he's working on now and it's very important for him. Today, he also had a little talk with Tito Vázquez (who's at the Vilas Club this week). Right now, Pico Monaco is the only Argentine player who's still 'on the road' but soon they'll all get together and train together, trying to get in the best possible shape for Sevilla.

The slow court at Sevilla
The court will be slow, also because it'll be winter in Spain. Right now, they don't know what exactly it's going to be like but they have to focus on themselves and getting in form for this very difficult tie and ultimately, that's going to be more important than the speed of the court.

On which day? Maybe on all three?
There are different possible alternatives and also many different opinions about this. But in the end, the captain will decide. It's obviously going to be a very tough tie, especially against Rafa Nadal on clay. When they'll get together in Buenos Aires they'll start working on a strategy but each of the five rubbers will be difficult.
As for playing on all three days, he never said that he won't ever do it again but on clay that's difficult. Adding (with a grin) that if he could, he'd play all five rubbers himself but the rules don't allow it.

Pico and his recent good results
It's still three weeks and they'll have to see how everybody is by then. But Juan "Pico" Monaco's results give him confidence and the more alternatives they have for the final, the better.

A difficult comeback
Being sidelined and unable to do what you want to do is always hard. Physically he feels very good now and he wants to play of course, even more so in a Davis Cup final. Though normally he wouldn't necessarily get to play against the top guys right away. But he thinks he'll be in good shape for Sevilla, both physically and in terms of his tennis, he'll be ready for anything.

Preparations cut short
It does have an effect that he wasn't able to play the last two events on his schedule, in terms of rhythm and match practice. That was what he wanted to gain, playing in Asia and Europe. Now he'll have to play the final after five weeks without playing and he'll be lacking match practice but he'll give his best.

Del Potro and his withdrawal from Paris
It's a shame that Del Potro couldn't play Paris, it would've been good for him and his confidence. He was playing well these last few weeks and David hopes that it's nothing serious with his shoulder. But every player knows what's best for him and if Del Potro gets some rest now and that works for him then so much for the better.

A chance of winning
There's always a chance of winning, though it's going to be five extremely tough rubbers. The Spanish team is obviously the favourite but they, i.e. the Argentine team, have to be ready for what's going to be a battle.

Plans for the coming weeks
This week he'll stay in Buenos Aires, next week he'll be back home in Unquillo again before on Monday the 21st, the team will meet in Buenos Aires, to train and talk, and to work on a strategy together with the captain.

- And to get ready for battle...



  1. vamos David and vamos Argentina!

  2. thank you for the summary Julia :)
    It helped me a lot to understand some of the things David said in the press conference (I really need to learn it seriously, speaking French should help lol). Also, more than any other Spanish-speaking player, David is literally swallowing some words when he speaks! lol

    I think he wouldn't mind playing on all 3 days if he can physically :D

    thinking about the final all the time : haha that's David :)

    thanks for the update!

  3. You're welcome. :)
    Yeah, everything revolves around the final now. But I think he knows that he can't play on all three days anymore, and least of all on clay. I mean, he added that joke of playing all five rubbers if he could - but he can't.