Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to Belgrade

Update (11/09)

Here's a photo from David's first training session in Belgrade today.
Edit: From what I've read about Sunday's training session, David exclusively practiced with Monaco, under the supervision of vice-captain Rivera. While Vázquez focused on Del Potro and Chela. Almost like two separate units, training side by side, rather than together (source).
A short clip of David, hitting with Juan Monaco you can watch here:


In my previous post I wrote that David would undertake the trip to Serbia on his own. But as it turns out, he had company on the flight, travelling together with Juan Monaco. And by now, the two of them have just landed in Belgrade. Juan Martin Del Potro arrived earlier today (source).
Meanwhile, the first practice session took place at the Tk Gemax, the private club where the Argentine team has set up its training camp for the weekend. Though today, it was only Juan Ignacio Chela, who practiced with junior player Andrés Molteni under the supervision of vice captain Caio Rivera and captain Tito Vázquez. Tomorrow he'll be joined by the others, including David. What the atmosphere is going to be like after those latest statements by Vázquez remains to be seen. In any case, I'll post what news, photos and, if possible, videos from the practice sessions I can find.
In the meantime, and with David now in Belgrade, here's a general overview of what awaits him, the team and us during the upcoming Davis Cup week:

First training at the Belgrade Arena

Team press conferences (time tbd.)

Draw ceremony at 12pm local time

First two singles, play starts 3pm local (2pm GMT, 9am EST, 10am Argentina)

Doubles, play starts 3pm local (2pm GMT, 9am EST, 10am Argentina)

Reverse singles, play starts 2pm local (1pm GMT, 8am EST, 9am Argentina)

Edit: a word about Novak Djokovic and the Monday final at the US Open.
If last year (where it was the exact same situation for him) is anything to go by then Djokovic won't play on Friday as originally planned. Instead he could play the doubles and the first singles on Sunday, like he did last year. Which would mean that (apparently existing) plans to spare David a match against Djokovic on Friday and let him play doubles as well as a possible live fifth rubber on Sunday might have to be reconsidered.