Friday, June 24, 2011

Wimbledon R2: A Win is a Win - David beats Haider-Maurer

A win is a win. That's what David probably told himself after his 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 second-round victory over Andreas Haider-Maurer in a little over two and a half hours. After a good start, David lost his serve as well as his focus in the second set but afterwards managed to pull himself together again, enough to beat Haider-Maurer (whose role model he used to be; thanks, Ashot) in four sets. Or in David's words:
It was another day where it was very difficult to play, with a lot of wind. The conditions were difficult. I had a lot of chances to break but I wasn't able to make it happen. In the second set I didn't play very well, so I lost that set and had to practically start again from zero. (Source.)
In the beginning though it didn't look like this match would turn into a struggle. Haider-Maurer had problems with the wind on serve (and apparently also with his nerves) and David found his returns very quickly, breaking serve already in the third game of the match. Just like in the first round, he often sought his chances at the net and he also exploited Haider-Maurer's weaker backhand wing, while remaining solid on serve. It was a good first set that David played and when Haider-Maurer served to stay in it, David broke him yet again to take it 6-3.

But David proved unable to carry the momentum over to the second set. Instead, more and more errors crept into his game and his approaches to the net grew sloppy, allowing Haider-Maurer more and more chances to counter them with lobs or passing shots. Still, and although the match was closer now than in the first set, David hadn't faced a single break point. Which changed at 3-3 with the disastrous game that should alter the course of the match. After a couple of unforced errors, David set up the first break point against him with a double fault, before double-faulting again to gift Haider-Maurer the break. And while this break didn't really happen out of nowhere, David was now visibly (and busily) frustrated by the way it had happened and when he had to serve to stay in the set, he got broken again to lose the second 3-6.

"Starting again from zero" in the third set, David managed to gradually gain his focus again. He was still playing far from great but at least he grew more stable again. After wasting several chances to break early on (and saving a couple of break points himself), it was once more the seventh game of the set that proved decisive. With Haider-Maurer serving, a lengthy deuce battle ensued which finally ended with David taking the fourth opportunity to break he had in this game to go up 4-3. And this one break was enough to take the third set 6-4.

But the battle was not yet won. Early on in the fourth set, David faced break points again but managed to save them before at 3-3, play was suspended due to a brief shower. Back on court, for the seventh game of the set, it became clear that David was able to handle the situation better than Haider-Maurer, who had to serve first after the delay and lost his serve promptly, giving David the break that would decide the match. Serving for it at 5-4, David threw in the last of his 9 double faults in this match before converting his first match point, playing serve and volley.

Not exactly a great match from David, too many missed chances (only 4 of 18 break points converted), patchy serving and too inconsistent during the rallies. And how the Wimbledon match statistics can arrive at merely 25 unforced errors is a mystery to me (maybe they have a very lenient concept of forced errors, who knows.)
But what's important is that he managed to get back on track again after the end of the second set. It would've been easy enough to just collapse and give the match away. But David didn't collapse. He threw his racquet and he cursed and he complained about the line calls - but he fought on.

What this win also means is that in terms of his opponents, David continues his tour of the German-speaking countries. We first had Germany, then Austria - now it's time for Switzerland. Time for Roger Federer.



  1. worked like a charm lol ty

  2. clip works fine for me too :)

    the title of the post speaks for itself, a win is a win :)

    sooo David was AHM's role model, wow! he has good taste haha. He would've been a Vamos Davider if he wasn't a professional tennis player lol.

  3. yeah the clip worked great, thanks. I didn't get to watch the match because of work but i'm glad he's through so i can watch him play on center court against another one of my favorites mr. federer. should be a great match and keep up the great work julia!

  4. Order of Play for tomorrow is out and David v Fed is on Centre Court, as expected. It's the second match planned for the day.

  5. Thanks, joyce63. That's good news, though it was to be expected. Then again, with Wimbledon you never know...

  6. oop isnt out on the official site ...

  7. It's in the Live Blog section (at 19.02 "Super Saturday").

  8. thank you :)
    also, it's on the schedule of play page now

    This is it. Centre Court, as expected.

  9. Just can't wait for this match!!! David vs Federer on Center court at Wimbledon.. this will a fantastic match! I got a strong feeling for a Nalbandian victory :)

  10. hope ur feelings are right :)