Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wimbledon R1 - David: I played a pretty decent Match

(Thanks, Marwa; if the embedded clip doesn't work, here's the link to the original video; and if that doesn't work either or shows the wrong video, then you can download the clip here.)

I went from bad to good. In the first set I didn't start very well but finished it playing better and in the second and third I played a little better still. I was able to break his serve quickly, though he broke me again towards the end of the third set, and in the end I played a pretty decent match, given the time I haven't been playing [here].
That is David's own summary of his 7-5, 6-2, 6-3 first-round victory over Julian Reister. A match that merely lasted 106 minutes and that despite the shaky start that he caught, left David "happy and content with the match in general" because he managed to "raise" his "level as it went on".
In the second round on Thursday, David will now face Andreas Haider-Maurer (currently #78), another player he has never met before.

Istabraq's photos from the match are now finally on the Photo Page (thank you!).
And here's very brief clip; 20 seconds of groundstrokes and David getting angry with himself:

Having elected to serve first, David got broken in the opening game of the match and found himself trailing by that one break throughout the first set. Holding serve easily afterwards, however, and losing only three more points on serve in that set, David began to work on getting the re-break. Finally, he managed to break back as Reister served for the set, to level the score at 5-5. After another easy hold, David broke the German again, this time to love, to take the first set 7-5.
In the second set, David broke to go up 3-1 and with some difficulties managed to consolidate his break for a 4-1 lead. When Reister served to stay in the set at 5-2, he held a game point but David took him back to deuce before once more converting his first set point, 6-2.
The third set saw David going up a break for 4-2 and at this moment, the match seemed virtually over. In the following game however, David faced the first break points since the opening game of the match - and lost his serve. But only to break Reister immediately again and finally, serving for the match at 5-3, converting his first match point, 6-3.

In short, overall a very good and very solid performance from David, as not only the scoreline but also a look at the match statistics suggests - which actually speak of a match that was a bit more than just "pretty decent".
In his post-match press conference, a visibly happy and relaxed David (see video above) also stressed that "everything is fine" with him at the moment, physically. And that after having done "everything" to arrive at Wimbledon "in the best possible shape" what he needs now simply is to play matches.
I feel better with every match I play. It's relieving to know that I'm fine, that I don't feel any pain. So it's only a question of time and continuing to compete.
David was also asked about the slowing-down of the grass at Wimbledon, something that other players have been complaining about.
Actually, I don't know whether it's slower but the ball bounces higher. Nowadays, there are many players [here] who play from the baseline and you can easily play from there. But grass is still a fast surface and there are shots that continue to do damage. (Source.)

At a press conference in Buenos Aires, Tito Vázquez has announced Argentina's team for the upcoming Davis Cup quarterfinal tie against Kazakhstan (July 7-9). David will be joined by Juan Ignacio Chela, Juan Monaco and Juan Martin Del Potro, making this the first tie David and Delpo will play together since the lost final 2008.
Apart from that, the entry list for Washington came out today - David will be going back, trying to defend his title.

(Clive Mason/Getty Images)


  1. Roving reporter Istabraq here. ;)

    I didn't get a chance to make notes during David's match yesterday, but I thought he played really well after that slow start. Reister played very well during that first set, but I think once David broke back and finished the set very ruthlessly, he probably lost heart a bit.

    For those of you with "jumping scoreboards", David really did play very quick points to win the last two games of that set. Reister could hardly do a thing.

    I had a great view from a standing point behind but above the umpire. Hopefully the photos will show that.

    I won't be there for David's next match(es) - sorry.
    :( I am going to the QF and SF, but I don't think I'm going to look that far ahead!

    I've seen Andreas Haider-Maurer play twice on grass, once at Queen's the other week, where he lost to Donald Young in the first round. He's certainly an improved player, but he really didn't like the grass that day - he slipped a couple of times and did a LOT of complaining about it. In fact, he was bad-tempered throughout the match, although I didn't think beforehand he was like that, so maybe it was just him having a bad day. He's also rather an "ungainly" player, with clumsy-looking strokes. I suppose he liked the Wimbledon grass better yesterday, but hopefully not too much.

  2. Thank you Julia for the post :) the embedded video works fine. (was it the same video posted by Marwa earlier this morning? now i can see the highlights lol :))

    thanks for the report Istabraq, can't wait to see the photos! :)

    rain rain rain today, the Centre court and its roof is okay, not the other ones. Its pretty weird to see one match only on the livescore lol.

  3. Istabraq thank you so much for your first hand information/report! I would have loved so much to be there too and cheer for David!

    When I came home and saw only one match on live scores I was a bit confused until I realized: rain. Unbelievable that it wasn't my first thought, I mean it is wimbledon :-)

  4. @ julia, u scared me there. when u named del potro the last lol.
    nice to see david will defend washington, the place where david lost one set and won the title.
    now anxiously waiting for tomorrows OOP, hope its a televised court this time, and i also hope he will play the 1st or second match, not 4th.
    @istabraq, thanks a lot for everything
    @marwa @Mira, i still cant see any highlights or points in the vid, just david speaking spanish.

  5. I can't see to the highlights

  6. Have you tried the link? I can only say it works here. And I'd post a screencap to prove it but there's a problem with uploading pics today...

    I'll try my best to find a way of getting Istabraq's photos up on VD, later.

  7. tomorrow's OOP is out.

    David scheduled to play 2nd match on Court 12, which means, there will be a stream!!!! :D
    (same court where Verdasco player earlier this evening, and it had a stream so... good news, isn't it?)

  8. Hmm, in the clip I see a preparation video for Wimbledon, but the strange thing is that before you click on play you see David sitting with a different interview, but thats not the same in the vid. I see a vid bout polo and old Wimbledon shots, is this the video its supposed to be?

  9. That's very weird... Here for me, and for Krystle for example, it shows a couple of points from David's match and then part of his post-match press conference.
    Maybe if you try this link instead?

  10. Thanks for the link, but it still keeps showing the same clip with polo and Cambiasso and part of the Hewitt 2002 match and Verdasco 2006 :( Really strange why it won't play here, maybe because it's Holland?

  11. Andvari maybe that link works for you, which is the direct link to the video source:

  12. Yep, good idea. That one should work.

  13. Thanks Mina, but still the same lol. Really weird this...

  14. Hmmm strange, you could try to delet your cache and cookies... there seems to be some kind of error. Sorry that it didn't work.

  15. This is a screenshot from the clip i see here and next to the vid you can see the link with the image of the post Reistermatch interview I think. But when I click on it, or when i try the links it's this:

  16. Thanks for the tip mina, ill try that :)

  17. ya same 4 me , cambiasso and stuff lol.
    am so happy its a streamed court, and my wish came true to play 1st or second match. hope he wins. andvari, u still havee papers or u can make highlights ? cuz u all saw david starting from queens,but me, streams and rapidshare dont work properly, thats y david must win so i can wtch him on tv.
    dubai sports channel broadcast court 1 and CC.

  18. Julia, I mean I can't see the scene of his first round match and I have tried all links posted here, but everywhere it's the same with only the moment of Verdasco's and Hewitt's match with David.

  19. Okay, this is the only other way I can think of right now: I've uploaded the video on Megaupload:

  20. Sorry I'm being slow with the photos today, folks. I had to go back to work today and it's been hard to stay awake after my long tennis days (I didn't have tickets in advance and had to queue from 6am).

    About the Davis Cup team - I'm surprised to see Pico's name there, not Edu Schwank. I thought Chela and Schwank would be the doubles team. So who's likely to play the doubles?

  21. I was expecting Schwank too. I think a lot of people did. Now we're back to the old "4 singles players" approach... Maybe Pico and Chela will play doubles.
    I mean, it doesn't matter that much for this tie but with the SF against Serbia on the horizon, I think it would be better to have a fixed doubles.

  22. Thanks Julia for uploading the clip on megaupload! :) Very nice to see David play at Wimbledon again!

  23. @Noubar My paper still isn't over, but the problem is that tomorrow I will be at my new job all day :( So I can't watch anything... I am not sure if I will be able to make any highlights on Friday either. I will let you know.

  24. Here is a vid of David practicing with Monaco

  25. thank you Julia, I download the video right now

  26. finally :) this was the right video Julia