Monday, August 22, 2011

Rankings Update

It's Monday and here's a look at the latest rankings. The 45 points David lost at Cincy (for making the second round this time instead of the third last year) see him drop down 11 places this week to #77. It's the lowest he's been ranked since before winning the title at Washington last season.

So far, there's been no further news from David since his last match but as always, I'll keep looking for any updates on his US Open preparations.

Edit: Dragana (thanks!) from the Serbia Open website has done a short interview with David about the upcoming Davis Cup semifinal (September 16-18). The English version you can read here.

And it's not too long now until the US Open draw, which will take place on Thursday at 12pm EST (5pm GMT, 1pm Argentina). Just like last year, the US Open Draw Show will be live on ESPN2 and streamed on for those who are in the US. But chances are that for the rest of us, there's also going to be a stream again, via some of the free streaming sites.
So - only three more days now until we'll know what's going to await David at the US Open.

Update II (24/08)
The latest addition to David's schedule: Tokyo 500 (October 3-9).

Update (23/08)
It's been a while since I've posted anything from David's official site but here's their latest article:
On Thursday, when the main draw gets made, David's first opponent at the last Slam of the season will be revealed. The US Open will begin next Monday. Having played only four matches since his two surgeries, David will try to put in a good performance at Flushing Meadows, where he had his best result in 2003.

There have been several players who had to abandon the sport after undergoing hip surgery. David not only came back in 2010, he also won the title at Washington. In the second half of this season, after two further surgeries, he was the last Argentine in the draw at the Cincinnati Masters. David knows that he's on the right track.

After his return, his main goal was not to post good results. His objective basically was to get more hours of tennis in order to adapt to the highest level of competing. Now he's entering the US Open with the handicap of having little match practice. Still, "El Rey" promises that at New York he'll try to play his best tennis.
They got the number of matches wrong that David has played since double surgery (after all, we did get to see him at the Queen's Club and Wimbledon) and he wasn't the last Argentine player in the draw at Cincy (Del Potro and Monaco also lost in the second round).
But hopefully they're right about the rest.


  1. it feels like the end...
    i am hoping for a one last comeback

  2. @ isis: Well, let's just see how it plays out.

    As much as I love Nalby, he's still always going to be that dark horse player in the world of Tennis. Much like how Tsonga, Soderling, Berdych, etc., are. Players who take the glory by knocking down the big titans out of the arena, then they themselves get chucked out afterwards.

    If there was any time for Nalby to win a Grand Slam, I would hope it'd be Australian Open. Why? Because how epic would it be if he was facing off against Hewitt in the final and whooped him to the ultimate victory? If that were to happen, then I'd be happy if he chose to retire afterwards. I'd be happy yet sad at the same time.

  3. Edu Schwank is in the US Open qualifying, so he must be fit again. :)

    He has a tough draw though, starting against seeded Lukas Lacko. I don't see their names in today's schedule, so I suppose that match is tomorrow.

  4. Good to see Edu back in action again. Just had a look at his Twitter and he says that he'll play Lacko tomorrow. And that he's going to play doubles with Chela - interesting.

    Rafdog, only that Hewitt doesn't seem to be getting anywhere at the moment. Lost to Kavic last night and is now out of the USO, injured...

  5. Oh dear, that piece from David's official site sounds a bit half-hearted.

    Pico has just beaten Kamke 7-5 6-0.

  6. Maybe he was thinking about last year Cinci?

  7. Maybe. They sometimes get things wrong or mix them up...
    I was just a bit surprised to see this new article because things have been rather quiet on the official site for a while now, with just brief updates about his match results.

  8. Nice to see David add Tokyo to his schedule. I see he is the last name on the entry list.

    I don't understand the way the entry list works, looking at both Tokyo or Beijing. Did David and Ferrero get wildcards? Or is it based on the previous week's ranking even though it lists this week's ranking?

  9. I didn't understand it at first, either. But now I've looked it up and the answer is: David and Ferrero are "commitment players" because they were ranked inside the Top 30 at the end of last season.
    Therefore the "Commitment Player Entry Exception" applies, according to which they're automatically in the main draw at any 500 event they enter.

  10. wow julia, i didnt know that piece of information, happy to see his name on the list

  11. I didn't know it either. ;)
    But it's only 500 events where this exception applies. There's no such rule for Masters or smaller events.

    But yeah, it's good to see his name on the list for Tokyo - and in the main draw.

  12. now we dont have to worry about Basel, although we all know no1 deserves a WC there more than him lol

  13. Yeah, no worries about Basel. Though that would've indeed been the safest bet for a WC. :)
    But Shanghai will be interesting.

  14. where can I see the whole schedule from David for the rest of the season?

  15. Inside David's head. ;)

    I can only post as much of his schedule as I know about, whether from interviews or entry lists. :)

  16. lol, we all know that his plans can change in last moment. And it's not a surprise that he hasn't even a full shedule at the moment :)
    Let's see if he will be able or "want" to play Tokyo this time. DC can play an important role for it

  17. If he wants to be on the entry list he has to make that decision six weeks before the tournament (unless he knows he'll get a WC). Whether or not he plays the events he has entered is a different matter, of course...
    I think he knows which tournaments he wants to play. It's just that unless he gets asked about it and talks about his plans I have to check the entry lists to find out.

  18. I just meant that there is no place where you can find out about David's full schedule in advance.
    Other players put their schedules on their official sites. On David's official site, the schedule page is a joke and always has been.

  19. His official page is about 4/5 years old I think and they update it 1 or 2 times in a year, lol. There was an inofficial page with ending "net" before with a guestbook.

  20. Yeah, the old fansite with its forum. That's how Arizona and I met and where the idea for VD came from. :)

  21. Or rather, the idea came after getting kicked out of (Arizona) / leaving (me) that forum.