Friday, October 7, 2011

Sayonara Tokyo... David Loses to Murray


It was David's second match against Andy Murray within two months and the second defeat. But unlike the one at Cincy, today's defeat was not a bad one. David played a good match - but Murray was simply better.

After holding serve easily at the beginning of the match, David surrendered his serve in the course of the first long service game, after having had game points and eventually on two double faults in a row (for 3-2 Murray). And as Murray proved unassailable on serve in the first set he had no difficulties taking it 6-4.

After staying on serve in the second set until 3-3 David lost his serve again, this time due to a series of unforced errors. He fought back in the following game and finally (and practically out of nowhere) managed to get the re-break, levelling the score at 4-4. But only to lose his serve again, granting Murray the chance to serve for the match. Murray had (and wasted) a match point and then surrendered his serve again, 5-5. But once again David was unable to gain the lead, making too many unforced errors and eventually losing his serve for the third time in a row. And this time, up 6-5, Murray served out the match to love.

David's strategy in this match grew clear early on. From the start he tried to keep the points short, trying to avoid getting caught up in long baseline rallies. He kept attacking at the net, whether behind approach shots (preferably aimed at Murray's forehand) or whenever he managed to push Murray far enough behind the baseline during the rally. A strategy that involved playing aggressively and taking a lot of risks, including making a lot of unforced errors (and he did) and getting lobbed or passed. But still more promising than to engage in endless, tiring baseline exchanges against a physically stronger opponent. For the most part, David executed this strategy very well today and he stayed true to it until the end.
But the problem was once again the serve, David's - but also Murray's. In the first set, David won a total of three points on Murray's serve. And by the time he finally managed to challenge Murray on serve he was also no longer able to hold his own, with especially his second serve too vulnerable against someone who returns as well as Murray. Still, all in all a good (and entertaining) match from David against a difficult opponent.

So it's sayonara Tokyo. And 90 ranking points for David, which will see him move up from #64 to around #57 next week. Next up for him now is the Shanghai Masters, for which he'll apparently receive a wildcard. The draw will be available tomorrow.



  1. hm a very tough 1st round vs Gulbis, a nice match up though.
    easier 2nd round then Rafa Nadal.
    good luck david you can beat ernest

  2. My dream match Gulbis vs David.Now this is a match to see where he is.Btw,to all who think Murray should have gone down yesterday 6-1,6-2,look at what he did to Ferer today.

  3. Adrian, I thought only that Murray will destroy everyone on his way and win the title, and that was the begin yesterday. Murray played his best yesterday, David played good too but not his best (UEs, serve)