Friday, March 25, 2011

Double Shifts, Kazakhstan and a possible Reunion

(Sergio Cejas)

There are things in life that David enjoys more than giving interviews. Quite a number of things, actually. But whenever he agrees to doing it, he often does more than just one interview.
In this case, he not only met Fabián Sacarelli from MundoD, he also did a phone interview with José Luis Domínguez for La Nacion (who got the photo above from the MundoD photoshoot to accompany his article). So here's what David told him, first of all about his recovery, confirming once again that he's making good progress.
I'm doing double shifts, running on the treadmill, a lot of biking. I'm happy, I feel that things are going well and next week I'll be able to start hitting the ball with the racquet a little.

I'm missing out on playing two great tournaments, the kind of events I like, with Indian Wells and Miami, and also the first stage of the clay-court swing that wasn't part of my schedule [i.e. Monte Carlo]. What I'm doing now is only for rehabilitation, it's not like pre-season work.
After Wimbledon 2008, rumours appeared that David had been diagnosed as having a hernia. Later, it seemed like that this was a misdiagnosis and that it was his hip problem that he was suffering from. But apparently, the hernia was indeed diagnosed as early as 2008, only that it didn't cause him any trouble, not until recently... Here's David's summary of how it all happened, the hernia, the adductor problems and, finally, the double surgery.
The hernia was diagnosed in 2008 and I never had any problems with it. But during the tournament at Buenos Aires it began to trouble me. It was there that I learned that I would have to have surgery at some point. Then, when I played Davis Cup under the influence of painkillers, the problem with the adductors appeared. I talked to Miguel Khoury (former doctor of the Davis Cup team) and we also consulted Angel (Ruiz-Cotorro, his personal doctor). We immediately made the decision. It wasn't something that I worried about too much because they explained to me that it was an easy and simple surgery that doesn't require a lot of time to recover from.
The next Davis Cup tie may still be well over three months away but it's already on David's mind. And while not too long ago, David couldn't remember Kazakhstan as a possible opponent for Argentina, the Kazakh "mercenaries" have obviously impressed David with their victory over the Czech team.
I hope I'll be in good shape [for the quarterfinal]. I want to be in the best shape for it, something that maybe wasn't the case with other ties. Actually, it didn't surprise me that Kazakhstan are where they are now because they have quality players and maybe people don't know them, although I thought it was stunning that they beat the Czechs, being the away team. It was a very good victory.
Speaking of which, the Davis Cup that is, the quarterfinal against Kazakhstan in July could see a long-awaited reunion. It could be the first tie with David and Delpo on the Argentine team since the final at Mar del Plata in 2008.
At the beginning of the year, David and Delpo met. So far, David always said that their meeting took place in Australia and I'm not sure why this time, he said something else (or what Delpo was supposed to be doing in Auckland, for that matter). Maybe the whole thing was just a little mishap. But what hasn't changed is David's refusal to reveal what it was that the two of them discussed.
We met a couple of months ago in Auckland and we talked, the way you can talk between two people. We talked about the things we needed to talk about and that was it.
- A wise choice not to reveal anything, as far as I'm concerned. After all, they spent too much time communicating via the press. When settling things between themselves was clearly the better option. In any case, there can be no doubt that Delpo would be a valuable addition to the team, especially given his rise up the rankings and back to form, of late. Something that David is well aware of:
I hope he'll be there [for the tie] against Kazakhstan. He's a player with a high level and he would add a lot to the team. Personally, it didn't surprise me, the way he moved forward during these [last few] weeks because he plays very well and he has shown that he can beat anybody, anywhere. But I'm glad that he has made a quick return to the circuit.
So now it's David's turn. To follow suit and hopefully make a quick return to the circuit, as well.


  1. the good Friday continues

  2. You mean the good, as in crazy Friday at Miami?

  3. yes, the different quality of performances from top players with different results both positive and negative surprises, but hearing good news from David is the best and most important part.

  4. And the craziness at Miami continues.
    Carlos Berlocq in R3 now. And Cuevas straightsetting Roddick... lol

  5. Okay, Roddick wasn't fit. But I like Cuevas so I like this result. :)

  6. Well, crazy Friday has now become crazy Saturday, with more seeds bounced in Miami. Good to see David is progressing well. I think he's going to come back really strong. Also, I'm hopeful David and Delpo's man to man conversation proves to be productive. With the big guy's return to form and David's improved health, this could be the year for Argentina.

  7. Geez, Julia, you beat by about 10 minutes.

  8. Beat you? Oh, Miami, I guess. :)

    But yeah, could be the year for Argentina. Also with this kind of draw... And I think David is well aware of that.

  9. Yep, Miami. Nice wins for Berlocq, Cuevas and Rochus.

  10. Well, to be honest, I would've preferred Gulbis and Baghdatis to make it through to R3. But Cuevas is a clear - yay.
    (And watching Nole and Murray playing doubles together is a bit weird but fun.)

  11. Yeah, I agree on Gulbis and Bahgdatis. They're fun players to watch and perhaps could have caused some trouble for the big boys.

  12. i was happy to see Roddick lose today, he played his worst tennis ever, he dropped huge points these couple of weeks that will drop him to number 14 at the end of the week, 5 points difference with David lol.
    not watching much tennis recently, I've been busy watching the breaking news every single hour from BBC. I just hope things will be ok here when David makes his comeback, i wanna give it my full attention, not worrying if I am gonna here gunshots or not everyday.

  13. I can imagine that tennis isn't really what's on your mind at the moment and I've been wanting to ask you, Noubar. - Are you okay? Are you safe? I keep hearing different and sometimes contradictory things in the news.

  14. its awful Julia, Syria was one of the 10 most secure countries in the world, then boom, everything changes.
    Protests and gunshots, the worst part is that no1 knows who are the 2 sides, every source says something, but the capital is safe,at least for now.

  15. I've read that so far, the bloodshed happened in other cities. But that new demonstrations are now planned also for Damascus. Don't know if it's true.
    I just really, really hope that things won't get out of hand and that nothing bad will happen to you or your family.

  16. I thought about you also, Noubar, knowing you live in Damascus. Stay safe.

  17. thats very nice of you, thanks.the president is too clever to let things get out of control, he is gonna give a speech tomorrow i think, well c what happens, the people love him, and thats what he counts on.

  18. Sh#t, I have lost my first big combination bet only because of Roddick. Hardly thought that he would lose.

  19. That was the negative crazy highlight for me in last 2 days. Some hours ago Armenia couldn't get 3 points in football by playing at home against Russia with 0:0 in football. Now the chance is very small for us, but it's the best armenian football team ever now with young unexperienced players with 21-23 ages, and they are getting better and maybe 2 years later, when the world cup qualification matches start, they will be better and use better their chances which we didn't do in our first 2 matches.

  20. Crazy weekend. And what will happen today?

  21. "The hernia was diagnosed in 2008 and I never had any problems with it."

    This is confusing. I thought after his last tournament, the Doctors "discovered" he had had a hernia for the previous 2 years. They did not know it was there. Now, David is saying he knew he has had it for the last 2 years.

    Maybe I am missing something in my understanding and I hope I am! It sure is hard following this chap!!

    And if David did know about the hernia, he claims he never had any problems with it. Huh?? Again a contradiction since one of the main benefits of the surgery is that he will be able to train fully, correctly, and with freedom of fear of injury. The Doctors seem sure that this minor surgery will improve his condition immensely. The last few years has been spent avoiding all sorts of movements during training and matches and and protecting his body in ways that a 50+ year old would do. Now, Doctors have explained that he will be in the best position to train hard and fully -- something he has not been able to do for years.
    And this is evident since he is so confident of this new procedure that he is willing to jump into a 100% clay-court tour without hardly any preparation.
    He must be really confident in his body, something I haven't seen in him for years.

    If he knew about the hernia 2 years ago and the Doctors were convinced of how beneficial the surgery was, imagine if he had had it 2 years ago?

    So, again, I hear two stories and am confused. Maybe I am missing something.

    I could just say, "hey, what's it matter since he is going to be healthier than ever - relatively, and he will be freed up to go into the top ten if that's what he wants".
    But, what bothers me in following David is I don't trust what he says sometimes and it makes me wonder if there are possible problems right around the corner that he is not communicating.

    Maybe it's the Doctors having different stories?

    I am optimistic about the future, but I am also realistic -- the only thing I believe about David is his results.

  22. I have a man crush on Nalbandian, is that normal? Anyways I'm counting down the days til his big return. Go David

  23. Don't know, can't speak from the male perspective. ;)

    Joe, that's the way it is with David. Conflicting news, contradictory statements and the more or less constant suspicion that what you get to hear may very well be not all there is to it.
    Though as far as I know, those restrictions he had in training were only for playing on clay. If he comes back at Madrid, or later at Rome etc, we'll see if he's still cautious with his movement, the way he has been on clay since hip surgery.

  24. Yeah Julia, thanks. I agree with what you say. I guess it's just that I was getting very optimistic after the surgery and especially when he is planning on coming back so eary and playing on a series of clay-court tourneys to boot. He must be very confident I thought.

    Then, I just read that one sentence in your post and my mind said "uh oh"....I wish I had not seen that. Made me feel weird again.

    Oh well, at least we won't have too long to wait :)

    Thanks for all your great updates!

  25. He must be very confident indeed to plan his comeback on clay. And that's why I really want to see what it's going to be like, how he's going to move. Both lateral and up the court. - And then we'll also be able to see whether or not he has lost some weight...
    Until then, well, I hope I'll get to post the occasional update about how he's doing.

  26. Well, being that the next tourney is May 2, I expect you will be getting a lot of information for updates. I say this because there is really hardly any time before the next match and there is so much he has to do to get ready. One could almost construct a hypothetical schedule of what he has planned and playing sets on clay must be one or two weeks away, don't you think? I would think the Argentine fans and media are just like us and primed to see him play.
    They seem to follow him and their players very intently. Somebody should be video taping his hitting session soon :)

    Lot of good Argentine tennis in the Miami tourney I notice. I saw Berlocq lose to Berdych -- Berlocq had some good chances. Monaco had a respectable match with Federer.

  27. Of course he'll be busy, preparing his comeback. The question is how much we'll get to see of it or know about it. David likes his privacy.

  28. Anonymous, I've seen your comment in my inbox. That it doesn't get displayed here is not my doing but a problem that sometimes occurs on the site.

    You're right, this is my blog. And therefore it's my right to say - enough. I'm not a disinterested admin, merely enforcing rules. I'm a fan and this is a fan blog.
    It is my right, as well as anybody's here, to disagree with posts, not just yours. And, in this case, to point out that I think you're basing an oversimplified theory on what you think happened at one particular event. My knowledge of it is different (based on articles) and it's also not flattering for David, as I wrote. But what I object to is taking one incident and turning it into a general rule, leaving out all other considerations. That's what I was hinting at.
    Yes, there are different opinions and views on this blog and that's the way it should be.
    And no, I am not just a fan girl who defends whatever David says or does. Far from it.

    P.S. I'd really appreciate it if you could respect my decision to end that topic.

  29. Julia: I respect your decision and this is my last post on the subject. However, by my comments I wanted to contend some derogatory expressions made by Anna regarding Juan Martin Del Potro's participation in future DC ties. Delpo is not only an excellent player but a gentleman out of the court. He deserves the same respect as that given to Nalbandian in this blog. Your blog is one of the best and I commend you for leading it.

  30. I'm no Delpo fan but I've always defended him against any accusations that I found unjustified or unfair. Including yesterday. And there are other ways of doing it than saying - your guy is even worse.

    Just saying. And thanks.

  31. I will leave the topic becuase it's Julia's blog and I respect her. I also say I was sorry from some expresions I said in my first post, not that I don't think those terms couldn't be aplied to Del Potro, but because Julia doesn't like those terms here related to anybody, Nalbandian or not.
    I'm not a fan girl like you put it. You wrote offensive things towards a player on a blog dedicated to that players as the only way to deffend another player you like.
    The facts I wrote are not the same you talked about, but there were things that happened later that confimed what I wrote. Your numbers are related to the official prize. I'm talking about other money. And also you seem to remember the articules that suits you. I even wrote that the player I'm such a blind fan as you claim, was going to get other money from a deal (besides the ITF money, I repeat).
    you like Del Potro? Good for you. I don't. Mostly because the way he acted in court at that final, the whole things that I said (If you read other posts from me in the past I was critic with Nalbandian's behaviour during that tie. But I ponted that the press, mostly because he doesn't like them and has no good relationship with them went with one part of the story, like Varsky, Miche, etc... when others also talked about Del Potro not so clean behaviour. Again from reliable sources)
    Also I don't like him at all because his behaviour towards the DC: if you don't care, SAY IT! The argentine crow doesn't take it very well... deal with that. But don't act like this. Because you only keeps reminding what you did on that finale and only keep confirming what people says about him and the DC.
    Leave it at that because you started with offensive and absurds post before I replayed to you. and in any moment you talked to me in those posts until I replied you.

    Sorry, Julia, the theme is over for me. I just wanted to replay to this person (who doesn't even post his/her name).

    In other things, as I told yesterday the AAT already moved and asked the ITF to move the tie to Thursday/saturday. The answer could be pn tuesday. From what I know, the chances are 50/50 .It could be opposition from the other part. Specially because we're talking about a Stadium for 14000 persons... and the other places to replace are more or less the half and not clay. Does anybody know if Kazakhstan can object formaly if the ITF gives the ok? It's only a day but is a change of plans and it's not a national thing, only a local one (Bs As). If I were them I'd do it if I could

  32. You say you're going to leave that topic alone (not for the first time). And then you go on to write yet another post about the exact same things as before.

    How is that going to help? And how is that respecting me or VD?
    And is it impossible for me to post anything about Delpo without prompting you to write another series of posts about Mar del Plata and just how much you hate him?

    Well, this is it now, any further posts about the whole Delpo thing will be deleted.

  33. And that applies to everybody.

  34. That's perfect for me. Don't care if that name is not mentioned again in a not related to him blog.

    Now, anyone knows if indeed Kasakhstan can protest formaly the ITF decision if they go with the changing days? I've seen this discussion in other forums but everybody had a different answer.

  35. I think you have misunderstood what I was saying. I will continue to post news about Delpo if I think they're relevant for the blog.
    It's the fact that posts like that always evoke the same reaction from you - that's the problem I have.

  36. Do whatever you want, it's your blog. I come here because I care about the player that it's in the tittle/name blog. Simple.

  37. Then why not ignore that other player?

    I just want every player to be treated with a minimum of respect here. Without exceptions.

  38. Just to add to Joe's comment:
    "Lot of good Argentine tennis in the Miami tourney I notice. I saw Berlocq lose to Berdych -- Berlocq had some good chances. Monaco had a respectable match with Federer."
    Zeballos, Junqueira and Bagnis are all into the semis of the Challenger in Colombia.