Saturday, October 22, 2011

Injury Update

Update (24/10)
David arrived in Barcelona already on Saturday (source) but so far - no news.

Meanwhile, a look at the rankings: David is ranked #57 this week, he has moved up one position but his number of ranking points has remained the same - 850. A consequence of his status as a commitment player, which allows only his best two results at 250 events to be counted. Therefore, David's 45 quarterfinal points from Stockholm have now replaced his 45 quarterfinal points from Buenos Aires, leaving his overall number of ranking points unchanged.
- For the moment. In the coming weeks, he'll drop his points from Basel and the Paris Masters last year, 135 in total.

David's quarterfinal match against James Blake was only minutes away yesterday when the bad news came. News of another muscular injury, initially described as a strained left hamstring, forcing David to pull out of Stockholm and also St. Petersburg. Situations like that usually lead to a certain amount of chaos, with lots of often enough conflicting tweets and articles. And only after the dust has settled a bit you get to see a clearer picture. So now, on the day after, here's a summary of what is known about David's injury, withdrawal and further plans - at this point in time.
I'll start with a chronology of events as they unfurled at Stockholm yesterday.

At 5.30pm local, an hour before the match, David took to the training court to warm up. But after 20 minutes on court he left again, accompanied by the tournament doctor. Another 20 minutes later, at 6.10pm, the news first came of David's withdrawal.
- As witnessed by Denise, VamosDavider on site (thanks again, also for the photos). She was also able to confirm that the Clarin article, which I quoted only briefly yesterday, contains the information exactly as it was provided by Claudio Galasso and Diego Rodriguez, David's physio and kinesiologist.

Namely that David suffered a "light muscular problem" in his left hamstring during the match against Ivan Dodig on Thursday (when exactly during that match isn't clear). It appeared again the following morning, i.e. yesterday. The muscular problem itself was described by David's team as "nothing serious". But with the Davis Cup final only a little more than a month away, the decision was made for David to consult Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro in Barcelona, "to conduct tests and to rule out any bigger complications".

Or in the words of the latest press release on David's official site, "David will travel to Barcelona this weekend to see his personal doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro and to consider the next steps together with him". It also includes a first statement from David:
I'm very sad about having to deal with this new injury and about having to withdraw from the tournament in Stockholm. I've been playing at a high level, with two good wins. But thinking about what's ahead, my team and I, we believe that the best thing is to stop and not take risks. I hope that I'll be able to recover quickly and that I can continue with my preparation in order to get in the best shape for the Davis Cup final.
The press release adds that "for now", David's plan is to make an appearance at Valencia.
Whether that's going to be possible and exactly what this new injury is - I'll keep you posted.


  1. thanks Julia :)
    it's clear "for now". I can imagine him "feeling" the injury and stop right away... that's unfortunately the sign he's been injured way too many times these past years :(
    If he still plans to play in Valencia, it really is nothing serious apparently.

  2. Very clever, unlike Delpo before, David is doing the wise thing.... Davis cup will be about revenge for David, no matter what others say. Only beating them in Spain on clay would even Steven the situation.... I think both David and Delpo can beat ferrer if they are 100%...

    Key is doubles and nadal games...

    It's doable...


  3. The Spanish team won at Mar del Plata, fair and square. The whole drama and grudge part had nothing to do with them.

    Mira, yeah, Valencia is the plan - "for now". We'll see what the test results will be.

  4. Agree with Mira,if hes at Valencia,things are ok.About the DC I think this what happened yesterday is a reminder that anything can happen by December and all theories about which players to play is useless until we see what the actual teams are gonna be.

  5. Maybe I should've explained that "for now" means "for the moment" or "until further notice". So it's not clear yet whether he'll play Valencia. Only that he wants to - if possible.

  6. Hope the injury is as minor as it was described. "Light muscular problem" doesn't sound serious. Of course with David you never know. I would like to see him play Valencia to get a few matches in before DC. We all know he won't, though, if he has even the slightest twinge. Too bad about Stockholm. I think with the way he was playing he would have beat Blake, and then Nieminen. Probably not Monfils. Following David is a real trip.

  7. Oh yeah, it definitely is.
    As is trying to find out any news in situations like this one...

  8. I agree Julia.
    Getting reliable, accurate news about David has to be the hardest thing about following David as a fan.

    Thanks for your hard work trying to keep us informed with up-to-date info.

    John, I agree with you also.
    I think he could have taken Blake and gone to the finals.

    Hopefully his injury is very, very minor and he is just being extremely careful about his preparations before DC. In that case, it sounds like he is getting smarter about handling his injuries. If he knows he is going to get 2-3 "incidents" a year, then, he could work on catching them early and minimize the harm they do if he tries to play through it. Since he has caught this "tweak" early, he can start training adequately and intensely in the next week or so. Better that, than to risk a major tear and be out for months without practice.

  9. Yeah, it's got to be tough, Julia, since you're supposed to be the all-knowing one and David's camp is so secretive.

  10. Completely agree with you Joe.

  11. Well, all I know right now is that I don't really know anything...

    But at least, this kind of info policy is normal for David and his camp and the lack of news doesn't have to mean anything.
    Still, impossible to really say anything at this stage, without knowing more about the whole thing.

    But thanks for heads up, Joe and John. :)

  12. oh fun, what's new? hopefully he will be able to train hard enough to defeat nadal on clay which would be one of his biggest wins of his career if possible.