Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to Boodles

And back to Stoke Park. Where, if he finds the time between training and matches, David can also play a round of golf. Or enjoy the other amenities "one of Britain's leading five-star hotels and country clubs" has to offer. Perhaps, it's not surprising that David likes this event as much as he obviously does. And while the choice of his preparatory ATP tournament for Wimbledon has changed over the years, first Halle then the Queen's Club, what hasn't changed is David returning to Stoke Park to play The Boodles Challenge, whenever possible.

What has changed about Boodles itself is that this year (for the second time) there's going to be a stream and there's now also a an official Boodles Twitter - they've come a long way since the 'old days' when it was often enough practically impossible to find out the results of the matches. Let alone watch them.
What remains the same, however, is the slightly chaotic nature of this event. The line-up, as well as the schedule of play, are usually subject to frequent changes, also because additional players show up to play an extra match (in this case Ivan Ljubicic, Marin Cilic and Novak Djokovic, who's going to play on Thursday - or at least, that's currently the plan).
And there's already been the first alteration of Tuesday's schedule, with Richard Gasquet replacing Sam Querrey, though David's match against Gilles Simon has not been affected by it.
In short, it's usually all a bit spontaneous and chaotic at Boodles but this year, 'armed' with a stream and, hopefully, updates about the schedule, we'll be able to watch David at one of his favourite events. Apart from that, Istabraq will be courtside from Tuesday to Thursday to take photos and maybe supply us with some extra tidbits about David at Stoke Park.

The order of play has changed again - current version: David will play the third match of the day against Viktor Troicki (thanks, Istabraq).


  1. How many matches is David going to play,does anybody know?And is Boodles a tournament format or just a bunch of matches with no real order.

  2. Theoretically it's a mini-tournament (starting with QF). But as I've said, at Boodles things tend to change all the time.
    So right now, all I can say is - he'll play Tuesday, it looks like he won't play on Wednesday and he'll probably play again on Thursday, maybe Friday. We'll see.

  3. Also, if David loses tomorrow then that doesn't mean he won't get to play another match.

  4. I've just checked the order of play and it's changed. David will now play Troicki, not Simon, tomorrow, and it's the third match on.

    Second match is now Tommy Haas v Tommy Robredo. I did wonder whether Robredo might show up to get some grass practice on his return from injury.

    I wish I didn't have to wait until the third match to see David though. I'm nervous about the weather. Also, I'd like to see him practising if possible, and it's likely to be during another match now.

    Simon retired injured at Queen's so it's not surprising he's not going to play.

  5. He's not allowed to lose to Troicki, of course!

  6. Thanks for the info.

    - See, that's what I meant...

  7. If David does play twice I hope the second one is on Thursday when I'm still there, not Friday. But as long as I see him once. :)

    The weather forecast suggests tomorrow will be the best day. Thursday's looking iffy.

  8. Yes, last year the order of play changed even on the day itself!

    That's one reason I keep checking it - I want to make sure David is still playing tomorrow. When I saw the names Haas & Robredo where I expected to see Nalbandian just now, I had a mini "Eeeeeek!" moment.

  9. I like tommy haas,though i like his wife more lol .
    Well,the OOP is better this way, Troicki would be better, they might face off in DC as well, and troicki will be the key there, although too soon for that now.

  10. If both players take this seriously we will really see were David is right now,if he has what it takes to beat a top player knocking on the door of the top 10.I hope they both do take it seriously and play like its a ATP event.

  11. thanks for all the info guys :)

    I can't wait to watch David play. Like Adrian, I hope they both play like in an ATP tournament, I think they will, it's a Wimbly warm-up so...

    tbh, i'm glad David plays on 3rd match, i'll have time to rush at home and watch quietly lol. As long as the weather is fine, not like yesterday at Queen's Club!

  12. Peculiar. As you say, David is down to play Troicki in the last match on Tuesday.

    But Troicki is also down to play first thing on Wednesday - against Del Potro!

    I know the Davis Cup was a big rite of passage for young Troicki, but is it wise for him to try to play against Argentina all by himself?

  13. Yeah, I've seen it.
    But I guess the order of play for tomorrow is still going to change a couple of times (I'd be very surprised if it didn't) so Troicki probably won't have to face Argentina all by himself. ;)