Thursday, September 8, 2011

Davis Cup - The Drama Begins... Already

Tomorrow, it'll be time for David to say goodbye to Miami and the US and set out for Serbia.
A trip that he's going to undertake on his own, without his personal team. But of course he won't be on his own for very long. Once he arrives in Belgrade, he'll meet up with his Davis Cup teammates, the three Juans - Del Potro, Monaco and Chela (who will also be flying in from the US), as well as junior Andrés Molteni (who has been invited to function as hitting partner) and the rest of the Argentine delegation, including team captain Tito Vázquez. It could be an interesting meeting. I'll get to that in a second.
The first training session is scheduled for Saturday, on a court that the AAT, the Asociación Argentina de Tenis, has rented for the weekend until from Monday on, both teams will be able to practice at the Belgrade Arena (pictured above). Though whether the Serbian team will be present in full force on Monday might also depend on the weather in New York.

But back to the Argentine team and the latest developments, ahead of the tie.
In Argentina, Davis Cup ties are usually preceded by weeks of speculations and rumours in the press, spiced up occasionally by a couple of controversial or backhanded statements from those involved in the upcoming tie. But in this particular case, things were surprisingly quiet. Even though this semifinal will finally see the long-awaited (and previously much debated) reunion of David and Juan Martin Del Potro on the team. And the two of them look back on years of exchanging backhanded statements via the press.
Yesterday, however, the quiet was disrupted when a radio interview aired that Tito Vázquez gave on the show "Basta de Todo" (on Metro 95.1; David has been on it before). During this interview, Vázquez talked about having "differences" with David, that David "said he didn't know him" and "treated him like dirt" when he became captain and that on the Davis Cup team there are players who want everybody else to "dance to their tune".
As such, the content of these statements is not a surprise. The differences have been visible before (in some comments by David and especially during last year's semifinal in Lyon). And I recall how when Vázquez was made captain, David said he had never heard of him before until it became clear that he did know him from junior days. (Apart from that he wanted his former coach Martin Jaite for the job.) As for the last point, that David does have a, as I like to call it, dominant approach to being on the team is known well enough.
But the question remains - why state these things in public and directly before the semifinal?
In the interview, Vázquez also said that none of this has any impact on the team's results and that if they lose, then it's because the other team is better. Still, this latest instalment of Davis Cup drama probably isn't going to make things any easier at Belgrade.

Update (09/09)
On a lighter note...


  1. Well, maybe David was right from the 1st place. This Vazquez probably doesnt have the requirements of leading such a fragile Argenitine team. Saying this to the radio in this particular time, like you said Julia, is certainly not gonna help things in Belgrade, that was totally uncalled for.

  2. The timing is very bad. And it's all a bit weird because so far, I thought that Vázquez handled the media quite well. And when the AAT left it to him to impose sanctions on David, he didn't do it.
    But this could be his last tie as captain. His contract ends after this season and what happens then is not clear.
    Gaston Gaudio recently said that Vázquez knows his tennis but isn't compatible with the players. Maybe those statements also have to be seen in the light of those comments. And the campaigning for Jaite that has already started again.

  3. Not very good comments for the situation we are in now, not helpful. He hasn't the most easy job, especially most were not that happy with him becoming captain. So perhaps everything is to much for him now, but that is no excuse to be not professional before a semi-final tie.
    I agree with everything what Julia said. I personally speaking can't imagine him being captain next year again. Jaite is wanted by the players and he seems to want it.

  4. I just hope it rains in New York a little more and Novak is stuck up there until like Wednesday.

  5. Well, Adrian, it may rain tonight for the Federer- Tsonga match, but it was just announced that the men's final will be played Monday regardless. That should keep Nole in New York until Tuesday anyway. Oh, and the trainer just strapped up Tipsy thigh late in the third set.

  6. Im afraid of Tipsarevic now too,but hes a streaky player and theres a good chance he might have a little drop of form after this great US Open for him.

  7. Yep, Tipsy can play. I don't how bad his injury is, but since he retired, I guess we can assume it's somewhat significant. Time will tell. I have to think David and Delpo will go into the tie more rested and healthier than the two Serbs. Nole, if he wins the USO, would have to be a bit run down. That's got to bode well for Argentina. Any edge we can get is good. Can't believe Tito mouthing off before the tie. He must have a death wish.

  8. Tipsarevic retires all the time,I doubt he has any serious problem.

  9. So much for Tito being professional and reasonable. Apart from that, the timing of the comments is quite poor as well.

  10. thanks, Julia ;)
    you're right, why these comments and why now? I mean, he could've waited after the semifinal...

    on a lighter note, I so love David's take on DavisCup Radio haha :)
    He actually only wanted to say "Follow Argentina" and didn't care about saying the rest of the phrase lol.

  11. Do you guys think that if Djokovic will play the first day,they will send out David or maybe Monaco and save David for the 3rd day?

  12. That has been the subject of much speculation over the last few weeks. And the general opinion in the Argie media is that we'll get to see another edition of the "Stockholm maneuvre", with David playing Saturday and Sunday.
    But the question is whether Nole will play on Friday if he makes the USO final. It was the same scenario last year and back then he didn't.