Saturday, March 12, 2011

David back Home, Recovery begins

As I post this, on the second day after his double surgery, David is already back home in Unquillo. After having left the hospital, the Sanatorio de Trinidad in Buenos Aires, on Thursday evening, David travelled back home already yesterday. Which may count as another sign that everything did indeed go very well.
With David getting some well-earned rest at the moment, that leaves it to others to talk about the surgery and the plans for his recovery in the coming weeks and months. First of all, Miguel Khoury, one of the doctors in charge, explains what was done during the two surgeries.
"Everything went very well, as we were expecting. For the hernia, a biodegradable mesh was put in place. For the adductors, in David's case those muscles were weakened and the abdominal wall was also reinforced. We are optimistic and he's ready to deal with this situation. We hope that in a month's time he can go back to training and play on the Tour again in two months. Of course, that depends on how his recovery will develop."
A recovery process that will involve several different steps:
"After putting plenty of ice on the areas that were operated on, during the weekend he should begin with a bit of stretching. The idea is to start with the exercise bike from Monday on, then exercises in the swimming pool and after that the next step will be to take up jogging."
Which will sound rather familiar to David, as those were also the first stages of his recovery after hip surgery. In charge of David's rehabilitation will once again be his trusted kineseologist Diego Rodriguez, who gave his take on the situation in an interview with Radio del Plata, saying that David was able to walk again soon after surgery and that "rehabilitation has already begun".
"It's amazing how the doctors Santilli and Khoury operated on him, using minimal invasive techniques. We're going to get settled in Unquillo with David in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves with the rehabilitation. And in a month we'll begin with physical training and tennis on court."
Apparently, the plan really is for David to return at the Masters in Madrid (or at the Masters in Rome, a week later) and on clay - although Rodriguez makes it clear that all of this will depend of course on whether David will be ready for it.
"Right now, we're thinking about when and where to come back. We're going to that when David is completely fit. Fortunately, he's not impatient yet."
Apart from that, it seems there's hope that the two surgeries will completely restore David's ability to move, which has apparently been restricted ever since his hip surgery.
"There are no movements that David isn't allowed to make. After the operation he will be in better shape than he was before because there were some movements that were difficult for him due to the hip surgery."
In other words, David may not only be able to play without pain again but he'll also be able to move better than it was possible for him, before. And the fact that his comeback is planned to take place on clay, the very surface that has caused David trouble ever since hip surgery, makes it look like his doctors and his team are quite confident that these last two surgeries will really make a difference and maybe put an end to those troubles.
(Sources: Clarin, Cancha Llena/La Nacion, Telam)


  1. This is great news,thanks Julia.

  2. Some doctors said it's usual (more than a 30%) having a hernia problem after a hip surgery... In this case he had it since 07, but still.
    I read the interviews here in spanish and, as usual, Julia made an exceptional work in translating them. But I still have one question, more when you read that the tenotomy, besides the injury, was made with the intention of stopping David from having problems, specially on clay. The tenotomy was made in BOTH adductors? Because they use here plural, even when it was reported that it was only on his injured leg.

  3. As I wrote in the previous post, I think it's because there's more than one adductor muscle in each leg. And apparently, it was not only the one with the tear they operated on, in order to strengthen the whole area - that would be my interpretation.
    And thanks for the compliment, Anna.

    But yeah, so far it all sounds very good. :)

  4. Wow, what great news. Thanks for the update, Julia. Sounds like David will be better than he was after the hip surgery. I remember, last year, when he was having all the leg problems, there was some discussion on VD about David taking up yoga. His leg muscles seemed to be taut and subject to pulls. It stands to reason that after the hip surgery his leg muscles weren't balanced and lined up just right. I'm really looking forward to his return. I see good results down the road.

  5. Yeah, it seems that something was wrong with those muscles. And there were also restrictions for his movement on court. - I really hope all of that is going to be history now.

    And the part about doing exercises in the swimming pool reminded me of David's legendary "I look like a hapless frog" quote from back in days after hip surgery...

  6. wow, I hope from now on we will only hear great news on VD like in last 2 posts. Such great news to hear about David is dreamlike. I hope this will continue so until the end of his long career. :)

  7. great post, wish him all the best.
    btw, berankis is a very good player, impressive offensive skills, watchin him at the moment.

  8. Well, this is all very positive. :-)

  9. Good news indeed, though it is still early days.

  10. Oh my God
    nalbandian will play the week efore RG??????

  11. Thanks for the tip. :)
    Yeah, it's on the tournament site as well. Looks like David has indeed added another clay event to his schedule.

  12. Fantastic news! Can't wait for his big, pain-free comeback.