Thursday, March 10, 2011

David to have 2 Operations today

Good news: David's surgeries both went well and have been successful.
He'll be able to leave the hospital again tonight and continue his recovery at home in Unquillo.
Surgery began at 8.30am local today with the tenotomy, then came the hernia laparoscopy.
Altogether, the two surgical interventions took two hours.
(Sources: Guillermo Salatino & Gulliermo Poggi via Twitter.)

Edit: This is now being confirmed by a number of press articles. All of them reporting that everything went well. And also that David only had the tenotomy on his injured, left leg.
Only news agency Telam reports the order of the two operations to have been the other way around and adds two quotes by Bernardo Ballero:
"The two surgical interventions Nalbandian had went perfect."
"The operation went well and David is happy [with the way things went]. Right now, he's resting and if it all goes as planned he's going to leave the hospital tonight."
From a new press release on the official site:
Next week, David will begin with "light physical exercises".
He's going to travel back to Unquillo in the next couple of days where he'll work on his recovery together with his team.
And there's also a quote from David:
"I'm very calm and I hope that I'll soon be back to my best so I can face the rest of the year absolutely normal."

After further tests and a review of the results and scan images by Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro (who confirmed the diagnoses of David's Argentine doctors) the decision was made:

At a clinic in Buenos Aires, David will undergo two different surgeries today.

Hernia surgery in form of a laparoscopy and then also an adductor tenotomy, which David's spokesman Bernardo Ballero describes as a procedure to "lengthen the muscles and to make them stronger". - Made necessary by the adductor tear that David suffered during his Davis Cup match, last Friday.
Some news sites (e.g. Olé) write that David will have the tenotomy on both legs, while others (e.g. MundoD) say it's only going to be his left, injured leg. Right now, I can't tell you which version is correct, though I think this could perhaps be the result of a misunderstanding, as there are different adductor muscles in each leg. (And if it's the right leg as well, wouldn't that make it three different surgeries, one may wonder.) - We'll find out.
In any case - if all goes well, then David will be out of the hospital again, tonight.

The projected recovery time is two months and therefore, according to a new press release on the official site, he might be able to make his comeback at Madrid.
Or at least, that seems to be the plan for now.
(Other sources: Clarin; Cancha Llena - thanks, Marwa)

Good luck, David. I really hope those surgeries will put an end to the pain...
¡Y que te mejores pronto!


  1. get well soon, Nalby.

  2. Good health and get well soon, David.
    If he could be back in Madrid when would he be able to begin with training than?
    I hoped that he will back at least it the summer hard court season like last year but that he may come back before Rolland Garros it is unexpected great news for me. But must he again play very carefully and limited in the first months after the surgery and maybe get another injuries like in the begin of last year.
    I hope everything goes well soon.

  3. This is good news, thank you Julia.
    we will Waiting for recover as soon.

  4. Two months isnt that bad,great news that everything went well.The King will be back stronger than ever.

  5. Yes, it sounds better than we might have expected. If David is fit in time for Madrid or Roland Garros though, how will he feel about starting on clay?

    The DC QF - with it being a home tie, are they likely to choose clay for that?

  6. Yeah, it was a relief when the news came that all went well. :)
    Though two months (or even just 6-8 weeks like it says on the official site) sounds rather optimistic to me. Most of all with a possible comeback on clay awaiting him. But well, we'll see.

    And yeah, home ties at the Parque Roca mean - clay. Always have. Maybe they should think about changing that...

  7. I'm pleased the surgery went well. David deserves it. We do too.

  8. I was looking through articles the whole day yesterday, always in hope for good news of David! Wonderful that everything went well and I wish him a speedy recovery and I'm very happy that he underwent surgery to clear his hernia.

  9. Happy to see David has had his surgeries completed. I wish him well and a speedy recover so we can all get back to watching some of the great tennis that he produces. I'm hoping he will come back more confident than ever with a new clean bill of health; something maybe he didn't have even after the hip surgery since the hernia has been there for a long time and has prevented him from being 100%.

    I do have one reservation or doubt.
    Two months recovery seems short. If I understand correctly, this is the time he can begin playing competition. That means he should be on the practice court within a few weeks. Wow! Impressive! I hope this is the case, but I really wonder.

    Of course, David is a muliti-million dollar "thoroughbread", so he has the best medical experts and advice money can buy.

  10. I feel so good when I see here that David's next Tournament is Masters Madrid. I everything goes well and nothing will get bad.