Saturday, April 30, 2011

To play or not to play...


- That is the question. Whether it is nobler to suffer on the clay of Italy and France or take your chance on England's grass and, by playing, end this pause... To say it with a bit of (slightly altered) Shakespeare. And drama is definitely one of David's great talents on court.
Though these days, the drama takes place elsewhere.

In the course of the last four days, the news situation has gone from "David's comeback is scheduled for Rome" to "maybe Rome and if not, then Nice" and "if I can't play Rome or Nice then Roland Garros will be difficult" (see clip below) to "David will wait with his return until the tournament at the Queen's Club". As mentioned in the previous update, this piece of info was published last night on the Argentine site I'll quote from the article:
Nalbandian first considered returning in Italy. But then he gave it some more thought and now he'll skip the entire clay season.
This change of plans has to do with his main objective, which is to be in top shape for the Davis Cup quarterfinal tie against Kazakhstan (July 7-9), and which he doesn't want to have to worry about. Therefore, he'll gradually intensify his training until he feels he's back at 100%.
So far, this is still only on And I can't tell you anything more definitive...

According to Quique Cano, it hasn't been ruled out yet that David will play Rome and the decision will be made next Thursday.

But what's clear is that this sounds just like something David would come up with. And the truly unsettling part is the one about being in shape for the Davis Cup - because it sounds terribly familiar. Last year, David had to pull out of Madrid at the last moment and then skipped Roland Garros. But although he apparently prepared for Wimbledon, in the end he didn't play it
- because he wanted to be in shape for the Davis Cup...

Not too long ago, David said that his goal is to make it back inside the Top10. But that's of course not going to happen if he doesn't play on the Tour. And now would be the time to gain those points that he'll desperately need when August comes around, with its combined total of 770 ranking points for him to defend.
But when it comes down to it, David only has one goal and that's the Davis Cup. It has always been his dream to win it but now that he is in the "final stages" of his career (as he called it in a recent radio interview) it has become the focal point that absolutely everything revolves around. And perhaps, with this year's favourable draw he thinks it's the last big chance he'll get.

On a related and yet different note, here's the latest video interview with David (for ESPN):

A brief summary:
First of all, David explains that his adductor problems were a 'souvenir' from the last Davis Cup tie. But he's training now, it's going well but he'll still need a few more weeks. The plan is to come back as soon as possible [he said then]. Rome or Nice though if he's not able to return at either, playing Roland Garros will be very difficult. He'll have to see what he'll do in that moment.
About his old goals, winning a Slam and Davis Cup, he says it gets more difficult with each Slam you play, to recover between matches, and having had hip surgery doesn't help. There's a much better chance to win the Davis Cup with Argentina, and to give everything during one weekend instead of playing your best for two weeks at a Slam.
Their next opponent Kazakhstan is underrated because people don't know them. But they're young players, originally Russian, they're good and they deserve respect.
About Delpo, it's a good though not close relationship, each has his circle of friends. In any case, Delpo being on the team won't stop him from playing and also not the other way around [dispelling rumours to that extent]. As for Delpo's comeback, David says that he managed to get back to a high level a little faster than he expected. And that he has the potential to be at the top.
Looking back at the heyday of his generation of players, David gets a bit nostalgic and basically says that everything was better back then, back in the days when there were four Argentine players in the Top10. Back then, everything was great and people started to think that it would always be like this but it was a unique era for Argentina.
Finally, asked about the changing of the guard, David thinks that Djokovic and Murray are more of factor now than a couple of years ago and that Federer probably finds it a little difficult to be motivated. Meanwhile, young players like Raonic and Dolgopolov are making waves. On clay, however, David thinks that no one will be able to hurt Rafa. And it will be very difficult for Djokovic to become #1 because for that, he'll have to play great all year round and Rafa is way ahead in the rankings. And all matches are difficult today, especially if you play someone you don't know, who only knows you but you've never seen him before.

Bonus question from me: Against which player on the Kazakh team has David played before and where? Whether he remembers that match - who knows. But here's hoping that we will get to see him again on court before the next tie...


  1. I may be clutching at straws here, but I'm wondering why this news is "exclusive" to It seems a bit odd that it's full of desriptions of what David thinks, what he's decided etc., but there's no reference to him having given an interview. Or that any of it came from his spokesman.

    I'm just wondering if it's possible that it's all just based on rumours. Unfortunately it does sound all too believeably like David.

    I'm starting to see every tournament in the calendar at any given time that stands between the present and the next DC tie as some sort of feeble barrier that crumbles in the path of David on his single-minded way towards that all-important (to him) tie.

    Only a few weeks ago there were six. Now, if this article is to be believed, we're down to two. I can't see it taking much for David to brush those aside as well.

  2. Yeah, how or why should DiarioShow know about this when it's not even a sports site. And it is weird that none of the sports sites have picked up on this.

    At the same time, and that's the big problem for me - there is no standard, trusted way in which news like that appear. David may have his official site with its Twitter and FB page - but the news always come from somewhere else. And from all kinds of sources. So in a way - this is business as usual. And call me fatalistic but I have yet to see bad news like this getting overturned.

    And as for Wimbledon... Well, I wouldn't bet my house on David, playing it.

  3. No, nor me. If he's saying even now that the goal is the DC tie and he'll be back when he's ready, then that says he has no commitment to anything before it.

    And last year's precedent is ominous. He did wait until the DC tie, and despite the lack of match practice, he did well and they won it. So nothing to discourage him from doing the same this year.

  4. Well, maybe he will suprise us. Maybe not...

  5. Pleae not any more, we have got enough of his surprises, lol.

  6. I think Ashot or someone said it in the post before,if this news is in fact true,hes not even trying to hide the fact its not that hes not able to play,its hes just not motivated on tour anymore which makes me really sad.What he said about it being tough for him to make it deep in a GS is true in a way but I just cant believe a top 25 ranked professional player thinks that way.Ill always be a Nalby fan even if it means only seeing him 4 or 5 times in the year in the DC,but I dont think ive ever heard of similar stuf from another tennis pro,I really cant remember.

  7. Yeah, he doesn't care about playing Grand Slams anymore now that he doesn't have much chance of winning one. :( They should be fun to play anyway, because of the special atmosphere and occasion.

  8. at least he looks like his normal self in that photo, not emaciated like in that interview.

    the only saving grace for me is that all this is occuring at a time that i have something more important... exams. otherwise i'd be spewing

  9. Haha yeah, now you can score high marks, and achieve good results. :)

    The entry list for Queen's came out recently, and David's name isn't on it!!

  10. Due to the update I of this post I am 99% sure that David won't play Rome and I think he will make his comeback on ATP in Washington, lol. Everything goes in the same way as in 2010 now. I wonder what David will do until his next match in probably David Cup... fishing, golf, visiting shows, having fun? He should maybe invite us to a grill party, haha.

  11. I want to go to the grill party....and to whatever live show he happens to "sing" in (maybe the latter is a bad idea waiting to happen).

  12. So when do you guys think we will know when are guy is coming back?Any new developments?

  13. i dont think so He is not motivated anymore .Simply,His body is not recovered properly.I remember his face during the davis cup match against Ungur.He was really really struggling but he was fighting for Argentina.I would have been surprised if he could come back in Madrid. It is professional sport it is though physicly as well as mentaly

  14. David whistles on ATP

  15. Monaco just won Kazakhstan #1 Golubev 2-6 6-2 6-2 in Madird, those guys can beat Kaz. without David, i don't know why David is so worried. Argentines on clay and at home against a low profile counrty. I know whatever what we say he will play, but he doesnt have to be in "top form"

  16. He doesn't want to risk his health on clay before DC so he will never play on clay again, only if Argentina loses in first round of DC, lol, tough his doctors said that he can play full again even on clay and therefore his comeback was planned on clay.

  17. LOL at anyone who believed for a second that Nalbandian would return before Davis Cup. By his current logic it makes no sense to "risk" anything playing Queens or Wimbledon either. There was never more than a 10% chance that Nalbandian would play anything on clay, including RG. And there's maybe an 11% chance that he'll play a grass-court tournament after that.

  18. Well, I just knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from the comments for this post and a chance to gloat... How predictable.

  19. As for the way David looks in the ESPN clip - the image is horizontally distorted so he looks bigger than he is at the moment.
    And Queen's still owe him a WC, as far as I remember.
    And no one has answered my bonus question... :(

  20. Golubev,US open,I just checked it out haha.

  21. Yep, correct. USO 2008. :)
    6-2, 6-4, 6-2. I remember that match though it wasn't particularly dramatic - maybe because it wasn't... lol

  22. I'll repeat: That David will come back at QC is still only on DiarioShow. None of the sports news sites have have picked up on it. And Cano maintains that the decision about Rome hasn't been made yet.
    In other words: It's not clear yet what's going to happen.

  23. "Well, I just knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from the comments for this post and a chance to gloat... How predictable."

    Funny how "Anonymous" only turns up to gloat AFTER the latest update and lots of discussion by the rest of us. I wonder why he/she didn't share his "wisdom" earlier, if it was so obvious. And you've got to love those pseudo-statistics. ;)

  24. Great to see Anonymos again. Since I had asked him about what he thinks about David's succes in "Auckland" this year he was away from the comments long time :D

  25. haha, yeah pseudo-statistics. 10% and 11% pulled out of thin air. :)