Friday, July 1, 2011

Interlude - before it's Davis Cup Time again...

Before next week everything will be all about the Davis Cup quarterfinal and David's and Delpo's first reunion on the Argentine team since the notorious Mar del Plata fiasco in 2008, I'll take this moment to post a couple of things that got lost along the way, during Wimbledon and before. Things in a lighter sort of vein.
First up are some quotes from a brief interview with David before the Federer match.
Q: What’s the last thing you do before a match?

David: Always I do my over grips before every match to get concentrated on the game. It depends how many rackets I have, maybe four, maybe six, depends.

Q: Did you ever think of doing anything other than tennis?

David: When I was 11, I would switch between tennis and other sports. Three years later, I would be playing for four hours against older people. I was a total tennis fan. Today, I just practise for an hour and a half, but focusing on what I need to improve. Those are different stages in your career.
Interesting use of the past tense here. Anyway, when it comes to what David thinks he'll be doing once he has said goodbye to tennis, we've had different versions before, including maybe becoming a coach one day. But this one is new:
Q: What do you think you might do after tennis?

David: I like all sports, so I’m going to be one of those guys who play a lot of other sports right after I finish my career. I like sharks. So maybe I study a little bit of marine biology, something like that. Reading books about it. There are no sharks in Argentina, but good ones in Australia.
(Full article here; photo: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images)
Apart from that I recently set out to solve the mystery behind "Gervasio Esteban David Ezekiel Nalbandian" - allegedly David's full and complete name, at least according to some people...
You can read more about how David came by that illustrious name and how myths can be created and spread on the internet in my Mythbusters post.

Meanwhile, David's foundation is currently conducting another art exhibition and auction at the Galeria Arroyo in Buenos Aires in order to raise funds for its projects.
And in case you happen to have an estimated $6000 to $9000 to spare, you can decide to invest them into purchasing this particular piece here:
"David, Evocando Al Narciso De Caravaggio" by Nicola Constantino.
Which, as the title already suggests, is supposed to be an 'evocation' of the original painting by Caravaggio (you can have a look at it here) of Greek mythology figure Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection when he saw it in a pond and who, unable to leave it, died eventually.
- Only that Caravaggio's Narcissus doesn't admire a half-naked reflection of himself. (And he probably also doesn't have a tattoo...)

Coming tomorrow: general overview and schedule of the upcoming Davis Cup week.


  1. Sharks?! Seriously David never fails to surprise me!I kind of prefer the coaching idea for total selfish reasons :)

  2. Hes Esteban for me now haha.

  3. David does an OK job of it, but I wished he would have given more to it.

  4. Hahaha, that painting of David is so awesome. I think I am going to be taking a look at that one for days. :)

    I saw some sharks last weekend. Personally I don't know what is fascinating about them! They seemed pretty average to me, just incredibly large.

  5. I also think that the story behind the painting sounds completely appropriate for David, lol. I wonder what he thought about it, or whether he was aware of it at all.

  6. That is indeed a good question... lol

    It's not a painting, though. It's a print (of a photo). And a price like that for a print... well, seems very ambitious to me.