Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Davis Cup Draw 2012


Another Davis Cup tradition: As soon as the finalists for the current year have been decided (they will be the two top-seeded teams next season), it's already time for the draw for the next year.
Today, the draw for the Davis Cup 2012 took place in Bangkok, with Argentina as the second seed behind Spain, due to Spain's higher Davis Cup ranking.
And here's what Argentina's half, the bottom one of the draw, looks like (* indicates home team):

Italy vs Czech Republic*

Sweden vs Serbia*

Japan* vs Croatia

Germany* vs Argentina

So Argentina will begin the 2012 Davis Cup season with an away tie against Germany, which will be played from February 10 to12 and definitely indoors (as mid-February is not the kind of date where you could even think about playing outdoors in Germany). And I wouldn't be surprised if the German team chose clay as the surface.
Afterwards, in the quarterfinal, Argentina could meet Croatia (home tie for Argentina) before in the semifinal another clash with Serbia might await - only that this time it would take place at the Parque Roca.

(José Hernández/MundoD)
Here's the latest interview with David. Only just arrived back in Argentina, he talked to Fabián Sacarelli (for MundoD) about, you've guessed it, the Davis Cup:
Q: Based on past experiences, what are the mistakes that shouldn't be made in this final?

David: I don't know what mistakes. That's something where it's very difficult to put your finger on it. We have to focus on being in the best possible shape for that weekend. We'll have several days to train on clay and that's good for us. And we're doing fine as a team. You have to work as best as you can and get there in top shape. I don't think it's that much of a mystery.

Q: It's difficult to believe that another final against Spain won't be seen as a chance to avenge the lost final of 2008.

David: Different situations and different times, in every way. Spain at home is an extremely tough and difficult opponent. And Rafa is the best player ever on clay. We have to try and think about having a good weekend. That's what we did in Serbia and there, it all went very well.

Q: Which differences do you see between the commitment of this team and the one in 2008?

David: It's all very different, there was a different coaching staff back then. With this tie, there were Juan Martin and me and the relationship has improved a lot. That's good for us and for the team. Apart from that, this time we only have to "rise to the occasion", we don't have to pick a venue, or the balls, or the surface.

Q: What was the key to beating a team that seemed unbeatable because of Djokovic?

David: We all played well and won the points we needed to win. I think it's as simple as that. We were able to capitalise on Djokovic not playing on Friday and I beat Troicki so we had a 2-0 lead and Del Potro played an incredible match against Novak. It was really a very tough tie.

Q: You've reached your third Davis Cup final, is this one going to be it?

David: I don't look at statistics but I'm happy to have reached my third final. And what the stats don't say, winning the Davis Cup is not easy. Therefore we haven't made it. I'm happy for the team, we've worked very hard and Argentine tennis deserves those three finals I've made and the other one with Vilas and Clerc [lost to USA, 1981]. Throughout the history [of Argentine tennis] we had the players and the results to earn it.

Q: What do you think the final is going to be like?

David: I think that out of my three finals, this is going to be the most difficult one, by far. It's still two and half months to go until then and many things can happen. It's a very difficult tie, one that you have to approach with a lot of "engineering". We have to concentrate on those rubbers where we have the best chances.

Q: How do you approach it with "a lot of engineering"?

David: We have to win three points and our aim has to be that everyone believes in their chance to win. We know that those two rubbers  Ferrer will play and the doubles are theoretically going to be where Spain will be the most vulnerable. But we'll have to see. I like playing against Rafa and against Ferrer it's going to be an extremely tough match. I'm relaxed, I know that I can win and I can lose. Those will be five very close matches.

Q: There are no ATP tournaments left to play on clay. What's the preparation going to look like?

David: Fortunately, for us the season is going to end two weeks before the Davis Cup final and during those weeks we'll prepare on clay. Rafa and Ferrer are definitely going to play the Masters [World Tour Final] and are going to start playing on clay much later. But still, we know how strong the Spanish team is on this surface.

Q: What would you give to win the Davis Cup?

David: I give everything for the Davis Cup and I let it show in each point I play, in every match. My big goal is to win it and hopefully I'll be able to do it this time.


  1. Nice first round draw!
    Will we get a match between Flo and David? Clay would be a nice surface for them to play against each other!
    (and where will the tie be played)
    Both burning questions!

    I think this year must have been the first in a while where I didn't follow on the radio (completely forgot about it).

  2. It's just that indoor hard probably wouldn't be a good idea. Indoor grass, maybe? Halle has a roof but in February - not sure that's possible.
    In any case, Patrick Kühnen wasn't too happy about the draw... ;)

  3. Yeah I don't see Germany having much of a chance. Oh well, you're probably not cheering for them anyway, lol. Which city would be preferable for you?

  4. I think Davids counting on Del Potro not making it haha,but I actually think he is gonna sneak in as 7th or 8th.

  5. I don't really want to think about that possibility either, to be honest. Given how it ended the last time around. Though at least, the WTF will be "around the corner" from Spain.

    Krystle, nope, I won't. I think it's not going to be one of the big cities. I remember hearing that the DTB can't afford the big cities/arenas.

  6. Oh I would have thought bigger cities would be more profitable, then again probably not if it doesn't sell well.

  7. Tennis is not really big here anymore...

    Anyway, I think it's interesting that he says - this time we won't have to pick the venue or the surface. Which was where a lot of the drama came from, back in 2008.

  8. I agree tennis is not big here in Germany and I can't imagine that it will draw a huge amount of audience. A too big venue would cause too many free seats, I would think.

    I had the same thought about what David said with surface etc. Hopefully there won't be a huge drama (just the usual drama :-).
    It will be interesting if Delpo reaches Masters Finals... and what he does then if yes...

  9. Yeah, it's kind of funny how he first says "what mistakes?" and then alludes to some of the things that went very wrong, three years ago...

    But basically, that's what I meant when I wrote that being the underdogs (and the away team) in this final could also be their chance.

  10. "Fortunately, for us the season is going to end two weeks before the Davis Cup final and during those weeks we'll prepare on clay. Rafa and Ferrer are definitely going to play the Masters [World Tour Final] and are going to start playing on clay much later".

    Uh-oh! Del Potro is currently Number 11 based on 2011 results only, and could easily qualify for London if he does well in the upcoming tournaments (Shanghai, Stockholm, Vienna, Valencia, Paris).

    Can you see it all happening again? Fortunately, history does not repeat itself exactly.

  11. At least he'll just go to London and not to Shanghai, if he qualifies. And I guess (and hope) that Delpo will be in a better physical state than he was back in 2008. The same goes for David, of course.


  13. The original Clarin article this one's based on (about Argentine ex-players commenting on the final) will be part of the build-up to the DC final that I've planned for VD. :)

  14. I’ve been following this amazing blog for a while now, and I have to tell you that this is the only blog that I follow. Great Job and a BIG thank you.
    I have a comment to make about a player. With all respect to all players, one thing I noticed that Del Potro cross kisses after he wins a match but there is no cross kiss when he loses it. Is this means that there is God when he wins and no God when he loses a match? That tells me a lot about a player.

  15. Thanks for the compliment.
    Still, now that David and Delpo seem to have made their peace - why can't we do the same here?

  16. I mean, seriously. Are you going to judge him by his post-match ritual? What if you apply the same standards to David, who did it only once in his career (as far as I recall)?

  17. Julia, I have seen it only when he won in Masters Cup 2006 against Roddick in 2 sets which he also needed for the semi.

  18. Yeah, that was the one. His nephew and godson had just died in an accident. I think he was dedicating that win to him.

  19. I guess Simons point is that he does it every time he wins.Anyways happy bday to Del Potro.

  20. Baghdatis does it every time

  21. The whole point is that nobody should be judged by something like that.

  22. right, everybody has his own way and nobody has the right to judge them for that. Think also about Youzhny or Petkovic with her so called "Petko-dance" :)

  23. I'm not here to judge anybody and let me be more clear, this is about religious and God, something that is above everything and everybody, including dancing, kissing, clapping, jumping...
    You go to church when you are happy and or when you are sad/sick and you cross kiss no matter what you feel.
    To conclude this, cross kiss is for happy and sad moments equally.

  24. So what's your point, that he's not a good Christian because he doesn't do it when he loses? A gesture that may mean something else to him than it does to you?

    If that's the way you look at and judge people then maybe I should inform you that this blog is run by an atheist. Who believes that religion (or the lack of) is a very personal matter - and should be respected as such.

  25. How did the discussion turn to religious ritual? What any players do or do not do is no one's business. That, to me, is busywork I'd rather not engage in.