Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Press Conference with David


Before on Monday the Argentine team takes up training together at the Tenis Club Argentino in Buenos Aires and then travels to Spain at the end of next week, David's plan was to spend this week back home in Unquillo, training in peace and quiet, far away from the bustle of Buenos Aires. But if his plan also was to escape the attention of the Argentine media then it didn't work out so very well...
Therefore, David held another press conference yesterday, at the Inés Gorrochategui Academy in Villa Allende, his training grounds whenever he's at home. Answering more questions about the upcoming Davis Cup final and also about his current state of mind.
I'll be ready, I feel good. It's going to be a battle. But the pressure doesn't trouble me at all, on the contrary. I like it and it motivates me.
I don't feel any anxiety. Maybe I will when we'll get to be more in the Davis Cup atmosphere. Right now, I get to 'live' a little but the reality will be next week when we'll train together and get ready for Sevilla.
We are doing very well and in the coming days we're going to be getting better because we will have more time to train on clay. The difficult part is adapting and changing the surface. We have to think about ourselves. They are the favourites and sometimes even doing things right may not be enough. But you have to give everything.
Still, how well David is able to play on clay these days remains to be mystery - even to himself.
It's difficult to know my level because I haven't played on clay in seven or eight months and that is a big factor. Fortunately, we have time to train and adapt to clay. I will try to get there in the best possible shape.
At the same time, he's of course well aware of Spain's strengths, though he believes in Argentina's chances.
Spain is a tough opponent wherever you play. If you analyse it, the weakest point is the doubles and that's still tough. Between Rafa and Ferrer on clay, I don't know if there's much of a difference, it's not much. Those are two very even singles players, very strong and very competitive on any surface. And even more so on clay. But we have a good team and can look ahead at what's going to be a close tie where we will have our chances.
In a recent interview, Rafael Nadal said that Spain won't repeat the mistakes Argentina made in 2008 and that the most important thing is to be united as a team...
I don't know what Rafa meant by that. Those are opinions. Maybe they're at a different point as a team now than in 2008. I don't know, you always have to try and do things the best way you can and be in the best shape for playing every match, regardless of the opponent. We have to focus on us, playing well.
There'll be more about what Nadal meant by that as part of VD's Davis Cup Flashback series (and also more about David's first final, in Moscow 2006).

Here's a clip about David's press conference:

Asked to compare the upcoming final with the ones he played in the past, he says it's going to be completely different for a variety of factors, also compared to Mar del Plata 2008, because they'll be the away team, it's going to be a different surface and Rafa Nadal is going to be there. He thinks it's going to be more difficult than it was at Mar del Plata but they have to prepare and be ready to fight.
Apart from that, he has recovered well from his tear, he's doing normal training now and it's still two weeks until the final. Next week they will all train together, he feels good and he's looking forward to the final.
He'll get to Sevilla in good shape and well rested but without rhythm or match practice, having not been able to play of late but you never know whether that's an advantage or a disadvantage.
(The rest of his replies has already been mentioned/translated above; some more photos from the press conference you'll find on the Photo Page.)

Finally, one last question:
Q: Can you win it this time?
David: I hope so.
(Sources: MundoD & Día a Día)