Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back Home

After Argentina's victory over Serbia in the Davis Cup semifinal, David arrived back home in Argentina yesterday for a well-deserved break ahead of the tournaments in Asia (Tokyo and the Shanghai Masters). Though he didn't get very far before the media caught up with him at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires, as you can see in the clip above. Here's a summary of what he told the assembled press.

The semifinal
It was a difficult tie, Serbia won last year and Djokovic is the no.1. It was a spectacular tie for them, they all worked hard during the week to be in top shape for it. They all gave their best in each of the matches and Delpo was impressive. It's a shame that Novak got injured, Delpo was playing well and would've probably won the match also without that happening. They all did their best to win, it worked out and he's very happy.

The importance of winning the first rubber
How important it was for Delpo they'd have to ask him but he has played both the first and the second rubber before and it's not the same, going into it with 1-0 lead or trailing 0-1. They knew they had to make the most out of Djokovic not playing on Friday. And Troicki is a great player but playing against him is not the same, though it was a tough match. Still, that increased their chances and their hopes and in the end, they were able to capitalise on it.

The final against Spain
Spain is an extremely tough opponent to face in an away tie, it's going to be very difficult. And it means playing against Rafa on clay. Those will be five matches where anything can happen. They'll have to try and be in the best possible shape for that tie, try to give their best as always to get the best possible result. Clay is not his favourite surface. It's going to be tough.

(José Hernández/MundoD)

The doubles
The doubles rubber has always been Argentina's weakness. It will be extremely important in the final because it can tip the scale either way. Right now, they don't really have a fixed doubles but it would be good for the singles players to rest on Saturday. Currently there are not many Argentine doubles specialists but they're going to play on clay and there, their doubles team [Schwank & Chela] has done well before.

The current form
After his return at Washington he got better with each day. At the US Open he already played much better and this weekend, his level was even a bit better than at the US Open. He'll try to continue improving until December. Right now, he feels very good

In other news, and as has been mentioned in the comments, David has moved up 11 places in the rankings this week (thanks to his win against Troicki) and is now ranked #63. At Tokyo and Shanghai he won't have any points to defend (having missed that part of the season last year), a chance for him to move further up again.

And now for something completely different: David is not going to play Basel this year.
Instead, his name is on the entry list for Valencia (same week, October 31 - November 6).

Edit: A last look back at the semifinal weekend, courtesy of the official Davis Cup site.


  1. Wow,shocking.I really like Basel as a tournament but maybe Valencia is a better option.Not that many top players like Basel and maybe Basel didnt offer him a appearance bonus or something and Valencia did.

  2. Valencia has the ugliest stadium though, doesn't it?

  3. A matter of taste, I guess.
    Valencia is one of the candidates for hosting the DC final (along with Madrid and Sevilla). Though it wouldn't be held at the tournament venue.
    I don't why he's not going to Basel. It makes sense in a way but Basel was the #1 constant in his schedule. Even more so than Buenos Aires.

  4. i like the commentary on the official DC video: "nalbandian, the davis cup legend :D"