Friday, November 18, 2011

Argentina's "Fabulous Five" - Vázquez Nominates Team

UpdateII (22/11)
At a press conference in Barcelona, Spain's captain Albert Costa has just confirmed his team nominations for the Davis Cup final. As previously announced, and just like Argentina's captain Tito Vázquez, Costa has nominated five players. Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco will be joined by Marcel Granollers, who will be there "just in case" (source).

Update (21/11)
David arrived in Buenos Aires today for the first training session of the Argentine team. Here are the first two photos, courtesy of the AAT. More tomorrow when the press will be present.


It's official - David Nalbandian, Juan Martin Del Potro, Juan Monaco, Juan Ignacio Chela and Eduardo Schwank have all been nominated by team captain Tito Vázquez for the upcoming Davis Cup final against Spain. During a brief press conference in Buenos Aires today, Vázquez confirmed that he'll be taking five players to Sevilla, adding that the final decision about who is going to play which match won't be made until the very last minute. But also that certain things have changed on the Argentine team - and for the better:
"A final is something very special. We're going to take five players [to Sevilla]. They all deserve to be there and we think that it's the best thing to do. We're going to define the team [as in - who is actually going to play] one hour before the draw ceremony.
We've all grown, we've talked about our differences and we've dropped the masks. I'm happy about that." (Source.)
Apart from that, vice captain Caio Rivera said that David has been "training very well" and that he has "ended up having some pain in his left hand" but it's "nothing serious" (source). Hopefully.

As mentioned before, the team training sessions will begin on Monday at the Tenis Club Argentino in Buenos Aires. The morning session on Tuesday will be open to the press, so there will be news then, and probably also photos and videos.
On Thursday evening (24/11), the team will then be on its way to Spain, where after one day of rest, the training will continue on Saturday. In order for the team to have a left-handed hitting partner at those practices, junior player Facundo Bagnis will accompany the team to Sevilla.

Finally, according to Danny Miche, the final will be the last tie for Tito Vázquez as Argentina's Davis Cup captain, regardless of the outcome. His successor will apparently be someone who has had his eye on that job for a while now - David's former coach Martin Jaite.

Meanwhile at La Cartuja stadium...

(Europa Press)


    Not sure if these kids simulate Ferrer and Nadal good enough haha.

  2. But there's two of them against David on his own. :)
    Nice of him to train with them. And also good to see Javier there at his side.

  3. thnx Julia, looks like a giant stadium indeed. although a mounth ago i wouldve thought that by this time DC would be the only thing i would think about, turns out i was wrong, as now the situation in Syria reached its peak. Yesterday armed gangs shot the Ruling party buliding in front of my house at 4 am with RBJs, not as funny when you witness the situation with naked eyes lol. Just now Russian Warships arrived to Syrian waters to prevent NATO attack on Syria, and Syrian Army just arrived to the Turkish Border. I smell troubles, just saying :P
    Hopefully we'll still be safe enough until December the 2nd.

  4. First of all, to our friend Noubar, stay safe and out of harms way. Secondly, when I saw the headline of the following story I thought maybe there would be some repercussions for the Spanish team and good news for Argentina. After reading the article, though, I realized that perhaps Noah has been smoking too much ganja lately.

  5. Ridiculous for him to say that, just based on the amount of muscles they have.

  6. Noubar, I really hope you and your family will stay safe. And not only until December 2...

    As for Yannick Noah's statements, well, making sweeping generalisations and accusations like that is never a good idea. At the same time, the only player in the final previously convicted of doping is on the Argentine team...

  7. Noubar stay safe, and not only until December 2nd but also way beyond that date! Take care, I read everyday what is happening in Syria and hope that you, your family and friends stay safe.

    I had to read the comments of Mr. Noah twice to realize what was standing there, because you would think he is long enough in that business to know what such words can cause.

  8. Noah has made these kinds of accusations before apparently I just read in an article from 2009:
    But then in September ‘80, Yannick Noah broke the silence in an interview with Rock & Folk, the French equivalent of Rolling Stone. While admitting that he smoked hashish, Noah accused other players of using cocaine. What’s more — and in his opinion what was worse — some were popping amphetamines. This infuriated him because it put clean players at a disadvantage. He lamented that they might have to use coke or amphetamines to stay competitive with drug abusers. He wanted the problem to be brought into the open and discussed. If it weren’t, Noah feared there would be deaths from overdoses.
    The reaction of tennis authorities and the press was to savage Noah for smoking hashish. His remarks about coke and speed were ignored, as were the players whom he said “take the hit during a tournament and crash afterward. You have guys who have played super during one tournament and who you’ve never seen again.”

  9. Well, by now it's clear that there was at least one top player who did take drugs and that a positive test result of his was covered up by the ATP - Agassi (in the 90s). Had he not mentioned these things in his book, they would've never come out.

  10. In other and not entirely surprising news: David is officially confirmed for next year's Copa Claro.

  11. I wish he would completely ditch that golden swing and play in Memphis,Delray beach or San Jose but I guess well have time to discuss that after DC.

  12. I was hoping that the Copa Claro might switch to HC next year, as Jaite wanted. But apparently, he didn't get his way. And that it took David this long to confirm his participation could be interpreted as a sign that maybe he was considering doing things differently this time (also because DC R1 will take place ahead of the Golden Swing). - But now he has made his decision.

  13. Maybe I should add that David is usually among the very first players to be confirmed for Buenos Aires, which wasn't the case, this time.

  14. Noubar, stay safe you and your family. Things in Syria are getting worse, hope everything will be okay.

    the spanish team is not surprising, right what was expected...

    Will Monaco get to play one simple...