Thursday, April 14, 2011

He'll be back... - but when?

Yesterday, the news came (in form of a tweet by Danny Miche) that David's comeback won't take place as initially planned, i.e. at the Masters in Madrid.
Today, there were two interviews with David, one on TV for Todas Noticias (see clip above) and one on the radio, for Argentine station ESPN 107.9FM. In the course of both interviews, David was asked about his comeback, about when and where it'll take place. And you'd think that everything would be much clearer now, with David answering that question himself.
But I'm afraid, nothing is clear.

In both interviews, David talked about how having been sick delayed his return to the practice court. But in both interviews he also didn't give an exact or just a planned date for his return. He didn't even rule out Madrid. Instead, he left it at saying that he wants to come back "at one of the tournaments before Roland Garros". But which tournament it's going to be - well, your guess is as good as mine.

Update (15/04)
As promised, here's more about what David said in those interviews. On the radio, he also talked a lot about the gala dinner of his foundation (Tamar's photos from it you'll find here.). But apart from that, both were relatively similar. - And not just because of the lack of a date for his return.

According to David, things have been going very well, his body recovered from the double surgery rather quickly. But then he was unfortunate enough to get sick and had to spend a week in bed. That cost him a week or or two, also because he had to recover from the virus and the fever it caused. Right now, he's feeling more or less okay but he expects that in a couple of days, he'll make a big step ahead and then he'll be able to start thinking about Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros. And as soon as he'll be able to fully train for 10-15 days in a row, he's going to make his comeback on the Tour.
Asked about Djokovic, David points out that his fantastic run began with winning the Davis Cup and that he has been playing with enormous confidence ever since. But he thinks the really difficult part for Djokovic will be to keep up that confidence and level, the way Federer did it for years. Nadal, David thinks, will be practically unbeatable on clay, as always. Whereas for Federer, it's getting increasingly difficult to win his matches, a sign for David that the changing of the guard (that he has talked about before) is affecting him more and more.
Asked about his relationship with Del Potro, David insists that it's "normal" and "good" and that they talked about what they needed to talk about. They're not close friends but then again you don't really get that on the Tour. And David hopes that they'll play for Argentina together.
The Davis Cup in general David calls "different", in terms of motivation, pressure and simply everything else. He also points out that the Davis Cup has played a decisive role in many players' careers and that it can make them take a turn for the better or the worse.

Finally, in the radio interview David also revealed that he's working on his biography, saying that "at some point, we're going to publish it."


  1. i reckon that virus cost him a few kilos as well, looking a little skinnier in the interview. sorry to harp on about his weight haha just a quick observation

  2. A tourny before RG, I just hope its not Nice he has in mind, because I remember earlier someone said he saw his name in the players list, he didn't rule out Madrid, but I will, Rome is the very favorite i think, but imagine we are waiting for him to play in Rome and all of a sudden he is playing Barcelona, well David is a bit weird, I wont be shocked to be honest.And this time, i am almost sure the guy lost some weight, even his neck looks thinner.

  3. True, he looks quite thin in this clip. And yeah, that's probably the result of that virus.
    Anyway, I agree, Madrid is out of the equation. The question now is whether it'll be Rome or Nice. Looks like I was right with my theory about Nice as an "insurance event".

  4. I didn't watch Djokovic's Davis Cup win last year, but I think the US Open was the turning point! I don't think David has an objective perspective on this.

    I am surprised he wants to publish a biography! He barely wants to reveal anything at all, and now he wants a biography. Maybe it will just have plenty of photos in it. :) Or - what happened behind the scenes in Mar del Plata. Yeah, right.

  5. Julia has promised me that she will translate the entire biography for us when it comes out.

    Just joking, haha.

  6. @ ya julia, turned out to be the "insurance event"
    @Krystle, what happened behind the scenes lol

  7. Krystle, DC was the start of Nole's winning streak. But not only that, I think it did play an important role in getting him where he is now. That title was very important to him. So objective or no, I think David has a point, here.

    Yeah, that bio bit surprised me, I have to say... And nope, NO WAY! lol

  8. "Or - what happened behind the scenes in Mar del Plata. Yeah, right."


  9. Fair enough about Djokovic. It was just that I thought he had sorted out all the serving problems, and forehand problems before that. But yeah, maybe that's when the confidence went to another level.

  10. Yeah, and he was talking about confidence.
    Anyway, maybe David will manage to make me break my habit of never reading any athletes' bios...

  11. I've just made a new cover for David's biography! Hope you like it :)

  12. Haha, the legendary Tafirol commercial... Never gets old. :)

  13. And it was released just in time for Mar del Plata... But yeah, definitely quite a spectacle, that one. :)

  14. Hi Guys! i know that the idea of the people that is working on David's biography is that it comes out for the Copa Telmex 2011, next year! hope it comes true, we will see what happend :)

    And Julia, thanks for linking to my pics of yesterday dinner :)

  15. You're welcome. Looks like you had a great night. :)

    And the bio will already come out next year? Wow... They're not going to wait until after the end of his career?

  16. For a man notoriously short on words, I'm surprised he'll be doing a bio! Maybe it will be 100 pages or less, with lots of photos. lol

  17. I have to say in his defense that David is nowhere near as curt or monosyllabic when he gets to speak Spanish. Though it's true that he doesn't like to give away much. So yeah, maybe there will be lots of photos... ;)