Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A very brief Update

Update (17/03)
The recovery process has begun - according to his spokesman Bernardo Ballero (quoted on Clarin), David has started with the first "movements".
"David is fine and he's now doing the first light movements on the bike."
So it's back to the exercise bike for David, like in the days after hip surgery (see pic).
But apparently not for long:
"In the first days of April, he's going to get on court."

While David is busy with the initial stage of his recovery program (and maybe also watching a bit of the action at Indian Wells), there's very little to report for me at the moment.

Except for the latest addition to David's schedule. According to this article here (thanks, Anonymous), as well as the tournament website, David is planning to play Nice. This fairly new event (it's only the second edition this year) takes place the week before Roland Garros.
Which means that if all goes well and David returns at Madrid, he'll be facing a packed schedule, including four clay-court events in a row (Madrid, Rome, Nice & Roland Garros) and only one week off until Wimbledon. - Ambitious plans. And hopefully rightly so.


  1. It seems like David plans to do damage at Roland Gaross.

  2. I hope he won't damage himself

  3. I think it could also function as a kind of "insurance". So that in case his comeback gets delayed, he'll still have the chance to play a tournament ahead of RG.

  4. But it's interesting that he has more events on clay scheduled now than what was the original plan.
    Looks like there's a lot of confidence in those surgeries and their effects. I hope it's justified.

  5. That's a good point, Julia. It's the confidence I like the most, not the clay. Or, as you say, maybe it's just "insurance." BTW, Delpo looked pretty good last night against Dolgo.

  6. I'm surprised with that field in Nice given its location in the calendar.

  7. It's either Nice, the WTC or exhos that week. I thought David might play the exho at Malmaison - or take a break. Though Nice had a decent field last year (with Söderling and Verdasco as top seeds).

    John, yeah he did. Wonder whether David was watching that one. Or maybe Chela's match against Fed today.

  8. And Gasquet usually plays at Nice as well, that's nice news for David :)

  9. The field at Nice looks more like a 500 tournament.Its almost amazing how much its stronger than lets say Santiago was.

  10. It's a different scenario because in May, everyone is in Europe for RG (and the tournaments leading up to it).

  11. I totally agree with you Julia, there might be different reasons for this chain of tournaments.
    But I think much more, that it's a kind of insurance when his comeback delays.
    Davydenko always plays a tournament the week before Rolland Garros but he played always in Austria before (only last 2 years I don't know), don't know if this time there is an ATP tournament.
    I believe strongly that David will made a good comeback. The begin of his comeback he did mostly best in past, but then it got worse gradually like last year.

  12. NALBY y should not to rush back to court , Lest there be serious consequences