Monday, May 2, 2011

In the Absence of any real News...

Update (04/05)
Fresh from Danny Miche's Twitter:
"Nalbandian pulls out of Rome, will he play Roland Garros??? mmmm"
Edit: David's withdrawal from Rome is official.
(He's still on the entry lists for Nice and Roland Garros - for now.)

No official statement yet. But I guess we all know what's going to happen...

David remains at #23 in the rankings for another week.
As I write this, his name can still be found on the entry list for Rome. is still the only site saying that David won't return before the Queen's Club.
Quique Cano still maintains that the decision about Rome will come on Thursday.
While Danny Miche thinks Nice is more likely than Rome. He has heard of the 'Queen's Club theory' - but he doesn't really know what's going on, either.
[Edit: To that list I can also add Fue Buena. David's return? "At Rome, Nice or on grass.")
And David's official site (together with its extensions) keeps its usual, comprehensive silence.

In short - absolutely nothing has changed since the previous post.
The news situation, or rather the lack of, is still exactly the same.
If that changes, whether on Thursday or sooner (or later...) - I'll let you know.


  1. I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed with David.. not fair to treat his fans like this.

  2. I'd really like to pass this off as an attempt to avoid another last-minute withdrawal by waiting with the news until it's certain when and where he'll play.
    - But in the end, it's basically just business as usual.

  3. A couple of people I know are saying that on Sky this evening they said David will play Rome "subject to fitness".

  4. "Subject to fitness" could mean anything, but at least it sounds more encouraging.

    Did anyone here hear this? I don't have Sky tv. It sounds as though they were aware there was some doubt about David playing. At least, I hope that's the case, and not just that they noticed his name was on the entry list. :/

    Oh dear, I hope I'm not bringing false hope...

    I just asked - apparently it was just a passing comment, so hard to tell.

  5. They're probably guessing. As in, he didn't recover in time for Madrid, so if he's fit now then he'll be back at Rome.

    The only thing that's certain right now is that nothing is certain.

  6. Yes, I think I may have got a bit excited over nothing. Sorry, folks.

    The words were that David will play Rome "after all" but I think "after all" may have been my friend's words, not Sky's. The Sky people probably haven't been living with our recent agony of wondering and waiting. Stupid Sky people. ;(

  7. Well, we'll soon find out. At least about Rome - after all, the draw will be on Saturday...

  8. Gosh, if only David hadn't played Auckland none of this would have happened. Just kidding, everyone. Seems like 2010 second verse. We should have a pool to predict when David plays again. Good to see Delpo and Pico playing well at Madrid. Maybe David will play Nice and then RG. Hope, hope.

  9. "Gosh, if only David hadn't played Auckland none of this would have happened. Just kidding, everyone."

    Ha ha! This is where I wish we had smileys on here.

  10. I think he will show up for Rome.I believe in David haha,if hes fit and ready to play I just cant imagine him being at home happy not playing and watching the other guys on TV.

  11. I had the best dream today, David wins RG after defeating rafa in the Final. I woke up and got disappointed lol.
    Back to reality, I think David will give his final decision on Thursday, we can wait 1 more day, but it has always been a bad news when comes to decisions like this, maybe this time will be different, we can only hope 4 it.
    @John, when i read the Auckland thing, i was like noo not this again, but the just kidding part made it better.
    bte here is a poll I made on facebook about david's comeback.
    everybody thinks its Rome lol, i should add queens in the options.

  12. even Adrian voted for Rome lol

  13. That was before the DarioShow news haha,but I still believe in David.

  14. Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually have a vote to decide when he'll come back - and he'd have to do it...

  15. Queen... no Washington
    the statistics show that :)

  16. OMG what a surprise, anotehr delay, i didnt see that coming, nope really didnt. /sarcasm

  17. David will learn his lesson when he comes back right in time for the DC tie and out of form comes to Washington,losses in the 2nd round and drops to about 60 in the rankings.But maybe even then he wont,weird decisions being made by David I must say but in the end hes hurting himself.If he doesnt feel like playing he should retire,he made enough money,if Argentina win the DC this year i doubt we will see David in 2012.