Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not really an Update

It's been clear for a while but now it's also official - David is out of Madrid. (Source.)

First of all the weekly look at the rankings - David remains at #23 and still is the highest-ranked Argentine player although it's been over two months now since his last ATP match. His absence from the courts during this part of the season last year and the resulting lack of any points to defend make it possible.

But what about his current absence from the European clay courts - and when will it end? That is still the subject of much speculation. Since David's nebulous "around a month/a few more weeks" statements in the last clip there's been no further news, no info - nothing. (For a comprehensive overview of the news situation, I recommend taking a look at the schedule page on David's official site...) But whether this silence is a good or a bad omen - only time will tell.

So while there's nothing to be heard from David or his camp at the moment, some Argentine journalists maintain that David will make his comeback at Rome (May 9-15). Among them Enrique 'Quique' Cano, who yesterday tweeted "to those who keep asking me about Nalbandian's return" that he stands by what he already said last week, namely that David "won't play Madrid but will come back at Rome". - A glimmer of hope, maybe. Or simply a lack of more up-to-date news...
The waiting game continues.


  1. I really hope that David is able to play at least one tournament before Roland Garros, to "ease" himself back in.

  2. I agree with you Istabraq!

    This waiting is hard... I think I'm not good in waiting for David coming back, too excited.

  3. i think we will c him in Rome. Argentine journalist are most likely a reliable source of information.

  4. I really hope that Cano is right but the question is whether his info is up-to-date.

  5. Mina, we all here are good in waiting for David. We have all been used to waiting because we do it very often since David's hip injury.

  6. I was really hoping he would play Madrid,if he hadnt got injured Im sure he would have cracked the top 15.But than again he has nothing do defend at Rome,Nice,RG,Queens,Wimbledon,theres points to be won.I hope Davids up for it,I cant wait for him to come back,its been to long since we have seen him on court.