Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not really an Update...

Update II (19/07)
David is making progress with his preparations for Washington. He's now training on hardcourt at the Vilas Club in Buenos Aires (source).

A brief rankings update: David loses one place and is now ranked #25.
Still no further news...

As much I'd like to be able to tell you more about how David is doing and about his preparations for the US hardcourt events - no news at the moment. Once again, all is quiet on the David-front...
So I can only assume that David is still at home in Unquillo, probably training at the Ines Gorrochategui academy again, his last weeks with Luis Lobo. (Who's going to replace Lobo as David's coach is also still a mystery at the moment.) Tonight though, David might be in Santa Fe for Argentina's Copa América quarterfinal match against Uruguay. - But that, just like everything else basically, is merely speculation at this point.

What I can tell you about Washington, however, is that David will definitely be seeded this time, which means he'll get a bye in the first round. And also that with their selection of wildcards the organisers won't be making it any easier for David to defend his title. Those three that have been announced so far will go to Gael Monfils, Fernando Verdasco and Lleyton Hewitt.

As soon as there's any news - I'll let you know.

Edit: David is indeed in Santa Fe tonight to watch the football (source).


  1. And he gets 120 mins plus penalty shootout - so it's worth the trip. ;)

  2. Wow, what a match! I'm really glad I decided to watch it. Though David didn't bring Argentina luck...
    Well, at least he can now focus on tennis and training. :)

  3. hehe yeah, but he most be dissapointed. tevez messed everything

  4. Quiet times at VD, eh? Quiet times in tennis, too, since Wimbledon. Glad David is still in Argentina. U.S. heat wave expected to hit the Washington area today with close to triple-digit temperatures. Hope it abates by the time the tournament starts. A rather complimentary post about Delpo yesterday by Peter Bodo ( Definitely interesting reading.

  5. Well, I'm glad that I get a bit of a break before Washington, Montréal and Cincy. I mean, if I could post anything more about David's preparations or an interview - I would. But Mr. Nalbandian is being secretive again.

    Peter "Facts" Bodo. I did like it that he took the bloggers' side during "Transcriptgate". But when I saw that his article starts with a bit about nicknames and that he got the translation of one of them wrong...

  6. Yeah, I know. Petey is always trying to be cute. I personally like the one I coined: the "Argentine Big Bopper". Of course Bodo knows nothing of that since I'm just a small time player. Hey, maybe you should try to get a media credential for the Serbia-Argentina tie. Write the trip off. I got some credentials for events I never expected to get just by asking. You never know. Hope you're doing well.

  7. The Argentine Big Bopper? Reminds me a little of Bodo's "Plump Prince of the Pampas" (and I actually like that one). :)
    But we're not going to find out whether or not I might get a press badge for the SF tie - I won't be able to go to Belgrade. Various reasons. So I'll be here and hold the fort.

  8. Gosh, I wonder who the "Plump Prince of the Pampas" could possibly be? Hadn't heard that one before. Too bad you can't make the SF tie.

  9. I thought it was unusually creative. I mean, I could make a whole list of nicknames I've seen over the years. But most of them are neither creative nor very flattering...
    And the SF - well, someone's got to stay here and keep the blog going. ;)