Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tokyo R2: David Downs Dodig

This match could've ended differently - with a 6-4, 6-1 win for David. In the end, after an hour and 55 minutes, it ended with a 7-6(2), 6-2 win for David over Ivan Dodig. After some extra time in both the first and the second set... In tomorrow's quarterfinal, David's opponent will now be the second seed Andy Murray (who turned the match record around in his favour at Cincy and now leads 3-2).

Once more, David caught a good start and went up an early break (for 2-1). But he surrendered it again immediately afterwards with a sloppy, error-riddled service game. Still, he continued to have his chances on Dodig's serve and managed to break again to go up 4-3. At 5-4, David served for the set but a couple of great points from Dodig (and David's inability to get a first serve in) led to another re-break. The eventual tiebreak however saw David back on track and completely dominant, converting his first set point to take it 7-6(2).

Early on in the second set, there was a bit of drama again but this time of a different kind. After squandering a chance to break in the second game, David started swearing loudly and then took out his frustration on a banner (pic), which earned him a code violation. But after that he found his focus again quickly (which is not always the case), growing more and more dominant especially during his return games. David broke Dodig twice, he was fairly solid on his own serve and didn't face any further break points until at 5-1 he was able to serve for the match. After wasting a match point with a double fault, David lost his serve again - on another double fault. Before finally closing out the match in the following return game, on his altogether fourth match point.

This is the kind of match that can look spectacular in a highlights video - because it had a number of very entertaining rallies. As well as some great points from David, including everything from blistering groundstroke winners to deft touch at the net. What the highlights clip wouldn't show is that this match also saw a lot of unforced errors, and more from David than from Dodig. Still, overall it was a good match that David played today - except for his attempts to close out the first set and then later the match. And even though he got away with it, this time. But also generally speaking, David's serve wasn't exactly impressive today (49% first serves), making this match more difficult for him than it would've needed to be, given how well he did on return and during the rallies. His serve didn't end up costing him today but against Andy Murray tomorrow, it will be a different matter.

TTV's post-match interview with a happy (and sweaty) David you can watch here.

(photos: Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images)


  1. when I click to the link for highlights on tennistv it requires a subscription

  2. Highlights used to be free so I assumed it would be okay to link it... Sorry.

  3. get ready for a massacre tomorrow.... david might crush murray... I have a good feeling

  4. yaaaay sweaty David :) (he thinks he played a good match despite the 1st serve...)

    hopefully David and Murray will play at the same hour as today. or later.

    thank you for the report Julia :)

    see y'all tomorrow!!

  5. just finished watching the recorded match, second set was very good.
    and yeah, what a jumping backhand ;)

  6. my downloaded was currupted at 380 mb , am so pissed right now :(
    julia, some of us must start putting those matches as trackers in torrent :P that would be awesome

  7. Feel free to share them via torrent if you want to. :)

  8. I have torrent but it can't download big files like 200 MB until 1,4 GB films
    I have the new internet explorer and with it it's no problem if your download get's corrupted, you can click to continue than.