Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Queen's Club R2 - David beats Bozoljac

On paper, it looked like this match might be more of a test for David. But in the end, he only needed 72 minutes to secure an easy 6-4, 6-4 victory over Serbian qualifier Ilija Bozoljac. After dropping serve early on in the first set, David immediately recovered the break and went on to break Bozoljac two more times in the course of the match. And again, there were no "hiccups".
In the third round tomorrow, on Court 1 and once more without a stream, David's opponent will now be seventh seed Fernando Verdasco. It'll be their third encounter, the second one on grass - and maybe the first one David will be able to win...

After two rain delays, the second of which happened just after the very first point of the match had been played, the match began with a couple of fairly straightforward service holds until at 2-1 for Bozoljac, David went down 15-40 and after saving the first break point ended up losing his serve for the first time this week. A potentially costly break against a strong server. In the following game however, Bozoljac made a total of three double faults, one of them on break point, and handed the break straight back. After this exchange of breaks, David grew more solid on his serve and at 3-3 broke Bozoljac again, helped by the Serb's lowly first serve percentage. At 5-3, and with Bozoljac serving to stay in the set, David squandered altogether three set points before eventually serving it out to 15.

The second set saw closer service games on both sides, with Bozoljac coming back from 0-30 twice and David getting taken to deuce (at 1-0). For a while, both took turns at getting into the vicinity of a break point - without really getting there. Until at 4-3, it was David who found himself facing one (after having been up 30-0 in that game). But he saved it and having held for 4-4, he managed to turn the tables in the following game - and at the best possible moment. David broke Bozoljcac to love to go up 5-4 (here's a video clip, showing that particular game - and David in action) and then, serving for the match, converted his first match point.

So much for the scoreboard version. Here are the additions from Istabraq's notes (thanks again!!!):
The court was ready for some time before the match was continued, David and Bozoljac took a long time to show up again. The match was very different from yesterday's, there were no long rallies as Bozoljac came to the net a lot and also played plenty of drop-shots. One of which saw David slip on the grass, fall on his back (see photo) and skid quite a long way - but without any physical consequences. And after 2-2 in the second, David never really looked in danger of the match. Which was, perhaps, also the reason that Bozoljac took his frustration out on the umpire and tried to argue about calls - not that it made any kind of impression on Lars Graff. Bozoljac served very well at the start of the match and then completely lost his groove, while with David it was exactly the other way around, as is so often the case with him.
- But it all ended well:

(photos by Istabraq)

You can find more photos Istabraq took during the match on the Photo Page.


  1. james ward vs sam querray on centre court instead of nalby, disgrace.

  2. Home favourite vs defending champion - no surprise it's on CC.

  3. Thanks for all your photo's Istabraq :)

  4. wow, cool photos Istabraq :)
    thanks for the report, i'm relieved he is OK after the slip and fall on his back.
    Also, good news that Bozoljac served well, which means David returned well, a good weapon as always.

    let's hope David will beat Verdasco and at the same time Roddick beats Anderson (very likely but... we never know. And if Anderson beats Roddick, we can be sure that a David/Anderson quarterfinal will not be played on CC).

    but most important is that David plays great and defeats Verdasco.

  5. Very nice photos! Thank you very much!

    I keep everything crossed that David is the better player with the better outcome today.

  6. Well, First lets hope he beats Verdasco, David does well in revenging post his comebacks.Hence Troicki and Youzney after 2nd comeback, Wawrinka after 3rd comeback, and lets hope Verdasco after the 4th (hopefully the last) comeback.
    And Mira dont worry IF he wins Verdasco, he plays on CC whether its ROD or Anderson, its the quarterfinals we r talking abt :)
    am in the library studying now, have an exam on saturday,studying like hell, so I can watch the scorebored with my friends here. I am sensing we r all gonna have Nervous System Breakdowns, so I recommend julia to start with the Pimms early today, you know, just in case :)

  7. If I did, you probably wouldn't be getting any kind of report of photos, later on... lol

  8. I'm safely (and sadly) home now, I hope Istabraq managed to see David practice this morning. The crowd at the match yesterday was very subdued - sometimes it felt as if only Istabraq and I were cheering points - indeed the lady sitting beside me hadn't heard of David! I was gobsmacked at this.

    I took some photos as well but I just had a small digicam, nothing compared to Istabraq's proper camera. If there are some good ones, I'll email them to Julia for the photo page.

  9. So the two of you were shaking things a bit at Court 2, I take it. :)

    Yeah, if you have photos you'd like to share, just email them to me and I'll put them up on the Photo Page.

  10. its raining, doensnt look good at the moment

  11. I dont understand why David has so many problems vs Verdasco,I dont think it the fact that hes a leftie because David handles Rafa pretty well and usually the players that are affected by lefties are the ones who have weak backhands and they lose the battle between the lefties forehand and the righties backhand,we all know that Davids backhand is pretty much as good as it gets so its def. not that.Verdasco does hit the ball very hard and goes for a lot,but than again so does Soderling and David owns him.So I cant really put my finger on it why does David lose to Verdasco.