Saturday, July 9, 2011

David: I'll play Washington and the US Hardcourt Swing

During the doubles match yesterday, David held a press conference at the Parque Roca. Here's a very brief summary of what he had to say (due to physical problems, not David's but mine):
About his injury and plans for the coming weeks David says he's been getting better and better and that on Monday, he'll start with tennis again. He's planning to make his comeback at Washington and he also wants to play the entire US hardcourt swing.
He didn't get to watch the singles rubbers as he was on the road. And he'd prefer Sweden, rather than Serbia though he knows of course it's not going to happen. Davis Cup is always special and different, they have a good team, being part of the team and playing is easier than having to watch from the outside.
Serbia has a great team, with Djokovic who's impressive at the moment, but also with their other players. Still, if Delpo and David himself are in good form, playing on a surface they feel comfortable on, then they have a chance but it's going to be a very tough and close tie.
Tennis is a very cruel sport in terms of injuries, everyone is struggling with injuries and Delpo had to have surgery already at a very young age. That's not normally the case in other sports. But of course you always try to do your best and the plan is to play the whole US hardcourt swing. He still hasn't played a lot of tournaments and doesn't have much rhythm but after that he hopes be in form for the difficult (semifinal) tie.
No matter who's going to play in the end, Delpo, him, Chela, they're going to try and win. It was bad luck that kept him from playing this tie but the guys have done very well and Argentina has what it takes to form a great team and they believe that they can win.
He repeats that he'll come back at Washington. Asked about the rivalry between Djokovic and Nadal, he's been following that a little, they're the best players this season and Djokovic is impressive, basically perfect. But the season is long, the physical strain increases as it goes on and it's not easy to maintain the same level. Rafa is also a great champion and the second half of the season will be great with this rivalry between the two.
He met the team inside the locker room, it was the typical Davis Cup atmosphere and he talked to Schwank before the match. Finally, establishing a fixed doubles would be good, to have a very good doubles like the US (with the Bryans) would make winning the Davis Cup easier, also because then the singles players get to rest between their matches. But the Argentine team has never really had that.

Before and after the press conference, David watched yesterday's doubles together with Agustin Calleri. Whether that brought back any memories of the last doubles they played together for Argentina and the turmoil that allegedly followed that match at Mar del Plata 2008 - who knows. But they seemed to be having a good time (more photos on the Photo Page).
(photo: Telam)


  1. Thank you Julia for your round up!
    It is good to hear that David will play Washington, so it seems that it wasn't the worst injury... keep everything crossed that it goes well.
    Wonderful that the Argies are in the semis of DC! Vamos!

    And of course get well and fit very soon Julia!

  2. the 1st thing i noticed was the disappearance of the question mark next to washington which made me happy. The ARG SRB tie will be volcanic.

  3. Hey lets not jump to conclusions,Sweden still has a chance haha,they won the doubles.

  4. lol Adrian. Yeah we never know!

    thank you for the photos Julia :) you need rest, US hardcourt swing will be a long road for Vamos Daviders, I really hope so :)))

    and of course the good news : defending champion will be back in Washington yay!!! We'll get to watch him play, again.

  5. Hope you're better soon, Julia - busy times ahead! I start a new job tomorrow, so I'm not sure I'll get to see too much from the US Swing this year as I'll need my sleep :-(

    Am I the only person here wondering about going to Serbia for the DC tie? I think it will be out of this world, especially if David and Del Potro both play. For me Serbia is a lot easier/cheaper to get to than Argentina!! Anyone else up for it??

  6. I am seriously considering traveling to Serbia for the semifinals. Mainly because my summer course ends August 25, so i decided to pay a visit to Europe for a vacation afterwards, i was planning holland to meet andvari again, but serbia is much closer to me. But i really dont know any1 there (not outside facebook lol ).So maybe joyce, me, andvari and other vamosdaviders can arrange something together. would be awesomeee

  7. Andvari, Joyce and Noubar >> if you guys have the opportunity to go to Belgrade in September, don't hesitate! :)
    I don't when do they plan to release tickets for DC but I'm sure lots of Serbians will rush on tickets, Argentina's dream team in Belgrade, both countries love DC!!
    I wish I still lived in Europe to join you too :( (Hopefully I'll be back next year).

  8. Hi to you vamosdaviders!
    I've never posted here before, but I'm reading everything and always counting on Julia and all the others who share their views here. I'm also planning visiting Belgrade for the Davis cup SF, so it will be really helpful and wonderful if we can help each other to arrange our travel there!

  9. oooh welcome Bibi :) Feel free to comment more often, it's great!
    seems like there will be a Vamos Daviders Armada in Belgrade this September! :)

    I'll support you 10,000km away from Europe haha

  10. i just talked my dad into this, he said do it. but we must arrange everything early on. find hotels or house rents a bit near the Arena. @mira, maybe i meet Noleska there 2 lol

  11. lol yeaaah Noubar :) Vamos Daviders will have to sound louder than ever! Imagine thousands of supporters, all as fans as Noleksa! lol. Lots of noise!

    plan plan plan guys, I count on you for videos, pics, good vibes :)

  12. Guys,Im the closest to Belgrade,but Im not sure I would fair that well there since Im Croatian haha.

  13. haha Adrian! You're all in Europe and/or not far from Serbia.
    I hope y'all gonna make it if you can and have time for it :))

  14. i forgot abt abt Adrian lol, yes ur the closest, and dont worry u dont have to wear a t-shirt saying i am croatian. i would wear one saying vamos david

  15. I have a whole arsenal of Argentina stuff,but I think people would see something is wrong since the only words I would be saying are Vamos and El Rey haha.It would actually be very close to me,maybe like 4 hours driving,maybe even a little less,the only thing is Im in the US from the beginning of August to the end of September so I cant make it,but I will be at the US Open 100%.

  16. Thanks, Mina, Mira and joyce63.
    I very much hope that I'll be in better shape for Washington and the other events...
    And welcome to the comments, Bibi.

    For those of you who are planning to travel to Serbia, I could make an extra back-dated post (like a fixed page) and link it on the front page of VD. So you'd have a place where you can discuss these things. Would that be helpful?

  17. If there's going to be a Vamos David party going to Belgrade, I'd be interested in joining! :)

    Thanks, Julia - yes, I think we may have lots of posts about this, so a separate place to discuss it would be perfect.

    I don't know how easy it would be to get tickets, or even how to go about getting them. I just looked on the DC site, and last year there was a post on 20th August saying the semi-final tickets were going on sale from the French tennis federation site. So I suppose it will be a while before we could try to get tickets.

    I would really want us to sit together as a group if we possibly can, which would mean getting all the tickets together. Not sure how we could arrange that.

    This will be great, if it does happen. :)

    And welcome to posting on here, Bibi. :)

  18. I mentioned the French tennis federation only because that's who would have been selling the tickets last year. I'm not planning to look there this year. ;)

  19. The culture over here is buying tickets late so theres a lot of time to buy tickets.Its a fun city,whoever goes should stay a extra day or two to see the city.

  20. that would be awesome Julia. and yes if am going ill probably stay for 1 week at least. avamos david party there would be lovely, and surely we must buy the tickets together, and maybe find a place to stay, or even a flat to rent.

  21. Yes, if we could find an apartment that we could all stay in it would be brilliant.

    I couldn't take enough time off work to stay as long as a week, but I'd definitely want to have time for some sightseeing too.

    I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but it's exciting!

  22. I've made the post now and linked it in the sidebar.

    Actually, it still needs to be confirmed that the SF will take place in Belgrade. Though I guess it will.

  23. Joyce, do you know what you've done suggesting a VD contingent descend upon Belgrade for the DC semifinals? You've created a monster, and I love it. What a brilliant idea. I got home from work today and have already started to check on fares. I was going to suggest a similar gathering at Miami next March, thinking those of you in Europe might like to get away from a long winter. Of course I had a somewhat ulterior motive since my brother lives there. But with all that's gone on with David's injuries this year and the possibility Argentina could actually win the DC, I wouldn't want to assume David is still going to be playing then. The time is now. Belgrade is the place. We all know if David can walk, he'll be there.

  24. I checked out fares and hotels but will only go if I can get tickets - that's got to be our first priority :-)