Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recovery Update with Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro

Update (04/04)
The 45 points from Miami last year are gone now but with 1585, David remains at #19 for another week. (The 180 points for Monte Carlo will come off in two weeks.)
Meanwhile, the AAT has officially asked for a rescheduling of the Davis Cup quarterfinal tie in July. The ITF's decision is expected for today or tomorrow.

By now David could already be back on the practice court - with a racquet this time, and hitting a few balls. At least, that was the plan, and that was what he was looking forward to, the last time we heard from him. And here's hoping that it's happening now. But whatever it is that David is doing these days, there are no news from him at the moment.
Instead, once again here's somebody else, talking about David (someone less controversial, this time) - Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, the personal doctor David shares with Rafa Nadal, and who is in permanent contact with David and his camp. So here's his assessment and description of David's holistic recovery process:
I think he's doing well, he's doing a lot of work and tackling many issues. The training, the physical foundation, resistance and preparation, the diet... He's really eager [to come back].
According to Ruiz-Cotorro, the surgery that David underwent was a double but still a "very simple" one and right now, it still looks like what initially seemed like a highly optimistic comeback date could very well become reality.
He's been doing a very good job with his rehabilitation, it's going really well. The next two weeks will determine when he's going to return. He's planning to do that either at Madrid or at Rome, depending on how things develop.
And then there's the Davis Cup. Ruiz-Cotorro's 'diagnosis' here is that David is "in love with playing Davis Cup" and that therefore he'll "do whatever it takes" to win it. But he also looks at it from a different perspective:
David has always exhausted himself, playing Davis Cup. If you're now working on a new start for him, he'll have to be fit enough physically to win it.
His take on the frequent injury problems David has had ever since hip surgery:
When a person ends up not getting into an adequate rhythm because injuries are undermining that, then in the end it gets difficult finding that rhythm because you play well when you play matches. You can't measure how long the matches are going to take. I watched him in the match he played in Australia [against Hewitt] and any human being would've finished that match totally worn out. When David takes to the court, he gives everything.

Finally, and in light of recent events:

On Thursday, for the first time in the almost three years that VD now exists, I saw the need to close the comments for a post.

I've always wanted the comments to be a place where VD readers can talk about David. And also about other things or players, if they want to.
There's just one, fundamental rule. On my blog, I want everyone to be treated with minimum of respect. Be it poster or player. That includes Delpo. Just like it includes David's opponents or posters you might disagree with.
I would like to keep the comments open to everyone, the way it is now. For that to work, I call on everyone who leaves comments here - let's keep VD a friendly place. Thank you.


  1. good that David hasn't won the Davis Cup until his surgery otherwise probably wouldn't be so motivated for a comeback and I don't know if he would do it if he had won the Davis Cup already.

  2. We'll never know. But it sounds like David is taking his recovery and the comeback very seriously. And that's good.

  3. Yes, that makes us very optimistic and happy.
    I think Nadal will beat Djokovic today. Last time Djoko had already problems and now he may be also a bit tired. But on the other hand both have reached the final here and in Indian Wells and have played the same count of matches. Djoko needed even less time in first rounds.

  4. amazingly our man is still number 19 haha he planned his break well

  5. Interesting diagnosis and observations from Angel Ruiz-Cotorro. Glad to know the procedures were considered "very simple." One would think David's comeback is right on schedule. Holding on to No. 19 is good news too.