Monday, May 23, 2011

Rankings Update & New Radio Interview

First of all - it's Monday and that means it's time for the weekly look at the rankings. This week, David loses one place and is now ranked #23. He will also be ranked #23 next week (as it'll be the second week of Roland Garros and the rankings don't change during Slams) and that's important because next week's rankings will decide the seeding at the Queen's Club. Being ranked #23, David will be seeded 11th, or thereabouts (if I'm counting correctly).

Apart from that, David did a live interview for the show "El Podio" on Argentine radio AM 1280 yesterday. During which he not only confirmed that he'll soon be on his way to London but also said that he's looking forward to making his comeback and that he hopes he'll be making a good one. Adding that he's doing pretty well now but that he needs to play matches, to compete and to find his rhythm. Much of the rest of the interview was, once again, about the Davis Cup...
It's very important for me because it's a title that Argentina has never been able to win and had we won it in those years it wouldn't be as important at this stage of my career.

It's different. It's something else. It's spectacular, it's beautiful.

I'm always available for the team and the coaches. The people and the country know that I'm dedicated and that I deliver when it comes to this [i.e. Davis Cup]. If you have to train, you train. If you have to talk, you talk. And if you try to win, you win. I don't have any problems with that, apart from the fact that I got injured in Argentina.

[About Delpo and whether he'll play the next tie]
I don't know, I really have no idea. Hopefully we can count on him because he's a very valuable player for us and it would be important for him to be part of the team.
One of the non-Davis-Cup-involving questions concerned the Olympics in London next year. Asked about whether he's planning to play the Olympic tennis competition, which will of course take place at Wimbledon, David had the following to say:
The Olympic Games are something unbelievable for all athletes, beyond the fact that ours is a different reality in terms of professionalism. I had the misfortune of not being able to play in Athens, at Beijing I had the problem with my hip, and next year in London I hope to be healthy enough to compete, because it is a very nice event that you don't get to play every day, which gives it a lot of prestige, and where you get to represent the country in a different way than on the Tour.
Finally, David was also asked about Roland Garros and about the two favourites for the title, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic...
On clay I thought that Rafa would beat Novak, except at Madrid, because of the altitude. I was surprised that at Rome he beat him again. But Roland Garros is always different and Rafa has a plus there. Hopefully, Rafa can win again, though Novak has had a perfect year so far.
(quotes via Cancha Llena)


  1. Nice David only drops one spot this week. Being seeded at Queen's is a real plus. After watching some of the French yesterday and today, I'm kind of glad he chose to skip Nice and RG. Even first round matches can be wars with casualties on the red clay of Paris. To wit, Cilic, Berdych and Almagro. If David gets his timing down, he might win a few rounds or more at Queen's. Since grass doesn't require as much endurance because of the quicker points, it could be a good opportunity to work his way back into shape. Two weeks and we shall see.

  2. couldnt agree more John, i thought the same thing after watching some of the 1st round battles, David might have hurt him self if he played RG. btw there is no chance for Rafa to win RG if he plays like this, playing way to short, I mean Isner is someone who won 3 clay matches/year in 6 tournaments, was insanely close of beating the king of clay today.

  3. Yep, first round battles at RG are fun to watch. The Kubot-Almagro match must have been a good one. I agree Nadal might not win the French. Isner almost took him out, and yeah the big guy isn't a clay- court player. I think Nole has done some damage to Rafa's air of invincibility.

  4. I know people will say Im crazy but I fell Fed is gonna surprise us all and take the title.I think Nadal is gonna go out,and for God sake ,Novak must lose at some point.But well see what happens.I must say tho if David was healthy I think he would like the conditions at RG this year,they say that the balls are fast and the conditions are almost hardcourt like.

  5. ya Adrian. i heard about the new fast balls. But still the length of the matches would hurt him on clay

  6. Yeah, watching those battles makes you wonder how David would've fared. And whether maybe it would've all ended with another injury...
    I think it's a bit too early to discard Rafa's chances. Much will depend on the next rounds and whether he can gain some (obviously needed) confidence.

    By the way, if Delpo wins his match today, he'll replace David as Argentina's top-ranked player.

  7. I guess that will be relevant only for Davis Cup purposes, not that it really matters against Kazakhstan (I just learned that I don't know how to spell the country, lol).

  8. In practical terms, yeah. And if Delpo plays (big "IF" there). But I guess it'll also matter in terms of a certain someone's ego... ;)

    But hey, we've had "Kazakhstan" so many times here on VD in the past weeks and months... lol

  9. Im watching Delpo vs Kavcic right now,I think its gonna go to 5 sets,the quality of play is pretty high.

  10. Maybe I said that its going to 5 sets a little too early haha,but Kavcic has a very clean game,but his serve is just horrible and Delpo hits it too hard for him.

  11. Yeah, it's a nice match and Kavcic is putting up a good fight though I expect Delpo to go through in straights.

    In any case, David and Delpo will get to see each other and not just at the Queen's Club - the news just came in that Delpo has signed up to play Boodles. This could get interesting...

  12. I know Kazakhstan has been on here plenty of times! That's why I was genuinely surprised that I could not type it myself despite seeing it many times. (I used spell check again this time)

  13. Wow this Delpo,a guy whos 200cm acting like a little girl after being hit by a ball by Kavcic.I hope he losses.

  14. What happened there? I didn't see it.

  15. Delpo and Kavcic both came to the net,and Kavcic went at him,but it was a really soft shot and it hit Delpo very softly,he gave Kavcic a look like he was gonna pick a fight and then made a scene of it,went to the umpire,hes having a meltdown,hes losing 3-0 in the 3rd,looks very mad.

  16. I see, so nothing really happened. Still, keep it at least more or less nice, okay? ;)

  17. I mean even the commentators were saying stuff like Cmon Delpo,pick on someone your size.Nooo,Delpo just broke back. :(

  18. Well, I'd like to see him play Nole in the next round.

  19. True,its gonna be a mouth watering affair.Maybe Hanescu can be the man who takes out the mighty Djokovic?I doubt it,but stranger things have happened in tennis.

  20. While we're heading for the Delpo/Nole R3 match, I've been reading up on the "war" that's now raging between tennis journalists and tennis bloggers.
    The latest development being that the ITWA (International Tennis Writers Association) has managed to prevent the publishing of interview transcripts from RG. Claiming that the transcripts pose a serious threat to their profession. - All of a sudden. After all, transcripts (which I've also used, whenever possible) have been available for years. But according to the ITWA, it's better for tennis fans if they get their news not from the original source (or, even worse, from blogs) but only from their accredited members.
    - I'm just glad that it's mostly the Argentine media I get to deal with, anyway...
    In case anyone's interested, here's a blog article about the RG transcript embargo.

  21. Julia, wow, that's hard to believe the ITWA could be so backwards or proprietary.
    Maybe they are scare of their jobs.

    Nonetheless, I read the Washington Post (wash, dc) daily , and I can *never* get any news on tennis.
    I have to go to blogs or sites for "interviews" or whatever I can find.

    The traditional press is non-existent for tennis in the US from what I can tell.
    Tennis and tennis coverage in the US is at an all-time low imo.

  22. Well, the whole thing started with a debate about whether or not bloggers should get a press accreditation for tournaments.
    And yeah, although some tennis journalists are doing their best to ridicule bloggers and downplay the importance of blogs in general, saying that only journalists can provide proper coverage, they simply come across as - scared.
    Of course there are the big 'official' sites, like and But how much info are you going to find on sites like that if your favourite player isn't inside the Top 3?
    They're trying to turn back time.