Saturday, July 2, 2011

Davis Cup - Schedule for the coming Days


David has pulled out of the quarterfinal tie due to injury problems (right adductors).
More as soon as possible...

After four months, it's now back to the Parque Roca for David, back to Davis Cup and preparing for Argentina's quarterfinal tie against Kazakhstan.
This time though, everything is going to be a little bit different. Normally, Davis Cup weeks always follow the same standard scheduling. First training at the venue on Monday, press conference on Tuesday, draw ceremony on Thursday and then the tie from Friday to Sunday. But since this quarterfinal had to be rescheduled (due to elections in Buenos Aires on Sunday), not only the tie itself but also everything else will now take place one day earlier than usual. Which means that the schedule for the coming days looks like this:

Start of the team training sessions at the Parque Roca
(two sessions per day for each team)

Press conference (1pm; all times local)

Draw ceremony and press conference (10am)

Thursday - Day 1
First two singles rubbers (play starts 10am)

Friday - Day 2
Doubles rubber (11am)

Saturday - Day 3
Reversed singles rubbers (play starts 10am)

In the meantime, David had the following to say about the upcoming tie and the Kazakh players:
It seems to me that the tie is going to be a lot more even than people think. I think that everyone on the team will have to play at a good level.

People here don't really know their names but they are young and promising players. None of them is older than 22 years [actually, all of them are] and in the near future they're going to get much better in terms of the ranking.
Another topic David talked about was the doubles and the absence of Argentina's best doubles player at the moment, Eduardo Schwank.
I think it's difficult, it's not a good time for Argentina in terms of doubles, at the moment. Because of the ranking. We started playing with Schwank and Zeballos. For my part, I really like "El Gordo" Schwank. He's one of the very few to have made semis on the Tour [at Slams; and a final at Roland Garros]. He's a very good doubles player but still he doesn't get to be here for this tie. It's a difficult moment because there's no balanced doubles team.
While insisting that his relationship with Delpo is "normal".
It's always been good. Now we get the opportunity, after several years with injury problems, to play together again.
Even though at the same time he also believes that it's the captain's (and vice captain's) job to make sure there's a good atmosphere on the team.
I keep saying that it's the captain's job. The captains also have to make an effort and reconcile the energies within the group. One of the tasks of the captain and the coaching staff is to do just that. (Source.)
But first of all, they're all going meet tonight at the Hotel Panamericano in Buenos Aires. David and Delpo, Chela, Monaco, vice captain Rivera and captain Tito Vázquez. What's going to be discussed during that meeting we'll probably never get to know. But hopefully, it's going to be the beginning of a harmonious and successful Davis Cup week.


  1. nalbandian wont play davis cup tie because of pain in right thigh.

  2. Wow,shocking news.