Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Davis Cup Intermezzo: A Question of Timing

Once again, all is quiet on the David-front...

But even though there's no news from David, there's still the Davis Cup.
And that's always good for news, also of the somewhat unexpected kind...

As we all know, Argentina will face Kazakhstan in the Davis Cup quarterfinal, on July 8-10.
At the Parque Roca in Buenos Aires, as usual. - Or at least, that was the plan.
Until it was confirmed today that on Sunday, July 10th, local elections will be held in Buenos Aires. And apparently, the law forbids sport events to take place in the city during elections.
In other words, the AAT has a problem now.
Or, as a new Clarin article puts it, they have "few but clear alternatives". They could ask the ITF, governing body of the Davis Cup, for a rescheduling of the tie. It could be played on Thursday/Friday/Saturday or Friday/Saturday/Monday. Or they might have to say goodbye to the Parque Roca and hold the quarterfinal at a different venue, outside of Buenos Aires. Apparently, the board of the AAT will meet tonight and the aim is to "define the date and location" of the tie "as soon as possible".
Davis Cup drama of a completely new and different kind...

Update (30/03)
While the AAT is still trying to find a solution for the quarterfinal tie, there's now a bit of drama of the old and all too familiar kind...

David recently talked about how glad he is about Delpo's successful comeback on the Tour (quoted in the previous post). Something he has mentioned more than once in the last few weeks and always in connection with the Davis Cup. After his defeat at Miami yesterday, Delpo was asked by the Argentine media what he thinks about other players, and especially David, praising him now. Delpo's reply: "The important thing is to see who remembers you, who calls, who's there for you when you're not well. It's easy to talk now."
The media is of course now trying to turn this into the latest installment of the old David vs Delpo battle. Though for my part, I think Delpo has a point there. What could be a sign of more drama ahead, however, was his refusal yesterday to talk about the Davis Cup. Whether that means the reunion won't happen against Kazakhstan, after all - we'll see.


  1. Apparently, the AAT will try to go for the Friday, Saturday and Monday scheme. As they really want the tie to take place at the Parque Roca.

  2. I vote for Mar del Plata,or even better Cordoba. Make it indoor hard. Let the election rule. Move the DC. With the way Delpo is rounding into form and hard being David's favorite surface, it's a no brainer. Unfortunately, I don't have a vote.

  3. Oh no, please not Mar del Plata! ;)
    Indoor hard would be great. But the AAT folks just love the Parque Roca...

  4. Gosh, did Mar del Plata wake you out of your slumber? I know, the memories suck. But really, hard would be great. Yes, another site would be better.

  5. What slumber, I've been following the action at Miami. :)
    Well, who knows, maybe they're going to move the tie, after all. Maybe the ITF will say they have to move it. Maybe they'll even move it to Cordoba... We'll see.

  6. Whatever happens, Argentina should still win, though. Yeah, I've been watching some of Miami, too. The Fish-Delpo match was very high quality. Thought Doglo would give Nadal more of a battle. But he was probably worn out from the Tsonga match. The way the seeds have been falling in Nole's half, it's probably pretty much a Djokovic v Nadal or Federer final.

  7. I was expecting the Rafa/Dolgo match to be closer, too. But I think Rafa was simply too good for Dolgo to play any better than he did.
    And Nole vs either Rafa or Fed - wasn't that pretty much clear from the start?

  8. Yeah, Dolgo's not quite there yet for the top three. Rafa and Fed was pretty much clear, although I wouldn't count Berdych out. I thought Soderling would do better and maybe make it to the final. Still, the cream rises to the top and Rafa, Nole and Fed are clearly the best.

  9. If only Del Potro loved the Davis Cup half as much as David,no one would stop them this year.

  10. Yeah, isn't that the truth, Adrian. Seems like Delpo always wants to find some way to bicker.

  11. @john, Berdych is playing his worst tennis at the moment, he was lucky to get pass Mayer yesterday.
    @ Julia, don't u think Delpo's statement was a bit harsh ? its like he used to always call David, i can hardly remember a match where Del Potro was sitting in a stadium to support David, unless if he is in the same part of the draw, like madrid 2007, where he was there probably to watch the way he was playing. I am not sure, i think u know better than me in these things, but i have never seen any respect from delpo towards David, who is the much older and experienced one.

  12. As I've said, I think Delpo has a point. David wants to win DC, he wants Delpo for that cause. And that's exactly how far David's concern for Delpo and his comeback goes.

    This whole story comes in two parts. Pre and post Mar del Plata. Before that, they got along quite well. Ever since then, there has been trouble. But I definitely don't see David as the victim in this. To me, they've both been acting like children. And frankly, I'm getting tired of it.

  13. Del Potro is only trying to find some excuse to not play the DC tie. Since he came back better than expected, and he gave his word to David AND tito Vazquez, now he starts with this.
    Sorry, but They're not friends, except the cordial and logical "get better" DAVID HAS NO OBLIGATION TO CALL, SUPPORT OR BE A SHOULDER TO CRY ON FOR DEL POTRO. Nalbandian ONLY answered a question about Del Potro's return and it was related to the DC team. Tahta answer was replayed by several media, but David made that ONLY stament. Andrelated to that point. I don't expect people to call me because I'm bad. Specially if the other people is also coming back from a surgery WORSE than mine and is NOT and never was a friend. And also if I never called when the other part was injured. Let aside the "only found by his doctors" (the DC doctors are still trying to find that tear two years after and they have no clue where it was) injury from the DC final in 08... the magical one who let him train less than 10 days after that...
    So, if he had MENTALLY problems, related to insecurity (the way he sucked when he tried to come back the past year when trainning he was hitting like he is doing it now), the panic attacks he had when he had to deffend a lot of points in 2010 and was the "favorite" for fighting for the ATP 1 and was scared of not fullfiling the expectations (reported by several people. behaviour that had before and after the surgery), the fact that he always called trainned when he is losing (even before the injury that led to surgery), and the same behaviour he shows when he has responsabilities, he loses and finds excuses/blames other for that when losing is something that can happens? Well, go to the psychiatrist and get some medication. He's problem, not David's; Mónaco; Chela or the DC captains.
    He didn't call David. David didn't call him. Except the, as I said, diplomatic "hope he gets better" "I'm glad he's back" he never talked about Del Potro and Del potro never talked about David. Now he is bicker because nobody called him. Again take some medication and grow up a pair of balls, kid!

  14. I know how much you dislike Delpo but I don't like posters insulting other players (or David, for that matter) on my blog. So please tone it down. Thank you.

    Apart from that, David talked about Delpo several times in the last weeks. Always in the "I'm glad he's doing well" together with "he's important for the team" combo. Whether Delpo was suffering from mental problems - all of that is speculation and has never been confirmed. So can we please let the rumours stay rumours, thanks.

  15. I don't know why your second comment doesn't get displayed. Blogger.com doing strange things again - sorry.

  16. I understand that their problems began in 2008, and they both take full responsibility for that. David should've acted better,there is always the Win and Loss but del potro's lack of commitment should be killing david. I know David is not the victim, but at least he gives his very best for the sake of his country, and Delpo just does the opposite. I wonder if it was Monaco playing the 2nd rubber vs Lopez in 2008 and lost, would david act the same way, no, he would be pissed, but Monaco and Zeballos have always treated David like a big brother and even"idol" when it comes to Zeballos. Monaco even twittes when David wins sometimes, thats what i call mutual respect, and thats what the entire Argentine team must have in order to win.

  17. The comments from David were replayed a lot and in different times, but were said in that context. He said that and related to the DC. And the polite/correct thing about "glad he's doing well". Like Del Potro said about David when he was out (I hope David can play like before). Nothing more. And no obligation to anything more. David clearly said that they were not friends, just fellows players. No sense of expecting some kind of pampering from him. Not even taking in consideration what happened between themin the past. Even without that? There was no obligation.
    And also David talked about the reunion they had when he was asked again and again about their relationship to shut up the press. And that reunion was confirmed by Davin, to do the same: end with this story..

    Sorry about the insults, but Del Potro is starting to piss me off more than usual. Wich is a total merit.
    He's doing the same. And trying to put the blame and excuse himself using other people.

    About what happened with Del Potro's mind? He said in La Nacion that he was affraid of coming back of not playing of losing, etc. He said that in that exclusive interview.
    The other things were never confirmed or even denied. And came from people close to DelPotro, even worried about the pressure he was suffering. And was replayed by people that usually are reliable (the same that gave David's surgery date on 09 when he was denying it, the one that confirmed this surgery, etc) But I let that aside. Because a) that's not something to be ashame b)it was hisproblem. So, sorry again for writting about it.

    Del Potro's staments talks and shows clearly what I pointed: excuses and more excuses.

  18. Being afraid of coming back and having mental problems are two very different things. And those rumours were officially denied by Delpo in an open letter to the press.

    I've said what I think: David wants Delpo for DC, that's all he cares about. And Delpo is obviously aware of that. So what? If the media now want to make a big fuss about it - fine. Is is going to help anybody - no.

    Noubar, how about Lyon and David leaving before the tie was over? Was that respectful towards the other players? David is no saint, also not when it comes to DC. And that is my personal opinion.

  19. Noubar, and I'm just going to say this to explain it to you: the problem was NOT the losing... was the attitude from Del Potro, his father, his team... the pact between them and the AAT to play in MDP when the floor there was very bad to make a tennis court (when Del potro's father signed a letter sayiing they wanted Cordoba and they went in secret with this agreement), and not even the fact alone of Cordoba not being chosen: when David arrived to play Madrid that year, he gave Delpo a hug and were ok. His behaviour changed after David got some calls from the AAT (people opossite to Morea´s conduction) and he confirmed what happened with the ITF (they said the phone calls, denied almost to death by the AAT, existed). Not even with MDP as the location. Until them David was ok with Del potro. The problem was what I said and the "injury" that I talked about and that he said to the press that he was out before even talking to the team. He said it on friday afternoon. The press here even was very critical with that.
    Of course David acted like a child too.
    But it's not losing that match. I don't know if you saw it. The almost bratty behaviour and body language that he showed in yesterday's match? He made it at the DC finale even before he got"injured" he started to act like that when Lopez won the second set-.

    And with David I've seen Diva's/brat's behaviour. Put other favorites of mine like Safin and I've seen a lot. But even with Gaudio and his "I'm a piece of garbage, what am I doing here?" screams (literally) on court? I preffer players that got angry, curse because they're pissed off because nothing works that day than what I saw yesterday because of the heat (Delpo's statement)... I can understand the cursing, the insult, the getting angry with the public and every one that's around, the Mc Enroe attitude... but the pouting and whinning? That's annoying. Well that on a DC finale. And then the crying and looking at his leg to show he was injured. Look at the videos.
    That's why I don't like him. I undertstand Nalbandian on this. I don't blame him for losing. I blame him for not giving a sh*t, not saying it and just showing to say "I was there but I got injured". That's what unforgivable. Losing is a result that can happen, going to play without commitement is not.

  20. Yes, I agree about David leaving Lyon. i didn't like that at all. And was a total lack of respect to the team.

    Julia: It's not about the media doing a big fuzz.He said that in that context and with that intention. David's statement in Lyon if you watched the video on youtube, you could see that were said differently than what the press said.You can say David should know better than saying those words, after years of dealing with the press and also knowing who was the reported whoasked the question. Like Vazquez statements about David's weight and what he really said... that's media trying to creat a fight.
    Here, and knowing how the part acts? It was with that intention. There was no edition or taking out of context. If you don't even take their past in consideration, the result is the same. Worse when you do.

  21. But I hate to see I'm not surprised (that's probably what pissed me off more)

    Now, with that we have the "Where are we going to play"?.
    Playing on monday the last two singles is almost out. The AAT wants Parque Roca at all cost, and they're gonna ask for a thurday, friday, saturday thing to the ITF. But I don't think that works. Because it's not related to a national thing, it's not like they can't play on sunday in any part, only Bs As and the country has other options.

  22. I'm talking about the dozens of new articles now that talk of "another confrontation", or Delpo "taking a dig at" David. All designed to make the whole thing bigger than it would need to be. So much bigger than it actually is...

    I should've ignored it, myself.

  23. Julia and everyone,

    I think the media always had a hero/villain relationship with David for their own reasons. And they are using Delpo's statements as a way to keep the flame burning, as it were. Unfortunately for them, Delpo did not play into it. Good for him.

  24. Why does Nalbandian love the DC so much? Because he makes a lot of money. They say 50% of the proceeds go to the players and David has the lion's part. To me Del Potro's no comments about DC is related to the fact that he doesn't consider himself second to David and wants more money than him. That is comprehensible because they are professionals and Del Potro today has better perspectives as a player than Nalbandian, who due to his lack of physical training is suffering injury after injury and operation after operation.

  25. Do you really believe it's that simple? That David's DC obsession is just thinly veiled greed? Well, in that case he'd have to be very greedy indeed to play all those ties, including the early-round ones, to play through injuries and risk his health.
    But if he's willing to put up with all of that just for the sake of money, then how does the lack of training fit in there? Wouldn't you expect him to train like a madman so he can be fit, play and make more money on the Tour?

    For the record: labrum tears and hernias happen, they have nothing to do with how much or how little someone trains. And muscular tears are common with players who struggle with or come back from more serious injuries.

  26. excellent reply indeed

  27. Right on, Julia. It's not the money, and I'm not sure how money there really is to be divided in DC. David bleeds Argentina blue. He's a true patriot and a warrior for his country. Most players feign injuries to avoid playing DC. Not David. Hope you're staying out of trouble, Noubar. And yeah, you're right, Berdych isn't playing very well. But, he can. Stay safe, my friend.

  28. how much money..gosh, thought I wrote that

  29. I'm kind of over the Delpo/David drama. I will say, though, in the past (before 2008), I've seen them with my own eyes hanging around tournaments together as friends would do. I think if they don't finally get over whatever the problem is between them, it will be a loss of friendship for both of them - and that's the saddest part of the whole thing.

  30. Anonymous,

    I think you're reading WAAAAAYYYY too much into this whole thing-which is what the media folks want us to do.

  31. Whatever Mr Delpo decides to do is his call.I think he will play,about 90%,if not for money or just feeling a obligation I think he wouldnt want to end up the bad guy,but whatever,if Delpo doesnt show up,Nalby will just have to go into God mode and take both of his singles and maybe even chip in for the doubles if he feels its necessary.Looks like that will be the only way unless Monaco pulls off a upset or two.

  32. upsets? argentina will be the firm favorites for each match, no matter who plays.

  33. In the DC final against Spain the problem between David and Delpo was about the money as reported. It may be that David makes more money in two or three DC ties than in a full year in the circuit. They say the players get 50% of the box office and advertising. That's a lot of money. It may explain David's risk taking by playing injured like in the last match. If he doesn't play he doesn't get paid. If he were such a patriot, would he play for free ?
    In my view Del Potro won't talk about his DC participation until he reaches a compensation agreement, provided it's no less thn Nalbandian's.

  34. Sorry "anonimous" but you don't have a clue about what happened in Mar Del Plata. It was about money, but you're not even close to the real problem or problems... because also there were issues about the court (horrible floor), Del potro not wanting to train, etc in the middle. Both acted like kids outside court. But you're out of your league here. did you know that Delpo got U$S 3 millons just because it was played in that place? (almost the same money than his USOpen). That agreement was made between his father, the AAT (who got more money at the last time by some sponsor and didn't tell the players until Nalbandian found out) and the Bs.As. Goverment (political questions). yep, that was the money he got, just in case the double of what Nalbandian was going to get if it was played in Cordoba (again no saint either). After that how it was divided the money prize was a theme, but it wasn't the source of the real problem. Do you think that breaking his hip for a match and going out a whole year was because the money of that tie? Are you that naive? Do you know how much money these players make by publicity only? and how much they lose if they don't play matches at the ATP? The money they got at the ATP tournaments is only 20% of what they make on their careers!!! (that's the media that was calculated sometime ago by the press of USA). Or do you think Federer made this year ONLY what he won at the circuit's tournament?!
    No... probably Nalbandian plays the DC for the huge amount of points per match that the Davis gives (insert roll eyes here)

    Did you realise this is a Nalbandian blog, right? We can discuss and disagree about what he does. But please... if you're going to say those, in the better case, totally wrong things, try in another place. At least where nobody could give you the exact amount of money the other part got, a list of events and even when they happened on that finale, etc to refute your "theory". Because at this point Nalbandian's agreement with the AAT is not the same that it was in 08. and also, do you know what happened at the Olimpics? How the other players asked for more money? do you know who was the one who talk to them to convince them? Nalbandian. He got more money, because he was the one who was playing three days at that time. But the money for the DC it's a long issue. Since Vilas time... and more than once Nalbandian tried to make the players go together against the AAT at first. (they got less money than others countries agreement) When they didn't do anything about it to not confront the AAT, he went alone. The next thing you're going to tell me is that Coria and Gaudio problem was because the money of the DC?
    If it's about the money, how do you explain that being a ranked ATP 3 he also played the DC? He was always there since he was 20... And he got more money from his final on Wimbledon than the match he played against Russia that year...

  35. Sorry Julia and the others. I promise not to talk more about that finale, but what this person is saying is not only superficial, the tip of the iceberg in some parts, but also wrong in others to the point of being absurd. So absurd that it's not even funny.

  36. Anna, it is very sad that your passion makes you write statements that are unsubstantiated and indeed disrespectful. The press reported that in the DC final the players got 3,800,000 US dollars and that David got 50% of that. Also, that at the last minute Thursday night Nalbandian asked for more threatening not to play. This is hardly the attitude of a patriot. I don't know where did you get the story about Delpo getting 3 million. It was never reported and doesn't seem realistic. What I'm saying is not superficial nor absurd. It's been reported by the press. Coria/Gaudio had a fight in a locker room for other reason.

  37. the most discussed topics here:
    1. Auckland 2011
    2. DC final 2008
    and the last one continues

  38. Anonymous, there were money issues, concerning the DC final, but not what you're bringing up here. And I was not happy about what transpired about it but to treat DC as David's sole source of income is ridiculous. You seem to forget that he also has an ego. To my mind, what you're doing here is basically the same as saying he always acts in a 100% selfless manner in DC - just in the opposite direction.
    It's not that simple.

    Anyway, I'm sick and tired of such a fuss being made about a very simple update.

    So I'm going to close the comments for this post, now.