Monday, June 20, 2011

David: I'm ready for Wimbledon

Today, the 125th edition of The Championships at Wimbledon begins with the upper half of the draw. For David, who's in the lower half, it will start tomorrow with his first-round match against Julian Reister.
But before focusing on what's going to be his first match at Wimbledon since June 2008, David took a moment to talk to Argentine news agency Telam, saying that he's ready and in "good shape" now, coming to Wimbledon "in the best way" to play a tournament he "really enjoys playing".
I'm very happy with the preparation I had for the tournament. Since I didn't play Roland Garros, I had a lot of time to practice on grass.

To adapt well to playing on grass is fundamental. As everybody knows it's a surface that's quite different from the others.
Apart from getting much more time than usual to train on grass, David was also able to prepare by playing first the Queen's Club and then the Boodles Challenge exhibition.
I've felt very comfortable during these last weeks where I've played on grass, physically as well as in terms of my tennis.
So now it's time for the big one - David's first Championships in three years.
I'm really looking forward to playing Wimbledon. It's one of my favourite tournaments and the last couple of years I couldn't play, due to injury.

I've got great memories of this tournament. It was incredible to reach the final [2002] where, unfortuntately, I met a Lleyton Hewitt who was the number one in the world and played fantastic on grass.
For this year's edition, David sees his physical fitness as the basic factor.
The most important thing is that I feel good, physically and then, as always, I'm going to try to get as far as possible.


  1. i really hope he tests federer

  2. I hope he reaches Federer.

  3. I doubt that he is enough fit to play Federer. Good luck anyway to David

  4. he sounds confidence, hope they put him on the second biggest court

  5. I hope that if he gets to play Federer it will be raining so it will be an indoor centre court :D

  6. OOP is out, Nalbandian will play on court 19 tomorrow the 4th match.

  7. thanks Andvari, 4th match... with possible rain delays... I hope he'll have time to play and win properly :)

    indeed, David sounds confident! Vamos!

  8. ya andvari, David's playing chances tomorrow are in the hands of ur countryman Haase, he must win in 3 lol

  9. I also hope a bit that he wont get to play until Wednesday so they give him a televised court maybe then instead of court 19 :S, but that would mean he will have to play the day after, that's not good either.. So maybe its better to let him play tomorrow, go Haase indeed :)

  10. haha yeah, plus I like haase, more than De Bakker.

  11. Thanks for SOP update, Andvari.

    Another update, this time from Danny Miche. According to him, the Argentine team for the DC QF will be: Delpo, David, Chela & Schwank.